Saturday, February 02, 2008

Double Strikes From FARIAS & LAVEZZI

Forget about Almeria surprise victory over the Real Madrid as they were other great news during smashing Saturday.

In Portugal...

FC Porto trounced Uniao Leiria 4-0 to remain on top of the Portuguese Liga with two goals from Ernesto FARIAS and one from Lisandro LOPEZ. Jose BOSINGWA strike first in he 16th minute.

Lucho GONZALEZ was in the starting line up and played until the 62nd minute when he was substitute for Mariano GONZALEZ.

In Italy...

Napoli got back to winning ways after defeating Udinese 3-1 in a game which saw both teams were reduced to 10 men. The man that ensure this win for them is non other than Ezequiel LAVEZZI, scoring twice in one minute.
The first, on which he controlled the ball deftly before firing in a thunderbolt of a shot from 30 yards into the bottom corner.

Just moments later, an unfortunate knocked by by Udinese's Christian ZAPATA saw the ball going towards LAVEZZI from which he slotted his effort from 15 yards out.


Maristela Mattos said...

saudade, Sebá!

johnny said...

How bout them Los Gigantes !? Incredible game.:)

John said...

Johhny, are you referring to the Super Bowl?

johnny said...

Ha ! Yes indeed ! Way off topic, but what a game !

John said...

I'm happy that they won too. It was nice to see an upset.

Way to go NY Gaint!!!

Seba said...

Amazing stuff, Johnny. I seem to recall you are a Dolphins fan, right?

So, my team -NY Giants-, sure made you happy last night in preserving the uniqueness of the Dolphins of 72's perfect season.

By the way...there's a brilliant TV ad you can watch here:

It was an amazing football match and those back-to-back 4th-quarter drives by BRADY and Eli MANNING where the stuff of legends.

Not to mention that catch by TYREE after Eli's scramble to liberate himself from two or three Pats' defensive linemen.

Fantastic! Well played and really deserving of the win.

johnny said...

Yes Seba, I am a fan of the Fins and as a child was a huge fan of the Redskins. I've always liked the Giants going back many years. That might have been the best Super Bowl I have seen. Incredible suspense and play-making. Much thanks to you and the G Men for making alot of old ex Miami Dolphins very happy.

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