Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The standings and what's next for Argentina

It's what everybody wants to know, so let's go straight to the standings and see how the run-in for the contenders is shaping up.

First, the results:

Ecuador 2-0 Argentina
Colombia 1-0 Peru
Chile 4-0 Bolivia
Brazil 2-1 Paraguay
Venezuela 2-2 Uruguay

The standings with four matches to go:

WC - Brazil 27 points (+19 goal difference).
WC - Chile 26 (+9)
WC - Paraguay 24 (+7)
WC - Argentina 22 (+4)
Playoffs with 4th from CONCACAF - Ecuador 20 (-2)
OUT - Uruguay 18 (+7)
OUT - Colombia 17 (-4)
OUT - Venezuela 17 (-7)
OUT - Bolivia 12 (-11)
OUT - Peru 7 (-22) -Peru are already eliminated. They can't reach the fifth spot even if they win all their remaining matches.

Next round (5-6 September)



-Brazil can clinch their berth in the next World Cup if they win in Buenos Aires and both Ecuador and Uruguay fail to win their matches.

-Chile can clinch their berth in the next World Cup if they beat Venezuela and both Ecuador and Uruguay fail to win their matches.

-Bolivia will be out of contention if they fail to win in Paraguay and Ecuador win in Colombia.

-Provided Argentina get all three points against Brazil and Uruguay, Colombia and Venezuela lose, the Albicelestes will only need two points from the last 9 to secure at least fifth place.

The double round will be completed with the following fixtures:

8 September, 2009:



Anonymous said...

Even more crappy news, our side loses to France in Toulon in PK shoot out.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone in Argentina who can shoot penalty-kick properly? The sub-21 first and now Tevez?????

Anonymous said...

I guess it some of the Italian blood that is coming out lol.


Anonymous said...

One option is there Recall Juan Roman riquelme ..

Diego and all Anti-Roman ..try to understand ..he is most valuable player ..without him no game planing ..

Please convienece him and bring him back ..

Sebastian said...

Anonymous, I will say this for as long as need to say it: RIQUELME QUIT!

There's no recalling him or convincing him to do. HE QUIT. End of story.

Let's move one. It's a big loss for us, but it was HIS decision.