Sunday, January 17, 2010

Debate 4: Pick your goalkeepers

Thank you to everyone who has voted so far. We have now reached the final position: Goalkeepers. Everyone on the list has atleast been in one of Diego's squads or has played for the NT at one point in their careers. I haven't received Seba or John's votes yet for the defenders, but here are my votes:

Marcos ANGELERI, Nicolas BURDISSO, Martin DEMICHELIS, Ezequiel GARAY, Emiliano INSUA, Walter SAMUEL, Javier ZANETTI.

My back-up to ANGELERI(pending on how he does when he comes back from injury), is Gabriel HEINZE. Before anyone kills me for that vote, it's merely because no matter how he does from now until May, he will be picked regardless of his form(or even an injury) and his form for Marseille at the moment is the best form he's been in since he first joined Real Madrid.

For this one, you can only pick 3 goalkeepers. As a reminder, the three goalkeepers picked by Jose PEKERMAN in 2006 for the World Cup were: Roberto ABBONDANZIERI(starting goalkeeper), LEO FRANCO(second choice goalkeeper, played versus Germany), Oscar USTARI(didn't play a minute, however, won gold at the 2008 Olympics). Diego's starting goalkeeper since the Paraguay match in September(excluding un-official friendly's) has been Sergio ROMERO.

Damian ALBIL
Juan Pablo CARRIZO
Diego POZO
Federico VILAR

We will be revealing the results for all the positions sometime this week.


johnny said...

Three Keepers:

1. Sergio Romero(starter)
2. Mariano Andujar
3. Oscar Ustari

Anonymous said...


come on guys he deserves revenge for the world cup 2006, when klose kicked out of the game!


Anonymous said...


GK said...

Sergio Romero (starter)
Juan Pablo Carrizo
Oscar Ustari

I really hope Diego doesn't select Andujar, he blew his chances and has looked less than good in Serie A this season.

LM10ARG said...

This is actually very easy...Romero as starter with Ustari and Andujar as back-ups.

ZiggY said...

Sergio ROMERO (Starter)
Juan Pablo CARRIZO

MESSI said...

Carrizo, Andujar, and Abbondanzieri!!
What has happened to Abbondanzieri?MAradona call him uP

Akash said...

Sergio Romero
Juan Pablo Carizzo
Mariano Andujar

Dave P said...


johnny said...

Hey, you Pato lovers ! Pato is no longer a premier keeper though we love him at Boca anyway (well, some of the time). He has announced he will retire later this year.

GK said...

I was surprised to see Pato on the list let alone people actually vote for him. He is coming off a terrible year with Boca and would only make things worse for the national team.

johnny said...

GK-I guess alot of folks lose track of some players once they return to Argentina. Indeed, though I am a fan of Pato, he cost Boca in the last tournament and they were actually trying recently to get rid of him. His reflexes aren't what they were, and more and more he gets caught out of position. Looks like we have him here at Boca for the next few months and that will be it.

rei said...

romero and ABBONDANZIERI!!! he does deserve to be back and is the most experienced goal keeper...

aaks said...


Anonymous said...

3:vilar-back up back up
the 1st two are easy and pick them selves

GK said...

Well I guess we can count Pato out of the running. He plans on retiring from football following the Argentine Clausura.... (from

Boca Juniors Goalkeeper Roberto Abbondanzieri Announces Retirement.
The veteran keeper has made it clear that he will retire in 2010

Experienced Boca Juniors shot stopper Roberto Abbondanzieri has announced that he will retire from professional football at the end of this year following a successful career.

"I have a contract at Boca until the end of the year. And I've already decided on my future, so that's no longer a topic. I never expected to keep on playing professional football this long," the shot stopper told reporters.

"However, it's been enough now. I've made a promise to my family. This year will be a season to enjoy and I hope that I can retire at the end of 2010 with a good feeling."

The 37-year-old Abbondanzieri started his professional career at Rosario Central, but played the majority of his career with Boca Juniors. He has made well over 200 league appearances for Los Xeneizes.

The keeper also played for Spanish outfit Getafe during a three-year spell in Europe.

sirus said...


Anonymous said...

seba,john and co.
just a thought but would we be able to pick a coach for the final selections that we believe could and will lead us to world cup glory.
as over the last year and more many posters have expressed opinions of "other" coaches to lead us apart from the incumbant.

Anonymous said...


Forza_albicelestes said...


No question....

Anonymous said...

Bizzarri, Romero, Ustari

Anonymous said...

Goalie is the one position that I feel quite secure in. Romero and Andujar both have good size for a goalie. In fact, they are our tallest goalies we have ever. Our goalie is OK. The defense is our major problem. My 3 goalies: Romero, Andujar, Carrizo.

Lalo said...

In order from starter to back-ups:


Max said...


Tonymed said...

Mine would be
1 Romero
2 Ustari
3 Carrizo

Anonymous said...

franco costanzo (if he has recovered)
andujar or jorge broun (rosario central)


Rune said...

Juan Pablo CARRIZO

Batigol said...

1. Sergio ROMERO
2. Mariano ANDUJAR
3. Juan Pablo CARRIZO

messidona19 said...

1- Sergio Romero
2- Oscar Ustari
3- Federico Villar

I would have chosen Abondanzieri for 3rd Goalkeeper for training for penalty kicks but i think he just retired. And if Assman was included in the list then i would choose him instead of Villar.

johnny said...

Pato allowed another goal last night he should have easily stopped, out of a total of three goals allowed. It's tough to watch as a Boca fan. He is harming his well deserved reputation as a fine goalkeeper and hurting Boca at the same time.

Julián - aLma said...


Sergio ROMERO (AZ Alkmaar)
Mariano ANDUJAR (Catania)
Juan Pablo CARRIZO (Zaragoza)

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