Friday, February 15, 2008

A new argie wonderkid goes to Barça at 14!

Gabriel MILITO, of course Lionel MESSI, probably Ezequiel GARAY (deal almost done) and now...Mauro ICARDI.

Who is Mauro ICARDI? That's exactly what I asked myself when I heard of this news.

Mauro ICARDI, like many Argentines, have had to leave the country to go with his family to Europe. In his case, they move to the Canary Islands even though Mauro holds an Italian passport and not a Spanish one.

A number of clubs were after him but despite interest from Real Madrid, Sevilla, Arsenal, Liverpool, Valencia, Espanyol and Deportivo La Coruña, Mauro ICARDI, who will turn 15 on Tuesday, move to FC Barcelona.

Here's a video in which you'll get the chance to see him.

My first impressions were of a very talented forward with one ingredient in particular which could make him a very valuable asset for Argentine youth national teams (if he turns out to be very good) which is his physical presence.

Granted, he is still very young, but he's got an important size and good skills for a boy that tall. He is not coming in the mould of MESSI, AGÜERO, SAVIOLA, AIMAR or TEVEZ, to name a few.

He is more of a CRESPO type of player with better control and dribbling skills, even if it's still very early to be comparing him with those kind of established stars.

One thing is for sure...we've got to keep the Italians away from him! If he goes on to play international football, he must do it wearing an albiceleste shirt! I'm sure we all agree in that!


John said...

It's good to see that recently we are seeing tall players coming out more.

Franco DI SANTO and this wonderkid, just to name of few.

Last year we did lost one precious talent (I can't remember his name) to Spain in the Under-17 World Cup. The last thing we want is something like that to happen again. Please...

Just for the info, Javier MASCHERANO could also be on the way to the Nou Camp.

John said...
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John said...

Further News...

Lisandro LOPEZ scored twice in Porto 3-0 win over Maritimo.

Anonymous said...

I recall hearing about this kid, looks pretty good for his age. And you are right about those dirty Italians trying to steal our players away. I get tired of hearing them getting hunted down by the Italians and as Spain. Spain pleaded and begged for Messi to play for them, he said nope. Being in Spain for that long and you can not hint that his accent has gone away. Lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Strange Skysports has him going to Real Madrid. I have heard two diff stories as well. Triballfootball says Barca as Sky says REAL.,19528,11827_3148802,00.html

Anonymous said...

Strange Skysports has him going to Real Madrid. I have heard two diff stories as well. Triballfootball says Barca as Sky says REAL.,19528,11827_3148802,00.html

CALIGULA said...

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John said...

Pablo ZABALETA was sent off in Espanyol 1-2 defeat to Sevilla.

Diego MILITO missed a penalty in Real Zaragoza 1-2 defeat to Barcelona. His brother Gaby and Leo MESSI were on the opposite end while Roberto AYALA started for ZARAGOZA.

John said...

The story about "New Messi's" are far from over as now Juventus have identified another one.

His name is Daniel Piatti from Estudiantes. Check out this article from

Anonymous said...

What do you know another argentine kid getting hunted down by Spain. I am bit tired of this...


John said...

Another exciting weekend that has just pass by with most of the big guns having played their matches on Saturday, as the Champions League will resume this week.

Yeah!! Can't wait for that.

In England, Masche’s Liverpool FA Cup run came to premature end when they lost to Championship side Barnsley.

In Italy, Inter continue to stretch itself away from the pack with 2-0 win over Livorno.

In Spain, as mentioned earlier Barca put their title contention back in the groove with a 2-1 win over Real Zaragoza and Real Madrid surprisingly fell 2-1 to Real Betis.

On Sunday, Ariel IBAGAZA 80th minute penalty cancelled out Valladolid lead as both sides settles for a 1-1 draw.

In France, Fernando CAVENAGHI was on target twice as Bordeaux trounced 2004 Champions League runner-up Monaco 6-0.

While away from football….

Way to go Dwight “Superman” HOWARD!!!