Saturday, December 12, 2009

6 different goalscorers, 8 goals!

Let me just start off by saying that we have 6 different goalscorers in the top European leagues that scored on Saturday, with a combined 8 total goals between them! With that said, I will be posting the links to the goals because I have received comments from people who's browsers are crashing because of the amount of flash/Youtube videos on the blog. And since there are 8 different goals, I will not be embeding 8 different videos, instead, I will be linking.

First a free kick goal against Chelsea last weekend and now 2 goals against Bolton, all this on top of the fantastic goal he scored against Arsenal in the league cup 2 weeks ago. I think it's safe to say that Carlos TEVEZ is back to his Boca and Corinthians goal scoring ways. With the score at 1-0 for Bolton, TEVEZ's shot from outside the box was deflected off a defender and into the back of the net. Then with the score at 3-2, again TEVEZ(this time with his left foot) was the one to tie things up for his team as he fought off 2 Bolton players in the box to put the ball into the net. The match ended in a 3-3 draw.

To view highlights of the Bolton/Manchester City match, click below.

Speaking of someone who's on fire at the moment, Gonzalo HIGUAIN scored 2 of Madrid's 3 goals as they beat Valencia 3-2. BENZEMA beat his man in the box and sent a cross to a completely unmarked HIGUAIN as Gonzalo's header gave Madrid a 1-0 lead. With the score tied at 1-1, HIGUAIN received a short pass into the box as his shot beat the goalkeeper and gave Madrid the 2-1 lead. However the Albiceleste goalscoring in this match doesn't end there. At 2-2 in the 83rd minute, Xabi ALONSO sent a free kick into the box and Olympic Gold Medalist Ezequiel GARAY was the first player to connect as his header went low into the bottom of the net to give Madrid the victory.

To view both of HIGUAIN's goals and GARAY's goal, click on the following 3 links. HIGUAIN's first goal HIGUAIN's second goal GARAY's goal

In Italy, this time it was a different Ezequiel but still an Olympic Gold Medalist, Ezequiel LAVEZZI was on tap for Napoli as they were visiting Cagliari. With the score at 0-0 in the 21st minute, LAVEZZI got the ball and beat his marker as he sent a low shot from outside the box to beat the keeper. Once again, the match ended in a 3-3 draw.

To view LAVEZZI's goal in the Cagliari/Napoli match, click below.

It seems to be a regular thing this season but Gabriel HEINZE has scored once again for Marseille! Yes, you read it right, Freddy HEINZE or Gabriel KRUEGER, whatever you want to call him has once again scored for Marseille. Off a corner kick in the 48th minute, HEINZE was the first to the ball as his header went straight into the net. The match ended 2-0 for Marseille.

To view HEINZE's goal in the Marseille/Boulogne match, click below.

In Portugal, Benfica was in action as they were playing Olhanense SC. With Benfica down 1-0, Javier SAVIOLA scored in the 28th minute to give his team the equaliser. Then in the 41st minute, Angel DI MARIA was red carded. The match ended in a 2-2 draw. I cannot find highlights or goals from this match at the moment.


Anonymous said...

These last couple of weeks have been amazing for our boys. Last week was just as crazy, Lisandro had a hattrick, Kun I believe scored, Tevez scored, Lio did as well,Saviola. Good to see some our boys in form, lets hope that they do not hit a wall when it comes to the summer time.


Anonymous said...

J larrivey scored for cagliari agst Juve. unfortunately he still could not live up to his potential. in fact he's becoming of a joke for his lack of scoring prowess. however, good to see almiron playing some good football at bari and scoring agst his old club, juve, over the wekend. well done almiron!

Forza_albicelestes said...

I have only one word t say........Banega!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brilliant match from him...

Wedge said...

Thanks for the comment! I hope you continue to follow my blog.

Tevez is playing like a man possessed. He is allowed a free reign up front and isn't being held back by the coaching staff. I felt when he was at United he was under a lot of pressure and always in the spotlight. He seems so much more relaxed with City.

In regards to your Europe spot, if City don't go to Europe next year it has been a complete waste of money! The talent on that team should be competing for Champions League not Europa!

johnny said...

It was great fun watching futbol Saturday and seeing so many of our boys on the scoresheet. I'm really happy to see Carlitos playing better and maybe he is returning to form. As Seba and others mentioned when Carlitos signed with Man City, maybe the decrease in matches played would do him alot of good. Looks like that is beginning to happen.

Also nice to see Pipita carrying Real Madrid in the absence of Kaka and C Ronaldo. And Garay ! I don't yet know the extent of Pepe's injury, but it looks like Garay could be getting more time on the pitch. Banega continues to impress as well.

Lavezzi continues to be a little wacky. Another strange meltdown from him at the end of the match.

An hour to Inter's match and let's hope to see more goals today !

johnny said...

Well, we didn't have to wait long ! Milito scores 14 minutes in with a great individual effort !

bobby Gee said...

Tevez is back in form again. He is match changer. He did for Boca, Corinthians, Man U, and now City. I like Carlos Tevez's power. He can power his way into the box and score. He is sorely underrated. He and Messi provide Argentina with a powerful one two punch. Argentinos futebol has one huge problem Maradona and Grondona. These two men will destory Argentinos futebol. Both need to go.

GK said...

I watched Man City yesterday and Tevez didn't just score 2 goals, he had an all around great game. I was very pleased to see him play the way he did and hope he has found his form again.

Milito also scored for Inter today in their 1-1 draw with Atalanta.

GK said...

Milito's goal....

Not the greatest video quality but it's the only video posted right now. Wonderful goal by Diego!

Anonymous said...

guys i want to bring up a new name that maybe wasn't discussed till now:


he plays for borussia dortmund now and is the second highest scorer in the bundesliga. he had a difficult start in dortmund, but now scores in nearly every game since many weeke. he scored two goals just a hour ago against wolfsburg the bundesliga champion of the last season.

he played in chile before and scored 37 goals in 38 games last year.

he is tall and maybe exactly the style of striker argentina needs in the world cup. i just why wonder he was never mentioned here. or do you think he is average?

Vitalij from Germany

johnny said...

Best shot on goal of the day !? Berlusconi punched in the face ! Goalaaaaaaazzzzzzzooooo !!:)

LM10ARG said...

Lucas Barrios needs to be given a call-up at least to make sure that he doesn't go on to play for paraguay...But then again, I don't think he is what we need...We need gifted players like Higuain, Lisandro, Milito etc.

messidona19 said...

Tevez is not back to his best. I don't care if he scores 30 more goals this season before the World Cup. I just don't want him in our team for the world cup. He had his chance for Argentina in about 60 games and he failed.
Whereas players like Higuain and Milito are my main two players upfront. They just can't stop scoring and are Champions League regulars. Unfortuately Maradona will see Tevez' goals this week and will assure him of a place in the 23 WC squad now, even if he's injured he will take him to the Wc and keep a perfect set of Inter players (Samuel,Zanetti,Cambiasso, Milito) watching the matches on TV.

John said...

Further obscure names (though not necessarily as they are playing in second graded European leagues) that scored on Sunday. Sorry that I did not decided to come up with a separate post as we have already mentioning about the goal scorers from Sunday’s fixtures.

In the Portuguese league, Ernesto FARIAS was on target for FC Porto in their 2-0 win over Vitoria Setubal.

While in Turkey, Kayserispor defeated Istanbul BSK 2-1 with the Franco CANGELE scoring the winner for them.

Then in Greek Super League, Luciano GALLETTI was on target for Olympiakos in their 3-0 win over Panthrakikos.

Now about Lucas BARRIOS, of course I’ve been hearing a lot about him since his move to Germany and he has been prolific for Borrussia Dortmund. My introduction to him goes back when he was with Chile, the year which he became the World top scorer. I do acknowledge that he is a great talent.

But the fact is we do have other players that I believe are capable of doing the same job for the National Team, provided they are given the rightful chance. Please don’t tell me that Diego MILITO, Gonzalo HIGUAIN or Lisandro LOPEZ can’t do the job if they are given a decent 90 minutes football.

BARRIOS may need to wait for his chance and if he is patient enough and keeps up his current form, that I believe the time will come for him to play for the National team. Having said that, we must remember that there is tough competition for a place in Diego’s team up front, so even if he decides to take his chances elsewhere then there is nothing much we can do about it. As it was for the case with Dario CVITANICH who has been scoring regularly for Ajax Amsterdam but has since decided to play for Croatia.

salvio supporter said...

Ehm, should I be the one to say that the Apertura is over (or at least, when it comes to the first place) and Banfield is the new champion? I was expecting the media not to care about it since Banfield isn't one of the most popular teams, but this blog?

Dave P said...

great weekend for Demichelis, Garay, Pareja, and Heinze as well

Dave P said...

If I were to make a starting XI for the players after this weekend (which makes no sense to Maradona) it would be a 4-2-1-3


sirus said...

dominguez signed for valencia... happy to see him in la liga...