Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PALERMO to captain versus Costa Rica

This might come as no surprise, but Martin PALERMO will captain Argentina tonight as they face Costa Rica. According to reports in the media, here's the possible starting line-up.

Guillermo BURDISSO
Nicolás GAITÁN
Gabriel HAUCHE

The match is tonight at 7:00PM Eastern, 9:00PM Buenos Aires time.


johnny said...

I can see we are all beside ourselves with excitement about tonight's match. Be that as it may, and at the expense of incurring considerable wrath from other posters, Go Argentina ! And, Go Palermo !!!!!

holytoledo2 said...

Right, not completely excited about tonight's match. But I'm also not excited when Maradona speaks to the press and when they talk about how many players he's called up or what a charade he's making of the national team. I have been reduced to only pay attention to the days when the lists of the players for the matches comes out and the days of the matches. Mind you, I'm not excited, I merely pay attention. Thanks for that Maradona. Thanks for making my national team the laughing stock of the world.

Despite this, I am confident that the team will come together and that all it will take is one good match and good result for that to happen. It's impossible for these players to be unable to play together for too long. Eventually, without the help of our great coach, the players will figure it out. And just in time. Or is that hope?

Anonymous said...

I thought the game was tomorrow? Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

I thought the game was tomorrow? Wednesday? Or is it tonight? Tuesday?

GK said...

This match and the one against Jamaica really scare me. Maradona can't possibly be scouting for South Africa can he?

Anonymous said...

Its another home game vs Jamaica. Local boys. There will be Germany after these 2 games. We may have Canada as our last game which our stars will play before heading London for a friendly vs Ghana. The Canada game is our last game for the fans.

Abs said...

Clemente was great, little BURDISSO was ok, SOSA was fine, the goal keeper was a joke, and the rest of the team shouldn't even give the chance to play another national team, EVER.

And for those who are laughing on Argentina now, by the time we held the WC high, they'll cry, and we'll have the biggest joy since 1986.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Abs