Monday, February 11, 2008

NBA News – A BIG Hit From Manu

Toronto Raptors 88 San Antonio Spurs 93

Tonight’s game had more significant than just another regular season match, especially with the All-Star weekend fast approaching. For both Manu GINOBILI and Raptor’s Jose CALDERON it was a time to prove just how much they are going to be missed during that weekend. Well the Spaniard had his fair share of the last laugh with career high 27 points.

Now back to Manu, for me this game will go down as one of the highlight in his 6 years NBA career. He started the first two-quarter with a bang, 21 points in a space of 19 minutes. Then added a further 13 points in the next two to finish off with a game high 34 points.

“I always try to play like this, but sometimes you can't -- it doesn't happen," Manu said. "You don't make shots, you don't feel as good. Today the shot was feeling great, so I tried to use it."

"The second day of a back-to-back is always tough," Manu said. "(Sunday) we had a loss that hurt, so it was very important for us to get this win."
Not only that he also posted a career high of 15 rebounds as well. His biggest rebound came in the final 20 seconds when he rebounded his own miss and was fouled with the Spurs clinging to a three-point lead. He was also had the team highest assist (6) and steals (2) to his credit.

"It's the first time, probably in my life, that I got 15 boards" he said. "But it's not anything to be so proud of. They just bounced my way, that's it."

His performance tonight earned him high praises from both the Raptors and Spurs.

"When somebody is on like Manu, there's almost nothing you can do," Spurs coach Gregg POPOVITCH said. "He played an all-around game."

"Manu stepped up and carried us over the hump," Tim DUNCAN, who posted 22 points, said. "His rebounds were an absolute bonus for us. He was great on the boards tonight."

"He can do everything," Toronto's Carlos DELFINO said. "He can drive, he can rebound and he makes passes. They know how to use him and he has responded."

Fabricio OBERTO too had a pretty good night with 6 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and a steal.
On the opposite end, DELFINO was reunited with his international colleague and would have been eager to show his own worth. From the way I look at it, he is turning out to be the Raptors best sixth men.

He did it once again with 11 points, team high 8 rebounds (alongside BOSH & MOON) and 2 assists.

Houston Rockets 95 Portland Trail Blazers 83

The Rockets recorded their seven straight game with a win with all of heir starting five posting double digit.

Luis SCOLA could have had more to his 11 points tally if it wasn’t for his foul trouble. He also had a team high of 7 rebounds (alongside YAO Ming), 2 assists & 1 steal as well.


halley said...

i was like "oh this game is going to be tough for the Spurs," given of course that it's a back-to-back game for the spurs. and i was sure that Jose Calderon would be a monster but was wrong!.. ha-ha!.. Manu Ginobili played great basketball!.. i don't know what else he can't do.. i've seen him dunk, do that lefty-layup, shoot three's, and he can play defense. the san antonio spurs are lucky to have him.

John said...

From Mundo, our condolences to Raptor's coach Sam MITCHELL on the lost of his father-in-law.

Deckard said...

Fantástico blog sobre Argentina y su deporte. Me ha encantado, la verdad. Ginobili es tremendo pero Calderón y Gasol tampoco lo están haciendo mal ;)

Un saludo desde Málaga (ESPAÑA)

El ÑAKO as Mr NBA said...

La verdad es que Ginobili arruinó la gran actuación de Calderón, que hizo su récord de anotación con 27 puntos...

Phil Mitten said...

Ginobili is a great player and very exciting to watch.

Take a look at a comparison between his first six years and the first six years of Michael Finley's career:

Finley was younger when he entered the league and has an edge in endurance/mins played, while Manu produces more steals + assists. But the major difference is the quality of the teams they have been on.

Onski said...

Great article John, good coverage of the game. As you saw on my blog at I was very impressed with the performance of Manu. He is just one player that you want to be able to leave alone so you can concentrate on Duncan but he will destroy you if you give him an inch. Keep up the good work and for other NBA, NCAA, NBL, AFL, all sport in general check out Got some great statistical reviews being added all the time.

Time Intact said...

I really wish I could've been to that Raps/Spurs game. It was one for the ages in terms of being a hardcore Manu fan, guy was just ON.

John said...

Thanks for all your comments. Really appreciated.

If I had to compile a greatest hit from Manu, that game will sure go down as one of the all time best from him.

Even his national colleague Carlos DELFINO admitted that he never expected anything like that from him.

Could anyone out there share with me the link for that rebound on Youtube? I’ll be grateful for that.

Latest result…

Chicago Bulls lost to the New Orleans Hornets 86-100 even though Andres NOCIONI was the game best performer.

Chapu posted a game high 28 points & 4 rebounds.

JJ said...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, Ginobili is a great athlete when he is on.

CB said...

Hey John! Thanks for posting on my blog,

Manu is my favorite Spurs player...
Are he and Fabricio playing for their Olympic team this summer?


Onski said...

John my man!!

Check out the man now, he is on fire!!!