Monday, December 22, 2008

More Goals From Sunday's Fixture

Fernando CAVENAGHI winning goal in Bordeaux’s comeback win against Monaco

Matias DELGADO for Besiktas right before he got sent off against their eternal rival Galastasaray

Sebastian LETO and Luciano GALLETTI doing some favour for Olympiakos


Anonymous said...

Very nice goal by Leto. I really like his style, he's tall and quite pacey.
Moreover, he has skills too. I hope he will be able to develop rightfully. UNder a right guidance he could become a trememdous player.

QM said...

Licata shoots beautiful goals. I like the fact that he's always there where the ball is.

Juan y Fer said...

it was not the best game of Delgado, but he is a brilliant player.
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Lopez,India said...

Dear seba, John

Merry Christmas to you and all mundo albiceleste readers