Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MARADONA confirms 3 names for South Africa

Following the friendly against Costa Rica on Tuesday, Diego MARADONA came out and confirmed 3 names out of his list of 23 for the World Cup. The captain, Javier MASCHERANO is one of them. The other, Lionel MESSI. The third? None-other than Juan Sebastian VERON. The news doesn't exactly come as a surprise, but Diego has confirmed them none-the-less.

However, the news doesn't end there. "I've already got some names in my head that I regard as certains, but whether they go or not will depend on their form, whether they're playing for their clubs or not," said Diego. In my opinion, that sentence was aimed towards Fernando GAGO and Maxi RODRIGUEZ.

Diego said that he "already decided 60 percent of the squad" that will go to South Africa. According to Clarin, there are 10 other players that Diego has already picked in his head for the World Cup. Sergio ROMERO, Mariano ANDUJAR, Gabriel HEINZE, Martin DEMICHELIS, Nicolas OTAMENDI, Jonas GUTIERREZ, Angel DI MARIA, Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Sergio AGUERO and Carlos TEVEZ. Note that the 10 players mentioned have not been confirmed by Diego, as opposed to MASCHERANO, MESSI and VERON who were confirmed.

MARADONA also spoke out on the subject of calling up 94 players. His response? "Whatever anyone says, I'll keep trying". In short? Expect alot more players to get called-up. So far, Diego has called-up enough players to field 4 full squads of 23 players or 8 different Starting XI's, whichever you prefer.

We have a friendly against Jamaica next month and we'll likely see a set of new players for that match as well. I wouldn't be surprised if by the Germany friendly in March Diego will have surpassed 100.


Anonymous said...

hmmm theirs not a lot of any thing in diegos head and im surprised he was able to even achieve that.
sorry but ive had enough of d.m as a coach, as a player he is the all time best but the coaching ability is ovious to all.

rey said...

Just to bring it up, we were ranked 8th before the world cup in 06.

Pekerman was still playing around with the squad in the friendlies, but he had key players present in them riquelme, sorin and others. I hope diego starts using regular players in the matches we have left before SA. So that we can get practice playing together.. Veron i am not sure about him!!!

I hope we can do something special.

Pozo+10 said...

Hola muy lindo tu blog, me gustaría imtercambiar links.

Oliver said...

Anonymous said...

in thinking about the 3 im really unhappy at veron being their, he has never really been a succcess with the nt and he has had a lot of games.
he is now to slow for the big stage(watch the world club final)and really is not good enough to keep out either cambossio, benega or aimar (mach is the starter cm).
simply put he is not good enough and does not deserve to be ahead of these 3 mentioned above for the cm and no way can he be played out wide ahead of messi,perotti,de maria.
veron is poor at set pieces, is slow and his crossing is not good and should not be part of the nt.