Friday, December 05, 2008

NBA News - Season High From Manu

One moment they didn't look like a three time NBA champions despite having all their Big Three back together on court. But today against the Denver Nuggets they once again gave people an instant reminder about what three of them are capable of. They brushed the Nuggets off in Colorado 108-91.

All of them posted double digit. Manu GINOBILI was named as a starter and gave a memorable performance, a reminisced of those times before he got injured. His performance has also kind of been poor in the last two games (11 and 13 points respectively) despite the lengthy minutes of action.

In tonight's game it was a huge comeback for him, as he produces a season high performance. He posted 21 points from which four of those shots came from the three point line. He was also 100% from the free throws. Not to forget he had 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal in the process.

Fabricio OBERTO had to content with a place on the bench as he relinquish in starting position to the much improve Matt BONNER. But don't take away anything from him as he had 3 rebounds and 4 assists to go along with the 2 points that he posted.

As always in the past, this game goes on to show that when Manu gets into his rhythm, Spurs will never loose.


Dave said...

Tim Duncan was the star of the show for me tonight.

Timmy dominated the paint and controlled the paint throughout. He was a huge reason why the Spurs held such a massive advantage on the backboards and he gave the Spurs offense a constant go-to option. Then there were the clutch blocks to stop Denver’s attempts at making the run.

Duncan was excellent, he controlled the game. 21 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists and 5 blocks.

Apparently, Popovich is going to keep Ginobili in the starting lineup … at least that’s what he says, I think it’s more like he’s going to try and keep Manu in the starting lineup. I think he can pull it off this time though, because this is the strongest backup backcourt (the guys not named Parker or Manu) the Spurs have had since Manu’s rookie season. Roger Mason Jr and George Hill have been that good.

I think we’ll still see Manu with that second unit in the second and early fourth quarters though.

Denis said...

Hey, its Denis from, you comment on my blog last night and asked about Manu's performance.

Manu is one of the greatest players in the league and, to me, a Top 5 player in crunch time. Yesterday it was just one of his great games.

I just think he's better leading the 2nd unit than as a starter. Pop should use TD ad Parker in the beggining of games and then add Manu in the late 1st quarter. And this is posible when Roger Mason is playing well.

I wrote an article about the Spurs bad start in the season, it was a response to all those that were saying that the Spurs was done.

Its in portuguese:

I wrote that the Spurs problem was not Tony and Manu's inujry, but the poor defense and when they got the defense back they were back to be one of the top teams in the league. And with defense AND Manu and Parker, a title contender.

I don't know how you found our blog, but most guys from Argentina found with the Manu flop video. I hope that you're one of those who could see that it was just a joke.

That comments saying that Manu is better than Nenê or Varejão are ridiculous! Its obvious that Manu is better, we didnt say anything about his quality in the video, we just joked with him.

Thanks for comment in BolaPresa and congratulations for your blog. It was fun to read Carlitos Tevez post down here, I really miss him in Corinthians. Herrera is good but its not Tevez..

See ya!

Yaj Nitsuga said...

I was surprised to see the Spurs lose two in-a-row with the Big 3 back in the lineup so I was happy to see the dominating win over the Nuggets.

Manu more than deserves the starting spot. He was a bench player in name only. 21 points in just 30 minutes for and he was really efficient hiting 7-11.

Agree that Duncan was great, but then he rarely isn't. He's the foundation for this team, but no one does it on his own. Recently it has been mostly Parker and Gino as the supporting cast, but with the emergence of Mason and Hill the Spurs are deeper than they have been in quite some time.

All this team is missing is another low-post player that can be an inside threat when TD isn't in the game. I think the Spurs can make a run at another championship without it, but with that piece they would be a more complete team.

John said...

Nice to see some interesting comment coming in.

Denis, I have never hated Brazil but I have great respect you for being our rival. That's said I love watching players like Nene and Barbosa because I think they're great too.

By the way Yaj, speaking of low post player....

What about Tiago SPLITTER from Brazil?

Derek Major said...

I called this game wrong. I thought that the Nuggets could ride the momentum from the Billups-Iverson trade to another win, but the Spurs looked like their old selves. They were solid on defense unselfish on offense and Parker and Ginobili look full strength. They can still catch the rockets but if they don't that doesn't mean the Spurs won't be feared come playoff time