Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Carlitos shines for United but still needs more minutes

The rumour had it Carlitos TEVEZ was a lock to go to Real Madrid in January, but the replacement for the injured Ruud VAN NISTELROY came from his own country as the Whites from the Spanish capital bought striker Klaas Jan HUNTELAAR and now Carlitos looks set to stay at Old Trafford.

Will he?

Well...based on his display this Wednesday in one of the Carling Cup (League Cup) quarterfinals, Alex FERGUSON would be unwise to let him go.

TEVEZ took advantage of the minutes he got and scored a hat-trick (and half a goal) to help Manchester United reach the semifinals. He was the lone scorer in the previous round when the Red Devils defeated Queens Park Rangers thanks to a penalty kick by the Apache.

Carlitos opened the scoring for United on 36 minutes (but some are saying it was an Aaron MOKOENA's own-goal) . TEVEZ added a second from the penalty spot on 51, then scored another one on 54 and clear the doubts and signed his hat-trick on injury time.

Manchester United won 5-3 and now look as strong favourites to win a tournament in which Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have all crashed out (the Blues and the Gunners both at Burnley's expense).

But the main question remains:

Will Carlitos wait forever on the bench for United and be limited to be a fringe player in the Premiership?

Or will he ask FERGUSON to sell him in January?


allan ng said...

Tevez should leave Man Utd. He is wasting his time there. Ferguson only cares for Ronaldo, Rooney and Berbatov.

John said...

I got a good feeling that he might leave. I don't think Fergie is ever going to change the ROONEY/BERBATOV partnership.

This is very depressing to think of it that how on earth could Fergie do such a thing, after all didn't he had so much of praise for him.

John said...
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johnny said...

It was wonderful to see Carlitos knock in those goals. Who knows what is going on in Ferguson's head ? He has alot of offensive talent-Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov, Nani and Carlitos. I like Carlitos behind Ronaldo and Rooney, but it is a close call. Berbatov is a fine player as well. Nani is still too much of a gunslinger-not complete. As stated before, I would love to see Carlitos in Italy. The fans there would die for him.

John said...

Johnny, what do you think of the prospect seeing Carlitos behind LAVEZZI/DENIS?

johnny said...

Hi John-any place for Carlitos but Milan ! I would like to say Inter, but could he coexist successfully with Ibrahimovic ? Such a guessing game, and maybe Ronaldito will eventually go to Real Madrid, leaving more room for Carlitos at ManU. Anything can happen and usually does.:)

John said...

Inter! That's sounds great Johnny. I'm pretty sure Carlitos workaholic game could come in handy for Jose MOURINHO. TEVEZ is a pretty different breed compare to someone like CRESPO.

Abs said...

As I believe Carlitos isn't owned by Man Utd yet. He is in a two year loan contract from Kia (or whatever his name, the guy who brought him along with MASCHY to West Ham). Therefore, I believe he wont be able to leave Man Utd before Sep 2009.

Anyway, I hope am wrong in that, coz I would really love to see the guy play more often, coz even though am hardcore Liverpool fan, I still enjoy his goals with Man Utd.

Italy move would be a good step, but Inter, Milan or even Roma would be too risky for him. So, I prefer if he join a Spanish club, and if Rossi leaving Villareal, then he would be able to take out Riquelme's story from there fans mind.

Anonymous said...


I am really agree with you. Mourinho does not like lazy player (goal poacher). Carlitos will fit in his team

Sir Raul