Sunday, December 28, 2008

NBA News - Big Performance from Manu & Scola

Against the Memphis Grizzlies, coach Gregg POPOVICH has once again made everyone understand his main intention on starting Manu GINOBILI from the bench. San Antonio Spurs won the game 106-103 in double overtime.

With starting guard Roger MASON not being able to post any points, Manu came off the bench like a fighter jet to help their cause tonight. He posted 20 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 1 block shot.

The Chicago Bulls must start to learn some winning habit away from home court. They must start to dominate in the paint. At least that’s what Andres NOCIONI echoed after their 117-129 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

“It’s personal, you know?” said Chapu of the Bulls’ defense. “Everybody needs to step up. Everybody needs to take the challenge. It’s energy, attitude and that’s it.”

NOCIONI had 11 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block shot. Personally I would feel dreadful to see the Bulls missing the play-offs for the second straight year.

On the other hand, Luis SCOLA had his eight double-double of the season in the Houston Rockets double overtime 120-115 win over the Utah Jazz. He only manage to post 10 points, a further evidence that his offensive contribution has been a little reduced compare to last season.

But it is due to his defensive contribution of 14 rebounds, allowed other players to provide more sparks in the Rockets offense. In one way or the other, he still very much an important figure for Rick ADELMAN’s side.

Walter HERRMANN had only 3:55 action as he posted just 2 rebounds in the Detroit Pistons 87-76 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.


halley said...

oh! i love the holidays! the jazz almost got the rockets there, good thing luis scola and ron artest are up to their game. manu, as always, gave the spurs' bench the spark it needs though he's been playing in a low profile mode.

Trip said...

Good morning John and everyone from Albiceleste!

The Spurs had a hard time with the Grizzlies, but they finally got it done in the end.

I still prefer Manu to start the game. Hopefully he will later in the season when his foot is completely healed and he can play more minutes.

But they are doing well with the lineup for now.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Good game by Manu and he did play 41 minutes against the Grizz, only Parker and Duncan played more. For me, as long as Manu gets his minutes it doesn't matter if he comes off the bench or starts.

Spurs need the Other Three (Mason, Hill, and Bonner) to produce. The Big Three all had good games, but the 10-20 Grizz took them into double-OT because the Other Three did next to nothing. If those guys get consistent the Spurs will be back in the Finals.

Derek Major said...

Hey, I think Manu is better suited coming off the bench like he is now, he showed in that double overtime game that he can provide a spark off the bench and be an additional scorer when someone is having an off night

I also wanted to know your feelings about Rudy Fernandez possibly being part of the slam dunk contest. I did a piece about the three possible candidates, I would love for you to comment on it.

Lopez,India said...

Happy mew year ...