Monday, December 15, 2008

The Comeback Argies of Lazio

Udinese must be thinking to themselves just what the hell has happened! With 30 minutes left and 3-0 up, they could not have imagine what was bound to take place.

Lazio’s revival was kick start by Mauro ZARATE after he tapped in the rebound from the earlier shot by Goran PANDEV. The comeback was completed when Cristian LADESMA strike an unstoppable shot from 30 yard.

In La Liga, Atletico Madrid brought smile to the red & white part of the capital by defeating Real Betis 2-0. Maxi RODRIGUEZ and Kun AGUERO scoring in each half.

NBA News - The Clutch Game From Manu

The San Antonio Spurs secured their sixth straight win after defeating the newly formed franchise Oklahoma City Thunder 109-104. It was closed call for the four time champions after squandering 26 points first half lead.

Manu GINOBILI put the result beyond the Thunders reach with a clutch performance with 28 seconds left on the clock. He caught a long pass from DUNCAN, made a layup while being fouled by Desmond MASON, then hit the free throw.

He completed the night with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 block shot. Fabricio OBERTO did not see any action during the game.


Yaj Nitsuga said...

Spurs jumped to a big lead 39-19 after one and then coasted...and almost lost because of it.

As you mentioned, big 3 pt. play by Manu when the game got down to a 2 point lead.

Wednesday is the game...@ New Orleans and first place at stake. I know it's still early in the season, but it's never to early to make a statement game.

Trip said...

I think Ginobili will be back in form very soon. It takes awhile after surgery. I'm surprised he came back as quick as he did.

I think the Spurs have a very nice mix this season. A lot of athletic defenders and three point shooters around the Big Three. It's a combination that has worked for us before.

Can't wait for Spurs/Hornets. Nice site. I'll check in on you, and link you at my site.


John said...

Some NBA News...

The Houston Rockets defeated the Denver Nuggets 108-96. Luis SCOLA posted 4 points, 6 rebounds & 1 assist.

The Chicago Bulls fell to the Charlotte Bobcats 101-110. Andres NOCIONI posted 8 points & 4 rebounds.

Abs said...

Once again, the Maxi and Kun give At. the 3points, and put them on 2nd for the moment !!

HIGUIN missed the 2nd super-hatrik for his season, however, he gave Madrid there 2nd win in the last 5 games !!

Lazio finaly won, but ZARATI wasn't happy for being subbed by the goal scorer Tomasso !!