Friday, February 01, 2008

Hockey Olympic Qualifier Underway

The national men’s hockey team are currently in the midst are preparing for the Olympic Qualifier to be held in down under New Zealand.

Argentina apart from the host will also have France, Ireland, USA and Trinidad & Tobago in company. Just for the info, only the top team will book a ticket to Beijing.

It hasn’t been an ideal situation for them, after having qualified for every Olympics since 1968; to play in this tournament. However this is the reality for coach Sergio VIGIL and his players after suffering a surprise defeat at the hands of Canada in last year Pan-Am Games in Rio.

On paper, the New Zealand Black Sticks will provide to toughest opposition for our boys, as they are highly motivated to erase the bad memories in last years Champions Challenge Tournament.

Further note to this, inspirational play maker Jorge LOMBI’s name has been omitted for some unknown reason. Almost certainly this is going to leave a huge gap in the team. Bare in mind it was his heroic performance in Brussels that won Argentina the Champions Challenge Tournament.

The following are the names that have been selected by coach VIGIL.

1. Juan Manuel VIVALDI (GK)
3. Juan Martin LOPEZ
4. Matias VILA
5. Pedro IBARRA
7. Mario ALMADA (C)
8. Lucas REY
9. Rodrigo VILA
10. Matias PAREDES
12. Lucas VILA
14. Fernando ZYLBERBERG
18. Juan GARRETA
22. Matias REY
23. Juan ESPINOSA (GK)
24. Lucas ARGENTO
27. Lucas ROSSI
29. Agustin CORRADINI
31. Ignacio BERGNER

Argentina will kick off their campaign against the United State on the 2nd of February.

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