Friday, January 01, 2010

Mundo’s Noughties Review - Five Best Moments

As we are now very much into 2010, I took this moment to write about the things that reflected the most during the Noughties Years. Surely from 2000-2009 the Albiceleste had it’s fair share of ups and downs.

Firstly, I would like to at some of the memorable moments that took place during those 10 years. In my opinion, many of these events serve as precedent for something to bigger to come (depending on how you wish to look at it).

So here are my 5 most preferred moments that I wish to highlight here. Of course you may let us know what was your best moment from the last decade.

2002 FIBA World Championship - USA vs. Argentina

The day which many people believe will NEVER come. Back then and unknown to most people, Manu GINOBILI, Luis SCOLA, Andres NOCIONI, Pepe SANCHEZ and company proved that fundamental basketball can overcome brilliance individual talent, when they despatch the US 87-80 in the eight final round. Argentina will go on to play in the final and loose to a controversial refereeing decision. But this result alone, will change the landscape of international basketball forever.

2003 Hamburg Master - The Semi-Finalist

When Gaston GAUDIO defeated Belgian Olivier ROCHUS in the quarter-finals, he alongside Wimbledon runners up David NALBANDIAN, Guillermo CORIA and Agustin CALLERI made a clean sweep for the Albiceleste in the Hamburg Master semi-finals. Perhaps, this was the day that tennis in Argentina is moving away from the VILAS era and among these names, the await for a Argentine Grand Slam winner is just around the corner.

2006 World Cup - Argentina vs. Serbia

For once football has been given a good reminder that it was a still a team sport instead all about individual talent. A total of 24 passes which also includes a Juan RIQUELME flick and a Hernan CRESPO back heel, from which Esteban CAMBIASSO droved it into the roof of net. Some called it as the best Team Goal of the Century , while others say it was the “Perfect Goal”. These days it seems like everyone wants (especially Arsenal) to emulate the perfect goal.

2006 Friendly International - England vs. Argentina

Finally a win over England on their own soil. Except it wasn’t to be in football rather the game of rugby. Marcelo LOFFREDA’s men made history in Twickenham as they defeated the reigning World Champions 25-18. This time, it was Federico TODESCHINI’s turn to produce the Hand of God with a 60m run try, except it was a legal one! After the game, captain Agustin PICHOT rounded up his team mates and told them to “save the moment“. In a year from then, we all know what that moment would be.

2007 Copa del Rey Semi-Final - Barcelona vs. Getafe

First it was the MESSI-ah as Diego MARADONA declared that Lionel MESSI was his natural “successor”. Then we had MESSI-mania as by now, the world was already in love with the little Flea of Barca. But it was this game which Lionel brought it all together when he scored a very similar goal to Diego’s famous “Goal of the Century” against England in the 1986 World Cup. Now the world is partying to the MESSI-dona tune.

Next up, the biggest achievers of the decade.


Mohd said...

how could you miss the 2004 olympics? Argentina winning the football and basketball gold medals. the football medal won without conceding a goal and the basketball medal after the defeating USA...
unless of course you are excluding the olympic teams from you list :)

John said...

Mohd, of course I did not forget. Didn't you read the last line from this post? That's will be in another part.

GK said...

Three of my favourite moments (or goals I should say) came in the second half of the noughties....

Maxi Rodriguez's incredible volley vs. Mexico in the round of 16 in the 2006 World Cup

Lionel Messi's beautiful leaping header vs. Manchester United in the 2009 Champions League Final

and of course how can I leave out Martin Palermo's last gasp goal vs. Peru in 2010 World Cup Qualifiers in the pouring rain. I don't think I ever celebrated a goal so much in my life.

Anyways, those are the three best moments in my opinion. I would supply the youtube clips of these highlights but we all can remember each of those goals clearly I'm sure.


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