Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NBA News – Bulls Chapu Rages Against The Clippers

The Chicago Bulls came alive in over time to down the Los Angeles Clippers 115-109. Ben GORDON had four point play with 20.5 seconds left in regulation time while Derrick ROSE converted a decisive three pointer in during the extra period.

But of the revival in this game was down to the contribution of Andres NOCIONI, firing from the bench. After going through a draught period was spectacular for the Bulls tonight.
He posted 22 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal plus a block shot. His block on Clipper’s Mike TAYLOR midway through the fourth quarter briefly changed the momentum of the game in favor of the Bulls.

Everyone will remember how these two teams traded in each other with blow outs during last season Western Conference semi-final. Well tonight was a close one but sadly for the Spurs, the New Orleans Hornets won the game 90-83.

Manu GINOBILI did put up a big figure for the Spurs, posting 17 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 block shot and 1 steal in the game. However he was also responsible for five turnovers as well.

On the other hand, Fabricio OBERTO who is now a deep bench player only saw action for 40 seconds, towards the end of the second quarter.

PGA - Pigu Romero Named Rookie of the Year

The PGA named Andres ROMERO as the winner of the 2008 Rookie of the Year. Not only did he win on the PGA TOUR in 2008 (the Zurich Classic of New Orleans), but he also finished in the top 10 at the Masters. It was his first appearance at Augusta National and PGA Championship. Pigu was one of just 11 players who made the cut in all four majors. Not a bad year for him indeed.


Dave said...

Jeez I didn't even notice Oberto in that Hornets game. 40 seconds? I presumed he was injured. Why are they playing Kurt Thomas ahead of Oberto? I don't like that decision at all.

Duncan struggled towards the end of the game, but all in all he was good, and Parker and Manu were excellent.

The supporting cast was dreadful though shooting only 28% from the field. To make matters worse, despite high quality games from their best players, who took the most shots tonight? Matt Bonner. He took more shots than any one of Duncan, Parker, Manu. That's terrible. He hit only 3 of his 15 shots too.

I thought the big men (Bonner/Thomas), and the wings (Finley, Mason, Bowen) were missing in action tonight. Hill was decent so I'll let him off. But all in all, the Spurs supporting cast was dreadful and got outplayed badly. They cost the Spurs the game.

Just one of those odd nights where something that's normally serviceable ends up being a disaster. The supporting cast gave a bad account of themselves tonight.

Trip said...

I also do not like the decision to play Kurt Thomas so many minutes over Oberto. Oberto is unselfish and creates open shots for other players.

The way Matt Bonner was shooting, maybe Thomas and Oberto both should have been playing more. Bonner could not handle David West. I do not fault his effort, but Bonner was really the big difference in the game. He hurt the Spurs at both ends of the court.

I doubt we see to many games where Bonner, Mason and Finley are all cold and missing open shots. Even Duncan missed some shots he will normally make.

Just one of those terrible games. One bright spot these past two games, it really looks like Manu has his legs back now.

Sam Walker said...

I believe the Rookie classification for Andres is due to this past season being his first on the PGA Tour full time. Not sure of the full qualifying rules regarding rookies, but its most likely being qualified for FULL tour status for the first time in their career.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Parker and Ginobilli were the only ones having good shooting nights, even Duncan was just 5-14.

Bonner came into the game leading the league in 3-point shooting%, but couldn't hit the proverbial broad side of the barn last night...but he wasn't alone. Despite TP and MG hittng 15-24 the Spurs shot just 38% as a team.