Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NBA News - Carlos Raps High In Indy

Indianapolis Pacers 98 Toronto Raptors 102

In perhaps one of the odd situation of the night, Carlos DELFINO stole the show in his performance, as he became the Albiceleste of the night. However much of the credit goes to Raptors coach Sam MITCHELL for creating perhaps the best bench line up in the entire league.

DELFINO posted 23 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 block shot but did not take the credit all by him self.

“With our guys getting healthy, I think we now have a second-team punch with T.J. getting into shape and into rhythm,” DELFINO said. “It opens things up for us offensively, and it sure can change our game.”

The Pacers said DELFINO was the difference.

“He didn’t miss,” Indianapolis forward Danny GRANGER said. “We let him get open a few too many times. Anybody in the NBA can make those shots when you’re that far open. He put the dagger in us.”

Bosh said the performance by DELFINO wasn’t surprising as he ranks in the top 20 in the league in 3-point percentage.

“When he gets hot, he’s going to let it go,” BOSH said. “He’s done a great job all year. He also does a great job on the defensive end. He also got to the free-throw line again tonight. He just helped us out a lot.”

San Antonio Spurs 89 Atlanta Hawks 74

Spurs continue their winning their winning streak but it wasn’t the kind of night that both of the Tall Albiceleste had enjoyed in recent games.

Manu GINOBILI only had 13 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists & 3 steals, a far cry from his usual self.

Fabricio OBERTO did not have much action tonight as he played for only 5 plus minutes and had 2 rebounds only.

By the way, our friend Halley from Built From Scratch has just posted a great article, paying tribute to our great hero from Bahia Blanca. I would certainly encourage all of us here to check it out.

Dallas Mavericks 102 Chicago Bulls 94

Andres NOCIONI was relegated to the bench, as the Bulls loss their second straight game. Chapu only manage to post 5 points, 1 rebound & 1 assist.


John said...

Oh yes, the good news just doesn't stop there.

Manu GINOBILI has been chosen as NBA Western Conference Player of the Week!!!!

For more on that, check out the following link...


Foul y Doble said...


halley said...

thanks for that wonderful comment john!.. i'm glad you love'd my entry.. players like Manu Ginobili makes the NBA more exciting =) Vamos Manu Ginobili!..

Benz said...

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WG said...

At the start of the year I was downtown Judy Brown on Carlos. But he's really figured out how to keep the Raps system flowing and when he's hot he's hot he adds a lot. He also just looks lazier than he is, and actually gets some boards and boxes out (comparatively to other Raptors at least).

We'll see if he has another gear though when we get to the playoffs or if he is just overun by the intensity ramp up. Hopefully his international ball will help.

WarrenG - Raptors Ramblings

Time Intact said...

That's a really good point, he looks really casual but in fact its the exact opposite; he's a hard-nosed player every second he's on the floor and that's why Sam Mitchell took out Jamario Mooon and put in Delfino after Moon was playing bad D. Delfino 's threes are from so far its crazy, and he hits those far ones consistently!

Anonymous said...

Interview with 14year old Barca kid Mauro Icardi. States he will NOT play for Espana and will play for Argentina! Way to go kid.