Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How much would you pay for TEVEZ now, Sir Alex?

"TEVEZ is not worth the 25.5 million Pounds price" said Sir Alex FERGUSON in the pre-season.

"FERGUSON never offered me a contract until it was too late" said TEVEZ before the Scottish Manchester United manager decided that the Apache was a surplus to his needs at Old Trafford.

Well...halfway through the semifinal series of the Carling Cup (the League Cup) in England, TEVEZ has scored two more goals than ROONEY, BERBATOV and OWEN combined.

Yes, FERGUSON can still have the last laugh when the two teams meet in the second leg at Old Trafford, but in the meantime and with 13 goals scored in the last 11 matches, the best player of the month (December) in the Premier League, Carlos TEVEZ, appears to have the upper hand in this contest.

Ryan GIGGS had put United ahead with a tap-in from close range. Then Craig BELLAMY earned a very dubious penalty and Carlos TEVEZ gave VAN DER SAR no choice to level the score.

In the second half, TEVEZ decided it was time for another heroic act and gave City the win with a header in front of a helpless VAN DER SAR and the City of Manchester Stadium erupted like we've seen it erupt only a handful of times.

TEVEZ went for the same celebration he choose when he scored one of his last goals for United (against City, of all teams). He was in the middle of a battle with FERGUSON and he showed the manager that the fans were singing for him. That's what he did on Tuesday night.

Only this time he added another gesture (like trying to express with his hands that United players talked too much before the game) and we found out later that it was probably directed at Gary NEVILLE.

The former England international, now a substitute for United, appears to have found a new career as a 'provocateur'. He has had problems for gesturing at Liverpool fans and now he gave TEVEZ the middle finger (as you can clearly see here):


Apart from watching these goals from TEVEZ and feel a sense of redemption for him in front of FERGUSON (remember TEVEZ was very criticized for leaving United and he was accused of going the only for the money when all the player did was to say he wasn't offered a contract by FERGUSON), I'm happy because I'm watching the same TEVEZ I watched at Boca Juniors, Corinthians, our Olympic team in 2004, the Copa America of Perú and some flashes at West Ham. Enough with his 'bulldog-like approach' like the FIFA10 commentator always says whenever his character gets the ball. I want to see the classy striker who can scare defenders with his talent and his goalscoring ability. Not only with his non-stop running and chasing.

TEVEZ is rediscovering his old form at City and his goalscoring record is proof to that.

All we need is for him to find his best version with the Albiceleste now.

Here's TEVEZ showing he's not afraid of defenders and goalkeepers:

And here's Carlitos in front of his most feared rival: the microphone!


Anonymous said...

Carlitos english has improved. But Fergie is now kicking himself not signing Tevez.


koma said...

as a Man UTD fan, i have a mixed feeling about this... I'm happy and sad at the same time...

Anonymous said...

well done tevez, its great to see him enjoying his football again and hopefully that will turn out to be good news for the n.t if he can do it when it matters in the blue and white.
he owes us for the past bad preformances with the nt, time to deliver for us in the blue and white of argentina please.

Anonymous said...

I lovev tevez i have been a fan of him since 2003,im realy pleased for him.

as for the national team(DONT GET TOO EXCITED PEOPLE)he is still the same player as he was in da qualifiers,he hasnot change or improve,he is just in a great forum at the moment.i am not 100% convince wid him he misses too many chances to be a great striker, can still improve,BUT i still prefer (higuain,milto,lisandro,even aguero),a head of him because he is NOT A REAL AN OUT AN OUTGOALSCORER TAHT WE NEED.he can play as super sub in DA WC.HE is my favouritre ARG player because i love hes style of play he puts his heart and emotions in to da game,so for that reason he is very unique.

ARGENTINIAN777 said...

how can that mother fucker can show his middle finger tro ou tevez?? tevaz go n hit that mother fucker

ARGENTINIAN777 said...

how can that mother fucker showed his middle finger to our tevez?? tevez go n punch that motherfucker

GK said...

I absolutely love this post! Very well written Seba.

I'm a huge Tevez fan, always have been. Once his missed that penalty against Ecuador everyone turned on him. He lost his form and could never perform with the national team. I was very happy and excited to see him sign with City in the summer and knew he would get back at Sir Alex and United eventually. He started off slow and took alot of criticism (even from himself) but has since been the single best striker in the EPL, one of the best leagues in the world. It's great to see Tevez getting the attention and appreciation he deserves. Now if he can only do this for the national team. Are some of us jumping the gun or is his perfromance with City deserving of another chance with the national team? Higuian-Tevez with Messi behind them? I'm also one who has been calling out for Milito to start up front with Higuian but you really can't ignore Carlitos performance of late. If Diego hasn't burnt every brain cell he has he may try rotating the three forwards in the friendlies we have left.

And as Jack! said, his english has improved, I always like hearing Tevez spreak to reporters in England. The best one is the interview he does on the field while with United after winning the EPL with him in his Albiceleste shirt. It's pretty funny.


johnny said...

Go get 'em Carlitos !! Honestly, when Carlitos is on his game I actually like watching him more than Messi. Messi is a god, we all know, but often it seems so effortless for him, whereas with Carlitos, you can see the wheels turning and the wood being thrown in the furnace. Argentina is lucky to have the both of them and I hope both of them can shut up the detractors soon.

Forza_albicelestes said...

At Last we see the true Carlitos...the one who wins games on his own.....dribbles past players....scores goals......

and not the player who runs runs like a headless chicken..

Long Live CARlitos

Anonymous said...

it realy surprise me now just 2or 3 month ago u were all saying tevez shouldnt be in da national team any more,and now u guys are saying he is best in da world.

tevez offers exactly what da english fans wants thats why hes so popular there.

ithink in ARG forwards will be messi + 1 more ,it must not be tevez cause

1.he cant play together wid messi, since 2006 he must of had about 40 games wid messi and failed

2.he mises too many chance most of his goals are easy ones or shoots from distance(not deadly at all)

3.too smal and his movement its teriable (to be a n9 that we need)

4.he often plays too agresivley remember (COLOMBIA,PARAGUAY)sent off for no reason,that can be coastly at the world cup)

i think he can still play big parts in da world cup as super sub but not a starter.

oh maybe play him as a second striker wid Higuian,and MESSI behind the two.

i still like him alot cause in club level he always made ARG proud wherever hes been.

GK said...

I think I have the perfect solution for Carlitos to perform for the national team as well as he does for City. He needs to change his number from 11 to 32 on his Albiceleste shirt. Maybe then he will start to find the back of the net a little more easier....


Anonymous said...

Gary NEVILLE. officially aged 3

what a moron you get bitch slapped by tevez then tevez clearlt tells you to keep your untalented overrated moronic gob shut

Gary NEVILLE. answer to this a spin finger like a 12 year old on a school trip doing hand gestures to truck drivers

gary learn when you have been bitch slapped

messidona19 said...

I know everyone's praising Tevez but don't get your hopes too high, He's still the same player who almost took us out of the world cup because of his horrible displays for us. I think he had his chances with the albiceleste and he screwed up over and over again. Milito should be given that chance instead because i'm sure had he played 50 games for us, he would have scored aobut 25 goals, not 7!

Anonymous said...

messidona19... So Tevez is 25 now, Messi is 22 and by 25 is Messi has not made his mark on the national team, will you turn your back on him as well? You are saying if Milito has had 50 games for Argentina he would of score 25 goals lol. So every other game, that is high praise I do not think Ibrahimovic has such stats. Tevez is 25 and Milito is 30 and Tevez will have a lot more chances then Milito. Now put down the what if crystal ball and just focus on the players that are doing well right now. It is a bit too late to play that game since the WC is right around the corner.


Allan said...

I don't think 4-4-2 formation will get the best out of Tevez and Messi.

I think we need to try 4-3-3 like Barca, with Messi-Higuain/Milito-Tevez playing as the strikers.

As someone here already mentioned, Tevez is not the no. 9 that we need. We need Diego Milito or Higuain to fill that role, so that Messi and Tevez can do their thing.

Anonymous said...

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Paulina said...

I remember that one game -- Arg v Mexico in the last world cup, when Tevez and Messi played beautifully together. But that was also when Aimar ad Riquelme were on the pitch too, and the field was tilted to a free flowing creative side that was probably too good to be true.

Anway, Tevez looks like he did when he was 20.

Nice to see you back, Seba.

Anonymous said...

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johnny said...

Off Topic: As reported in The Buenos Aires Herald today-Diego has insisted that the regular tvs in all the player's rooms in South Africa be replaced with plasma screens, and that his room should be enlarged by knocking a wall down. Priorities !!!

David N said...

I love Tevez but we never ever saw his best form at United. And Wayne Rooney is a broadly similar player, but better. Better vision, better technique, more powerful, works just as hard - if it was between Carlitos and Rooney, Fergie was always gonna pick Rooney.

You can counter that Tevez scored 2 goals the other night while Rooney scored none, but Rooney was the best player on the pitch by far, at times playing City on his own.

And its not so simple as Fergie not thinking Tevez was worth the money, either. As has become obvious of late, United don't have the money for a player with agents as greedy as Joorabchian is, and the whole "not worth they money" thing sounds to me like a vintage Fergie smokescreen - he has no transfer kitty this season, the money for Tevez (if it ever came) didn't come until the Ronaldo transfer had cleared, and by then it was too late.

Much as I hate City - especially now, pumped up with Oil Money - its good to see Tevez playing the way he did for Boca. But he should be a sub for the NT. What an impact sub in this form!

johnny said...

Agreed with David N. Rooney is a superior player to Carlitos in my book as well. Though Carlitos is way better than Berbatov, Nani, Valencia and anybody else Manchester United can throw up front.

And even though I'm a big Carlitos fan, I still don't see him as starter for the NT.

messidona19 said...

Jack, I agree that Tevez is having a great run but that's all it is. A great run. Milito's been having great runs for the past 5 years and he's always been overlooked. He's been having 20+ goal seasons for the past 5 years now whether be it in Zaragoza , Genoa or now he's on his way to achieving that with Inter.
As for you saying that I would turn my back on Messi if he turns 25 and he hasn't achieved anything with us, well he already achieved everything at 22 and made us Argentinians proud by winning The FIFA Player of the year and Ballon D'or. He also already achieved the U20 Wc and The Olimpics with Argentina and he also has a decent goalscoring record for us. And I will never blame Messi if he doesn't win us the Wc Because 1st: There's no system in the team and 2nd: During every match he's always man-marked by 3 players which supposedly should free up space for Tevez on the other flank and having 7 goals in about 50 matches is failure for a striker. Hell Juan Pablo Sorin had about 10 goals when he played 50 matches for us and he's a left back!!!
Me being dissapointed with Tevez isn't about the missed penalty against Ecuador, It was his dissaperance in the big games like against Germany in Wc 2006 or the copa America 2007 or most recently the 2010 Wcq when we needed him the most and he kept on getting red cards more than he scored goals!
And another thing, If both Milito and Tevez had only one chance the full game, Tevez would miss it and Milito would bury it in the net!