Friday, December 12, 2008

NBA News - The Big 3s of Texas

Forget about the Spurs that started off the season with 0-3 losing streak. They did not have Manu GINOBILI back then and it was all up to Tim DUNCAN and Tony PARKER left to carry them off. Now the Big 3 from Spurs are back and firing up from all angles as the Timberwolves crashed 98-86.

Of course Gregg POPOVICH and Timmy and the Frenchmen to thank but the real ode goes to their sixth ace on the bench. He was the big difference for both teams in terms of the luxury that they had on the bench. Manu posted 16 points plus 4 rebounds to his credit the lift the Spurs to their fifth consecutive victory.

Not much of action from Fabricio OBERTO with only one free throws converted but he had 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 block shot.

Then there is the other Big 3 from Houston. Against the Golden State Warriors, the Rockets version were equally superior compare to their San Antonio counterpart, defeating them 119-108.

As always, T-Mac had a big night. YAO had a big night. Last but not least, Luis SCOLA too had a big night. Despite of the slow start, he powered his way to help the Rockets with 19 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist plus 1 block shot.

So if the Lakers thought that they will have it easy in the West, think again! The Southwest Division has just got started.

Not much to celebrate for Andres NOCIONI. He had a poor outing by just posting 7 points and 3 rebounds as the Chicago Bulls fell to the Memphis Grizzlies 96-103.

No points for Walter HERRMANN (just one rebound in two minutes plus action) in the Detroit Pistons close win (114-110) against the Indiana Pacers.

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Dave said...

I was watching the Hornets take on Boston last night, but I did I see a good bit of the Rockets game though - most of the first half.

I liked how Tracy McGrady looked health wise, he still looked somewhat stiff but he was moving a lot better than he was before he sat out those games.

It’s also been great to see Shane Battier get back on the court a few games ago, he’s so important to the Rockets Championship hopes.