Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TEVEZ the Hat-trick Hero Against Rovers

Less then 24 hours after Lionel MESSI opened his account for 2010 with a hat trick, Carlos TEVEZ answered with one of his own as Manchester City outclassed Blackburn Rovers 4-1.

Not bad way to kick off the New Year in style as prior to this Carlitos was already on hot streak with eight goals last month. In recognition of his consistency for the month of December, he was awarded Barclay Premier League player of the month before the kick off.

Little did he know the night turned out to be a double celebration for him as his goals elevated Roberto MANCINI to fourth successive victory; Thus taking them into the top four of the standings.

For Carlitos, this hat trick takes his goals scoring tally to 15 goals this campaign. I’m thinking maybe he wants your vote as one of the striker to pick for South Africa.

And don’t forget to keep your votes coming for the
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Mohd said...

interesting. if he goes back to being Carlitos of Boca and Corinthians...then he is my first pick of the team let alone the strikers.

However, although he is scoring now he is still lacking the old touch and dribbling skill. but he is improving so lets hope of the best.

johnny said...

I love to watch Carlitos when he is confident and on his game. Let's hope he stays this way for a long time.

johnny said...

Hamstringitis ! Both Lavezzi and Higuain out for awhile with pulled hamstrings.

Dave P said...

yup really sad to see Higuain go down....

GK said...

January 26 - Argentina at home to Costa Rica
February 10 - Argentina at home to Jamaica

Confirmed at http://www.fifa.com/associations/association=arg/index.html

Will these be domestic based players for these matches? Anyone know? Seba? John?

King Aguero said...


if i had to pick a 6th it'll be Saviola or Tevez

Dave P said...

GK I hope that it has atleast some euro based players maybe players that have not played on the NT ever or in awhile...But knowing Maradona it will most likely consist mostly of domestic players =(

Anonymous said...

with tevez is this kind of form how can they not pick him to start with the NT his 3rd goal was all class.. also his play in holding the ball and passing has been great


Allan said...

It is amazing we have Messi and Tevez scoring hat-tricks with their clubs yet both find it hard going with the NT...

I really hope we find a formation very very soon that allows our best players to perform at their best.

Anonymous said...

I would realistically want 4-2-2-2. Let's be realistic here, it's not my dream starting line up, but there is a good chance this could be Maradona's best line up: Romero; Coloccini, Demichelis, Schiavi, Heinze; Mascherano, Veron; Di Maria, Messi; Tevez, Higuain.

Di Maria, Tevez, Messi, and Higuain all are 4 of the world best offensive minded players. Imagine if they all start. All we need to do is just take care of the defense, and let those 4 do the damage.

If they continue their form by the end of the season, Messi n Higuain will be the top scorers of la liga. Tevez will be among the top scorer of EPL. Di Maria will be the best left winger in the world.

Again, that line up above isn't my wish, but it looks realistic that Maradona would start them. I'm pretty sure by now Maradona must be thinking of a formula that allows them to start.

totti said...


rae said...

i would like to see him handed the number 10 shirt.. he will play even better.

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