Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Watch Carlitos Four Star Performance

Here is the video on Mauro ZARATE against AC Milan


Juan y Fer said...

Hello John,
Zarate is showing an incredible level this season and of course yesterday he was the key player of the match, because since he played, Lazio showed continuos danger.
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John said...

You’re right Juan,

ZARATE and Lazio has been a big revelation hand in hand. As long as he keeps up this form, I’m pretty sure we will se him making his debut alongside Gonzalo HIGUAIN against France come February.

Abs said...

ZARATE is growing so fast, and since am a big Lazio fan, then am super happy with that. Hopefully he doesn't leave the team, not becoz I want him to stay as a fan, but as an Argentinain, I would like him to have a great football experiance as a starter !!

Keep it up ZARATE, and Lazio !!

John said...

To Seba and those who are more familiar with domestic football scene in Argentina.

Here is a report from that Manchester United and Liverpool are interested in this youngster named Franco ZUCULINI (of Seba's Racing Club).

It seems this player is dubbed as "the new Javier MASCHERANO".

Even Diego himself has mentioned he could one of the stars of the next World Cup.

Anonymous said...

Birmingham is so fool. They have Zarate but rarely used him. Now he shows his class.

Sir Rul