Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some News From Icardi, Scola & Los Pumas

Icardi Says Yes To Argentina

Messi is My Idol.

That was the message sent out by this young prodigy to all those poachers out there that he wants to follow the footstep of his illustrious Barcelona teammate.

That also includes playing for Argentina rather than Spain!!!

You can check out more about him on his interview from

Big thanks to Jack for sharing this great news with all of us.

NBA News….

Houston Rockets 94 Washington Wizards 69

Prior to the game, the Rockets were dealt with a very bad news that star center YAO Ming will miss the rest of the season with an injury.

We at Mundo hope that he will recover just in time to represent his country at the Olympic Games.

As a result of his absence, other players need to step a gear or two and help the Rockets quest on being the contender in the Western Conference.

Which is exactly what Luis SCOLA had to do in tonight’s game, as he was 7 on 7 with 14 points plus 2 rebounds & 1 assist.

Pumas To Play For Madiba

The Union of Argentina Rugby (UAR) are currently in talks with their South African counterpart to organized a test match in August, in conjunction with the birthday of the country’s former president Nelson MANDELA.

This match will mark one of several initiatives taken by the UAR, as it is looking to begin a proposed transition towards professional rugby so the Pumas can play in a major annual international competition, most likely the Tri-nations.

The UAR has contacted European club authorities to ask for the release of their international players for the test in Johannesburg.
The majority of the Pumas squad who helped Argentina finish third in last year's World Cup in France are based at French and English clubs and will be involved in pre-season training when the test is scheduled to be played between Aug. 2 and 9.

"Once this matter has been settled in the coming days the UAR will confirm its participation in the match," the union said in a statement on Monday.


jr said...

Luis is a very good power foward. In Spain was a very good center but is small for this position in NBA. I think Scola is one of the five best rookies

johnny said...

A late strike from ZANETTI today enabled InterMilan to avoid a loss to Roma at home. Crespo hit palo early in the match. Burdisso had a pretty good performance despite intense pressure throughout the match. Cambiasso was subbed out in the second period. Julio Cruz did not play. This has been your InterArgie update !:)

octavio247 said...

I think the Rockets can still win without Yao if everyone else plays hard. Yes they are in the West but this is not the first time T-mac, Hayes, Head and Alston have played without Yao.

I will support them until the last game.

By the Way. Tu paisano, SCOLA, juega muy bien y teine mucho corazon.

John said...

Thanks for info Johnny!!!

So here goes another winless game for Inter and I'm a bit concern whether they can turn things around before Liverpool come to town.

Some more NBA news...

Indiana Pacers 107 Chicago Bulls 113

While the scoreline was tied at 82 a piece, a quick five points from Andres NOCIONI help to pull the Bulls for this win.

He finished of the night with 11 points, 1 rebound & 1 steal.

Toronto Raptors 107 Minnesota Timberwolves 85

Carlos DELFINO only manage to post 5 points, 1 assist & 1 steal in tonight's win.

halley said...

I think the Rockets will be fine without Yao. They're great. Chinese fans are probably worried about Yao not playing for the remainder of the season.