Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NBA News - G I N O B I L I ! ! !

Cleveland Cavaliers 105 San Antonio Spurs 112

Spurs are returning to same arena that crowned them the 2007 NBA champions and the feeling must be very good in their camp after the last game.

Leaving Toronto with one of his all time classic performance, Manu GINOBILI just added another one into his long list of famous nights.

He had a career high of 8 3-pointers, shooting and hustling in every corner on the court and eventually finishing of the night with whopping 46 points!!! This was his best performance of the season and his was just 2 points shy of equaling his career high.

Not only that, he also had a team high of 8 assists and a game high of 3 steals to go together with 5 rebounds & 1 block shot.

"It was a special game," Manu said. "I was feeling good from the beginning. I felt like every shot was going to go in, and it did."

In the same playground where it has always been about Le Bron JAMES, even the King himself had to concede after such majestic performance.

"It was unbelievable," JAMES said. "There's nothing you can do when a guy get hot like that. He shot step-back 3s. He shot pull-up 3s. It was a great performance by Manu."

In some ways Fabricio OBERTO contributions could have also made this possible as he defensive duty helps to push Spurs offense even further. OBERTO posted 4 points & 5 rebounds.

Oh yes!!! The talk about him never just stops there...

"I'm just happy he's on my team. He's unbelievable when he gets rolling like that. The funny part is, I've seen him do it before”

"Manu Ginobili's a bad boy"
- Mike BROWN

"Manu is Manu. He's one of the most unbelievable competitors I've been around. That's why he has NBA championships and Olympic championships and European championships. He's a pretty special guy."

Toronto Raptors 109 New Jersey Nets 91

Carlos DELFINO, despite posting just 7 points tonight, still had a game high 9 rebounds (together with teammate Chris BOSH), 6 assists & 1 steal to his credit.

Indiana Pacers 80 Detroit Pistons 96

Does anyone what happen when these two met like three seasons ago? Well let’s not get it into that.

Walter HERRMANN had 8:26 time play from which he only manages just 2 rebounds.

Sacramento Kings 87 Houston Rockets 89

The Rockets continued their winning streak but Luis SCOLA wasn’t able to produce like what he does in previous game.

He was suffering from foul trouble from which he eventually finished the game with 6 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 block shot.


Outside.The.NBA said...

Manu might be having his best season as a pro. He's had an awesome season. Unfortunately there are so many other guards and that left him out of the All-Star Game.

Regardless, the Spurs have a long road and tons of pressure ahead of them. I still feel they are the best team.

I remember I used to think Carlos Delfino had the talent to be as good as Manu, or clearly better (back when the Pistons drafted him in 2003). That was really a horrible thought. Manu is back to one of the best players in the league at his position (like he was in 04-05).

Love the way he's playing right now.

halley said...

outstanding!!.. brilliant display of prowess!.. i am actually planning on writing an entry about Manu [all about him]!.. gee, if he doesn't win the 6th-Man Award this season, i don't know what i'll do.

Manu is a determined player and i always see that everytime he plays. he just doesn't give up!.. opposing teams should be scared if Manu keeps on playing like that. Go Spurs!!

Anonymous said...


G -reat player
I -nnovative
N -o fear
O -utstanding
B -allistic
I -deal
L -eader
I -ntimidating

He's the player the Spurs' fans would love to see compete with Kobe and Le Bron....because we believe he's THE BEST than Kobe and Lebron.

Onski said...

Another top review on Manu, It is such a shame he started at the Spurs later in life, imagine if he had been playing as a Spur since his early 20's!

For Worldwide sport news and stories from an Australian perspective check out

PS Please keep the Argentinian stars coming into the NBA, you guys are dominating the league and doing it with a style that excites the game, no wonder your Olympic Champs!

Micah Warren said...

I saw the highlights last night, he was superb. Spurs are going to be tough again. With all this Patriots dynasty talk, why no love for the Spurs? More ManuLove:

From Blast Magazine (and and Perry's Top 10 NBA Players piece:

6) MANU GINOBILI: Manu has been part of three NBA Championship teams with the Spurs and led the Argentina national basketball team to the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal, also being named the tournament’s MVP. Manu is becoming one of the NBA’s best all-around players and is best known for his fearless attacks to the rim. As I was writing this article last night, Manu dropped 46 points (8 for 11 3PFG) on the Cavs on 75% shooting and dished out 8 dimes. said...

Thanks for reading my article and thanks for your comments. So you know I'm not biased, I live in Philadelphia and I'm a Sixer fan. I love the NBA and watch at least one game per night. The casual NBA fan roots for the flashy, popular, bling bling NBA player. However, they continue to look past the Spurs every year. And it's their loss. Watching Manu Ginobili play basketball is incredible. Nobody plays as hard as he does on both sides of the court. I truly believe he is turning into one of the best all-around players in the league. He has combined the one-on-one play of the NBA with his international style that proved to be better than anything the United States players could handle in the last Olympics. For those who are not paying attention to his career are truely missing something special. I write for and I also have daily posts about the NBA and sports on Thanks again.

Ricardo Pilat said...

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Patty said...

Manu is the reason I have fallen in love with basketball. I'm addicted to watching all their games. He is a fantastic player.
I'm also upset by the lack of respect the Spurs get. And I'm deeply saddened that he isn't a part of the All-Star team. I have to wait till Tuesday to see him play again. You do have to admit that the chemistry of the Spurs is unbelievable. I love to watch them play.

Andrew said...

Manu was out of his mind and single handedly destroyed my Cavs. People forgot that he was doing this WHILE LeBron was putting up 18 of his own in the 4th quarter. Not many people can go toe to toe with LeBron and come away with a SUPERIOR performance. Well done Manu!

John said...

Hi Y'All,

Thanks for your comment. It was great to hear so many good responses on Manu's fantastic night in Ohio.

The main reason why I love him so much is simply the fact he always strive to be the best and gives the best.

There are hardly many players that possess not just the talent but the passion and humility that Manu has.

Though Juan “Pepe” SANCHEZ was the first to arrive, Manu I believe is the main reason why today the NBA has open the door for many Argentine players to come and do their stuff.

I certainly wish this tradition will go on for long time.

Some other news…

Chicago Bulls defeated the Miami Heat 99-92 as the 2006 champions lost their 24th in their last 25 games.

Andres “Chapu” NOCIONI was a starter posted 18 points, 6 rebounds & 2 assists.

Anonymous said...

Thank for your comment on my blog, john..
i think that manu is a warrior, one of most tenacious and fearless players of the NBA...
and i'm very proud to have seen him play here with Virtus Bologna (i live in bologna) on 2001, when he became italian and european champion..
What a fantasti player...

Anonymous said...

Hey John, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I appreciate it. Ginobili has been one of my favorite players in the NBA for a few years now, particularly ever since he manhandled the Suns on January 21, 2005. The game against the Cavs the other night got me to reminisce over Ginobili's fine performance against the Suns from that January day in 2005.

Elliot Cole said...

40.0 points, 10.0 rebounds, and 7.0 assists over his last two games.


SEO said...