Sunday, January 03, 2010

Argentina to face Ghana in May

News making rounds is that Argentina is set to face Ghana in a pre-World Cup friendly on May 29. If you'll remember, an Argentina team consisting of domestic based players defeated Ghana(consisting of domestic based players) back in September, 2-0. According to the reports, both countries have agreed in principle for the match to take place in London.

If the reports are true, then we would have 2 other friendly matches prior to the World Cup. The other 2 rumored countries are Israel and England. If you'll remember, Argentina had 2 friendly matches prior to the 2006 World Cup. The first against Croatia, where Argentina lost the match 3-2. Carlos TEVEZ scored and Lionel MESSI scored his first International goal. The second friendly against Angola where Argentina won the match 2-0, with goals from Maxi RODRIGUEZ and Argentina captain at the time, Juan SORIN.

A reminder that Argentina faces Germany in Munich on March 3.


John said...

Now this friendly does make sense. Especially since you have Nigeria in our group, it's good to test yourself against an African side. I'm sure all the big names for the Black Stars will be there.

GK said...

Hey Roy, just curious where you got this information? I checked the official AFA site ( and Argentina's fixture list of and neither have anything posted, just the friendly in Germany is listed.

I agree with you John, it will be beneficial to face an African side in our warm up matches to help better prepare for Nigeria.

Liz said...

Without Messi Argentina can win the world CUP .

Anonymous said...

now is the time for diego to think strategically and mould the team that he will take to south africa. these are good tests for us to get some sort of form..

Roy said...

GK, I got the information from:

It looks pretty legit.

LM10ARG said...

Liz, once again I have to say it that you are an effing disgrace.

Liz said...

M10Arg ..Have ever touch football in your life . you are talking like a nonsense . Dont know anything about the football. just learn the basic concept of beautiful game and then come to argue with me . Let messi prove himself in bigger stage when nobody arround him to support like Diego,Roman . They are one man show kind of player . then entitled Messi as best player in the world and kindda of stuff . Idiot

johnny said...

Jesus Datolo poses for gay magazine in Italy ! Will this hurt Datolo with Diego or help him !!??

And, according to Liz, who is the better player, Messi or Datolo ?? Ha ha.

LM10ARG said...

Liz get the hell outa here. We don't want portuguese/madridista like u here to come and bang LM10. U donno any $hit about football so stop coming here and bashing MESSI. He is not FIFA World Player of the Year for nothing. So get an effing life!!!

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?

messidona19 said...

LM10ARG, just do like all of us are doing, ignore Liz... He just wants attention.
I hope we get as many friendlies as we can before the World cup because we are not ready!

ARG4LIFE said...

Dear Liz,
First of all i,m not sure if you know this but football is a team sport and yes you are right without good support a player will normally find it difficult to manuever around the pitch as he normally would. Secondly i feel that Messi performance for the national team shows alot of passion, heart and determination and sometimes thats all you need to make that slight difference. This is why we LOVE our Messi and all players who put on the argentine shirt no matter even if it was for one game only. You may criticise and give us your 2cents but please do not trash any player who puts on the shirt with pride.


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