Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Argentina World Cup Away Shirt

We've already seen the home jersey for the World Cup and we've even seen the players play in them. But now it's time to reveal the Argentina away jersey for the World Cup. If you guys thought the home jersey had a 1986 look, well, let's just say that this one is pretty much the same thing.

Pretty much the same color, plain, the AFA crest with the thick border around it. Since we're on the subject of 2010, I didn't want to post this in another topic by itself, so I thought I'd throw it in. Here's the Official Match Ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


johnny said...

Shades of Chelsea ?! Oof.

GK said...

I figured the away would be much lighter in colour than the usual dark navy blue, again, because of '86. I have to admit, I can't really say I like these. They are just too plain and look cheap almost. Then again the home jersey is nothing special either. If it weren't for the white adidas stripes and the sun on the back of the home jersey I wouldn't be buying either of these. Then again when June comes around and I see this is stores I'll probably cave in and grab both.

As for the ball, its gross! That is by far the worst World Cup ball I've ever seen. Worse that Korea/Japan 2002. I thought the World Cup ball was going to be the same one they used in the Confederations Cup, that's a good looking ball. Ah well.

Mike said...

The away jersey is by far the ugliest argentina jersey we've ever had. The team I play for wears nicer looking uniforms than these. I like to collect both thier home and away jerseys, but I won't be purchasing the away this time. As for the ball, I don't mind it, it's kinda cool looking.

Very disipointing,

Mike in Canada

batigol9 said...

i dont give a shit if they play naked as long as they can bring us the cup!

Anonymous said...

i thought the 1986 away jersey was more dark. however i don't like it. looks like a 1 euro shirt fro a second hand shop. but the ballis cool.


Mohd said...

I am watching Valencia match in the Euro League and in 30 minutes Ever Banega is waving magic all over the place. he has already created 2 one on one chances against the goal keeper for his teammates.

What the hell is the press in Argentina doing?? look what is happenning in Italy..the press is preasuring Lippi to select Cassano. whether he does or not is another matter, but at least the press is doing their job.

Sam Kelly said...

I totally agree about the shirt. I'm not a fan of the colour but cutting the stripes on the sleeves is what really ruins the look of it. Are we sure this is the real thing? Those photos don't look as official as when the home shirt was unveiled...

And Mohd... Banega waving magic? He got in trouble once for that kind of thing in front of his computer...

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