Friday, January 15, 2010

The fixture rumors continue

A few days ago it was confirmed that Argentina would take on Costa Rica later on this month and Jamaica next month, before facing Germany in Munich on March the 3rd. But it doesn't end there. is now reporting that Argentina will take on Canada at the Monumental on May 25. Four days later, Argentina will host Israel on May 29. The match against Israel would be on the 29th, but has Argentina taking on Ghana on May 29. However, according to the article, the matches in Europe have been axed(the Ghana friendly was supposed to take place in London) and will be played in Argentina. The Canada and Israel fixtures have not been confirmed and might not be for a while but if they are true, here are our next matches.

Argentina vs. Costa Rica
Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

Argentina vs. Jamaica
Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

Germany vs. Argentina
Wednesday, March 3, 2010.

Argentina vs. Canada
Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

Argentina vs. Israel
Saturday, May 29, 2010.

The Israel match has been rumored for the longest time now, since it's a "Bilardo tradition" so to speak to take on Israel before the World Cup. Which is why(in my opinion), we will probably face Israel instead of Ghana.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it seems FIFA pulled the Ghana game from their site. Hey I would not want to play Israel, they have nothing to lose and may go for some nasty tackles. Not right before the WC, it is a risky move. If we play Ghana, they are going to the WC as hell and may play the game as a friendly. We do not need some knocks and bumps before the WC and plus we play a strong African side.


ZiggY said...

This schedule has got to be the most meaningless ever! First of all, aside from Germany, these games provide us with no real test whatsoever. These are all below average teams, if not wayyy below! Second, most of these games will be played in Argentina which most probably means that mostly (if not only) domestic players will be used... meaning get ready to be seeing the likes of Papa, Palermo and Schiavi playing in these friendlies. So instead of seeking a final and fixed starting lineup, it seems Maradona will just spend this time still trying out useless players and strategies...

Face it.. we'r going to South Africa soooo unprepared!

Anonymous said...

argentina argentina argentina.... vamos argentina.....

rae said...

we need all the games we can get, we played cataluna a team that maybe playtogether twice a year and we lost!! lets take all the games we get and get on form playing together..

Roy said...

Ziggy, the players used would not only be domestic players. The European season would be over. Not only that but they would be official FIFA dates(which means the clubs have to realease the players). As well, by then, the list of players for the World Cup would be released. So the players taking part in those matches would be the list of 23 for the World Cup(barring any injuries or any type of exclusions by Diego).

Rae, keep in mind that some of the players who played for Catalunya play week-in and week-out for Barcelona. You had Valdes, Puyol, Pique, Xavi and Bojan. 4 out of those 5 start every match for Barcelona(barring suspension). Not only that, but the other players who played for Catalunya are really good players.

Sebastian said...

Off topic. Just to say: Another day, another Diego MILITO goal.

johnny said...

Off topic. Man City was horrible yesterday. As evidence, Tevez was their best player and he could do nothing. Nearly the entire squad played as though they had been up most of Friday night slamming tequila shots.

On the other hand, another wonderful performance from Barcelona.

GK said...

Off topic;

Napoli has loaned out Jesus Datolo to Olympiakos until the end of the season. I wonder if this will effect his World Cup chances since he won't be wearing the Napoli shirt anymore?

Anonymous said...

militos goal was from the spot, its kinda a "defult goal".
i like milito but i still would like to see him in the best leauge doing this every week thats in either eng or spain as italy is now shite lge and he is not up against the best anymore every week "its easy to look good in an average lge"

Sebastian said...

I don't agree with your opinion about Serie A, but even if I did, you've got to remember that Diego MILITO did score a lot of goals whilst playing for Real Zaragoza.

As for the 'default goal' coming from the spot...why is it that I never heard people complaining or minimizing his achievements when Gabriel BATISTUTA used to score from the spot?

I'm not intending to convince every reader of why I think MILITO should be our first choice for a striker to play together with MESSI, but please don't try to convince me he is not good enough because I won't buy arguments such as those you just mentioned.

Anonymous said...

please seba dont get me wrong i do like milito but i have seen him go missing in the big games like a few of the argies at inter and sadly i dont believe they are big game winners ie champs lge where inter fail year after year.
pele refused to take pens as he found them ungentlemanly and to easy to score(i still dont like pele)
bati scored many great goals but i never think of a pen as great goal and a keeper only has (stats) a 27%chance of saving it.
i did vote for milito in my picks but i rate hig above him and im not sure if they can play togeather in the same team.
i still think the italian lge is very 3rd rate at the moment and when he was for sale the big clubs manure,liver,real,barca were not really after him, that says a lot about what they think about him.
i do think milito is a good player but i unsure if he can be called "international class" and will ever be but then again maradona probley will not give him that chance.

Mike said...

I wish the Argentina Canada game was in Canada

Anonymous said...

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