Sunday, January 24, 2010


Lionel MESSI has scored yet another goal for Barcelona. This time his 102nd overall for the club in their 3-0 victory over Real Valladolid. For MESSI's goal,

Fernando CAVENAGHI, who's name we haven't mentioned here on Mundo in quiet a while, scored a hattrick for Bordeaux, in their 5-1 thrashing of Ajaccio in the French Cup. One of them off a rocket free kick(BATISTUTA like) and the last one a predator finish(again, BATIGOL like).

For some Sunday news, both Rodrigo PALACIO and Hernan CRESPO scored for Genoa in their 2-0 victory over Atalanta. PALACIO's goal came after a beautiful chip over the goalkeeper to make it 1-0. Speaking of BATIGOL and a predator finish, CRESPO's goal came off a fantastic header to give Genoa the 2-0 victory.

For PALACIO's goal,

For CRESPO's goal,


Sebastian said...

I can't believe this! Another Milan derby, another Diego MILITO strike!

Is MARADONA watching?

Anonymous said...

another nice goal from milito and is diego watching, i doubt it on past selections.
i do believe milito deserves a chance in the nt even tho im not 100 % convinced hes the man to lead the attack (hig is a better all round player)but he must be in the squad at very least.
i always believe in picking players who are in form and not on repuation as seems to happen to oftn in the nt ie maxi is a good example of this.
can milito play with hig ? i think so as hig is more then just a goal scorer, and it would leave milito to do what he does best = score goals.
milito does deserve a chance to prove he can "do the business" for the nt but im sure diego wont be having any of it.

Anonymous said...

what a goal by milito,it had (path,control,calm an cmposer,great finish)briliant goal.he is a true n9 that we looking for,it hurts me alot that he is not a regular at the NT.TEVEZ needs 200 years to score like that .

Mohd said...

man Milito continues to blow my mind off. forget the goal, did you see how quick he is! i never new he could run that fast. plus again he proves that he is possibly the best central striker in the world who can set up goals and link up with the midfield.

on another note, yet another amazing performance from Banega and Samuel.

These three players can change the level of Argentina team. I just hope someone is wise enough to notice it.

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