Friday, February 08, 2008

GARAY: Another Argentine blaugrana?

The raise of Ezequiel GARAY seems to continue on the up. FC Barcelona will reportedly sign him from Racing de Santander for 17 million euros.

The central defender, who missed the U23's friendly against Guatemala because of gastroenteritis, will join Lionel MESSI and Gabriel MILITO as the Argentine legion at the Camp Nou.

In times when Argentina desperately searches for the ideal replacement for legendary Roberto AYALA, GARAY seems to be regarded highly in club football while he is not getting too many opportunities to pull the Albiceleste.

I'm sure that will change and I'm sure he'll go to Beijing to defend our gold.

Check out this story about him joining Barcelona:

Or search Google News for more (the link is too wide for me to post it here and make sense).

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John said...

It is high time we have somebody to taken over AYALA's throne.

MILITO seems to be erractic while GONZALO hasn't been beck to his best.

I could see a rock solid combination between FAZIO and GARAY in the future.