Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Argentina vs. Costa Rica - Player Ratings by Dave P

So a pretty much pointless game because realistically I feel that only 3 of the players that played today have a chance of making the WC squad. But it is always good to see the Albiceleste suit up and compete for a match. Over all an exciting match that was back and forth the entire time. This was mostly because our defense was completely unorganized and was out of position the majority of the game. There was some good individual play as well as good counter
attacks that flowed well, but in the end lacked a finishing touch. Like most other games our two major problems reared their heads; lack of defensive confidence/organization as well as distribution from the midfield up to our strikers. A good 3-2 victory with Sosa, Burdisso, and Jara getting our goles. Of the three, one was off a deflected cross, another was off of a set play deflection, and the third came from the run of play and good build up. Anyway here are my player ratings for this so called “pointless match” I will make them brief.

CAMPESTRINI 3: Very poor performance throughout, sloppy handling and poor confidence. Both goles could have been saved. One good reaction to come off his line that saved us from tying.

Clemente RODRIGUEZ 4: Sub par performance by Clemente was able to get up and attack throughout the game but had poor distribution. Except for the one cross for our third gol from Jara. However, because he was pushing up all the time he was always out of position back tracking on defense. Not sure if his performance earned him a recall when the more serious games are played, I would not call him.

MATHEU N/A (started but subbed out in the 3rd min) Caruzzo 2: poor performance on every gol that was scored he was out of position and was beat far too easily. If Costa Rica was better at finishing then we could have lost easily 6-3. Very reckless fouls through out

BURDISSO 4: Decent positioning throughout the match and was the better of the two center backs. Showed his aerial prowess in this game. However, was caught way out of position in the second gol. Good reactions to score our second gol.

MONZON 5.5: One of the better players for us all night. Very solid in defense and confident on the ball when pushing up to attack. If any defenders deserve to get another look Monzon is the one after tonight’s match.

SOSA 6.5: Other than Monzon, Sosa was our best player on the night great attacking runs down the wing and distribution. Great first gol to guide his header into the opening in the net. Was nifty on the ball and able to get around defenders to create space. Worth another look for the NT.

MERCIER 5: Good performance by the defensive midfielder was able to keep Costa Rica at bay and alleviate some pressure on our terrible CBs. Very basic work and did not distribute well but played hard.

ERVITI 2: Did very little with his one half of playtime. Sloppy on the ball and failed to get involved in the attack at all.

GAITAIN 4.5: Played well in his first half of play and had a few flashed of positive distribution. Definitely has talent that has to be perfected before he can play for the NT in WC matches. But showed good ideas and passing throughout his time on the pitch

HAUCHE 6: Great work/hustle all night. Reminded me of Tevez’s and Lavezzi’s work rate. Ran hard with his time on the pitch and was great down the line looking to play balls into the box. Possibly worth another look, however, with our attacking options will not be on the NT this summer.

PALERMO 0: Really only touched the ball 3 or 4 times all game. Ran, I mean jogged around aimlessly and had not a clue what was going on all game. I am not being harsh on him this is exactly what happened.


Enzo PEREZ 4: Did not really get involved until the end of the match when he mad a great run to set up Clemente in the box. Decent movement but on the whole, sloppy passes when on the ball.

INSUA 5.5: Came in at half time and played well. Ran the attack all second half and looked comfortable running at players and looking to get our attackers in on gol.

JARA 5.5: Came on and his first touch was in on gol however he cut outside instead of inside and was pushed out of bounds. As the game went on continued to work hard and finding openings in the defense. Took his winning strike calmly and shows promise as a finisher. I just can’t see him being in Africa this summer with all our other talented strikers.




johnny said...

Too bad we didn't see more of Boselli. Probably the best striker on the squad last night.

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