Saturday, December 13, 2008

Barca Wins, Messi Scores In El Clasico Win

It was a fierce and competitive match to say the least. But it took a bit too long than usual for the goals to come. In the end I would say that Barcelona were worthy winners after all. The one that every one in the Nou Camp should say thanks to is non other than Lionel MESSI.

Right from the start until the end the Madrid players (most notably Sergio RAMOS) went all out in trying to stop him. I was worried to death that he will might get injured because of this. I guess this only made Lionel to keep going and play better.

For his reward, just as when Barca look good for 1-0 win (courtesy Samuel ETO’O in the 83rd minute), MESSI strike a left footed shot in the dying minutes to seal the win. Earlier a nervy ETO’O failed convert a penalty in the 70th minute when his shot was well saved by Iker CASILLAS.

Real on the other hand were improving earlier could have scored first Roysten DRENTHE had clear run but only to see his shot saved by Victor VALDES. Just a minute later, Gonzalo HGUAIN volleyed just over the bar.

In other highlights throughout Europe, German DENIS was on target for Napoli in their 3-0 win over Lecce in Serie A. The win saw them moving up to third in the league table.

Fernando CAVENAGHI scored in Bordeaux 3-1 win over Le Mans as they kept up the pressure on league leader Lyon.

In the Turkish Super League, Franco CANGELE scored for Kayserispor in their 2-0 win over Istanbul BSK.

Fernando BELLUSCHI was on target for Olympiakos in their 1-1 draw with Larissa in the Greek Super League.

Staying in Greece, a consolation goal from Lucio FILOMENO for Asteras Tripoli in their 1-2 defeat to Iraklis.


Anonymous said...

Messi tried to do way too much in this game, and he lost many balls but he also got fouled a lot. I will be nice enough and give Messi a 6.5 for his showing. But the chip was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me is Lavezzi speaking Spanish or Italian in this interview or does the interviewer speak with a thick italian accent when he is speaking spanish. Thanks in advance.

Abs said...

MESSI: He was fouled alot, specially on the first half, they were real bad hits, therefore, I can't judge his preformance. The goal was amazing, coz if you noticed, he catched the kinda far pass from Henry and did a great chip !!

Real Madrid: SAVIOLA please leave that team, you are dying in there. GAGO did a good job, and I think he was the only player in Madrid who gave 100% for the whole 90mins. HGUAIN was lost in the game, was it the tactic or stamina, am not sure, but he was off !!

Napoli: The Argentains are doing great in that team, but I can't understand why they can't keep it up with big teams ?? (LAVEZZI was speaking Italian by the way)

CAVENAGHI: Always scores, but I really can't see him as a striker for Argentina, and I don't think MARADONA would ever take him.

BELLUSCHI: What a talent guy, but not by moving to Olympiakos. Hopefully he leave the team soon and join a better team in a better leauge.. Always doing well !!

Waiting for the rest...

Abs said...

Lazio: The Argentina helped Lazio once again and brought them back from 3-0 to 3-3. ZARATI and LEDESMA socred, and eventhough CARRIZO conceded 3 goals, I believe he did a good job.

At. Madrid: Is it true that whenever MAXI score At. win ?! Am not sure, but whenever At. win, I see MAXI's name on the scoring list. AGUERO and MAXI goals put Atletico on 5th position just in front of Madrid.

p2bn said...

Guys...Did you saw lionel gets frustrated by the tackles. Was classic to see him, like ahhh crap! come on guys play the game and not just hit me in my legs.

Had a great game. Worked too hard i guess after being not happy with his performance against Valencia. Its not easy to score like that against casillias.

Anyway was great too see them win, will have to very unlucky to loose the cup after this and that will be only if existence forbid Lionel gets injured again the middle.

Btw when is the game against France? I will be following but still want to know sooner. :->

Vamos Messi
Vamos Albiceleste

Anonymous said...

I hope messi still healthy and not get injured by the tackles and fouls.

We saw a little bit of him when Barca win the UCL because of injury. I hope it will not happen again. Barcelona need him as they rely on Ronaldinho during his best seasons.

I hope Messi can improve his free kicks and increase his goals rate because many people compared him to C. Ronaldo with the amount of goals.

John said...

Guys, never ever compare Lionel to Cristiano RONALDO. Not that I’m trying to be biased but I would still rate Lionel higher than that so called self confessed Player of the Year.

I feel Lionel has shown more gratitude to Barca (if you get what I mean) and for all his natural talent and gift; he is on the look out for his teammate. For me part of the reason why HENRY has improved so much for Barca this season has a lot to do with Lionel providing most of the game play.

Furthermore, Lionel has done more for the National Team unlike RONALDO whom I feel is a total flop in Euro 2008.

So what if he doesn’t win the Player of the Year award. I would still say he has more fans in the entire world compare to any other footballer in this planet.

This is just my opinion.

John said...

By the way Mr Anonymous, thanks for all the comment. Welcome to our blog. Care to introduce yourself.