Saturday, December 06, 2008

Diego Arrives In India And.....

They love him there.

He was greatly touched by the frenzy over his here and promised to come back to India again in future. Not a surprise considering that we had many passionate Albiceleste readers from India on our blog.

"It has been beyond my imagination," a visibly moved Diego told reporters through an interpreter. "I did not know that I had so many fans in India and people of the country loved football so much," he said after laying the foundation stone for a football academy on the outskirts of the city.

"India lacks the infrastructure for football but the players should also work hard for their success."

This is Diego first-ever visit to the country and he was already looking forward to visiting India again.

"I have a contract with Argentina's national football team and once it's over I will think of coming to India."

Diego arrived in this football-mad eastern Indian city early on Saturday to a rousing welcome by some 50,000 fans, desperate to catch a glimpse of the legend. The fans jostled and almost ran over the barricades at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport as the 5,000-strong security team tried to control the surging crowd.

"Long Live India! We want you to play in the World Cup," Diego, flanked by his girlfriend Veronica, shouted back to the delirious fans.

Doubts were cast over his visit following the recent devastating Mumbai attacks that killed 163 people including 26 foreigners.

"It's barbaric. We can't event think of something like this in a civilized society," he said of the Mumbai carnage.

Diego is also slated to visit the global headquarters of Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity order here on Sunday during his two-day trip.


Shaker said...

Indians loved and rooted for Argentina during Maradonna era. .Another sports celeb we loved is beautiful babe Gabriela Sabatini.

Anonymous said...

hi John
I have sent you an email regarding Kun latest goal in la liga

plz check it out

Mohammad Ali


andaman said...

The only footy oldie who can draw a crowd like this. No one does it like Maradona.

VIVA DIEGO!!! Asia loves you!

p2bn said...

Maradona and Argentina are way way popular in south asia. In India, around Kolkata and northern part football is almost as popular as cricket is. But in my country, Nepal, well; we are freaking crazy about is and Argentina is the team, Diego is the god.

Vamos Diego
Vamos Albiceleste