Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brilliant MESSI, too much for Celts. TEVEZ: a "lyon"

I watched the game at my grandfather's. He is 88 and some of you may remember when I wrote an entry about him when he was in a delicate state. It was some months ago, probably a year or so.

Now he is OK and he never stopped enjoying his football. And today I said to him: "Manolo, you are an incredibly lucky guy! You saw PELE, MARADONA and now MESSI!". He smiled and say: "You're right, Seba. This kid is really something!".

I saw Manolo smile a few times today and I've got to thank Lionel MESSI for that! "Es un fenómeno!" was Manolo's phrase when he saw how MESSI scored the third for Barcelona (his second of the night) by embarrasing Gary CALDWELL and sending the ball past Artur BORUC.

I've got to admit that I liked Thierry HENRY's goal better and when the former Arsenal striker scored, I saw something that I don't like and that I have seen in MESSI before. If you see the footage, you'll see HENRY joining in to celebrate with MESSI after Leo scored his two goals. But when the Frenchman scored, MESSI stood still in the middle of the Celtic box like if nothing happened.

Now, we've talked about those aspects of his personality in this blog before and I've got to say that it keeps on worrying me. I don't know. I would just prefer him to look as thrilled when his team-mates score. Perhaps I'm being too hard, or I'm talking about something that has nothing to do with his ability play the game. But I don't just bothers me.

Carlos TEVEZ is not like that (at least in that sense), but tonight, he was just as effective for his team. While MESSI practically secured Barcelona's ticket to the quarter-finals, substitute TEVEZ (played the last 25 minutes) rescued Manchester United in France and scored the vital away goal for the Red Devils against Lyon. And when he did, he celebrated with all his team-mate and it was a great thing to see Carlitos so happy!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not slagging MESSI off or using TEVEZ to give MESSI a bad name. I'm just pointing out this situation. Something that caught my eye.

In any case, it's good news for us, Albiceleste fans, to see these two stars taking Europe by storm.

MESSI's goals (part of extended highlights):

TEVEZ's score:


John said...

MESSI second goal was awesome, especially from the way he control it despite the tremendous pressure around him at that time.

I was suprise that Carlos TEVEZ was on the bench but in the end, it goes to prove that ManU need him more than ever.

A certain player by the name of Cesar DELGADO was on Lyon's bench.

Roy said...

Seba, I realised the same thing on Saturday during Barcelona's game versus Zaragoza. Henry scored and all Messi did was give him a high five or something. I don't think it's an attitude problem, but I'm not sure what it is either.

Tevez has saved United many times this season. Versus Chelsea, Liverpool and now Lyon. All that matters is that Tevez and Messi are playing great and scoring goals. Congrats to both!

houroc said...

I'm trying to get more into soccer. I've never heard of Tevez but that was a nice goal. He's Argentinian? He must be good if he plays for Man U

Seba said...

Roy, don't forget that equalizer by TEVEZ against Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane on injury time!

Welcome to Mundo Albiceleste, Houroc!

Yes, Carlos TEVEZ is Argentine and he started playing for Manchester United this season (after playing for West Ham -and saving them from relegation with a goal at Old Trafford the last week of the season-). I would suggest you check Wikipedia (not a site I recommend for accurate information, but a great quick source for general info). a little search on YouTube so you get a better look at him.

John: I've seen your e-mail and I'll reply it soon. Been running a lot lately and I hardly had the time.

Seba said...

By the way...Lionel MESSI is now top-scorer of the Champions League this season. He has scored 6 goals. One more than GERRARD, IBRAHIMOVIC and Cristiano RONALDO.


pep said...

I think Messi is just a bit down since he got some critics lately. He didn't start the new year well.

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Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Hi Seba, John and other folks.

I have been away from football, television and this blog for a while. Finally, I managed to watch the Barca-Celtic match today.The quality of football from Barca was so exceptional that I watched the entire recorded game without a break.

Messi was exceptional though I found that Barca were getting predictable in routing all their forays through him. And I was not entirely surprised that the equalizer finally came from the left.