Friday, June 12, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Podcast 06 - All quiet in Quito

Here's another edition of Mundo Albiceleste's podcast!

NOTE: We are still experiencing some technical problems. The embedded audio player and the downloadable link don't seem to be working. That's why I'm just copying the URL to where you can listen to the podcast. That seems to be working fine and I have listened to it several times, without any troubles. Let us know if there are still problems and we'll try and sort them out.

Back to the podcast itself:

Diego couldn't play the three little guys up front against Ecuador but Mundo Albiceleste made up for it by giving you a show with John in Malaysia, Dave in New York and Seba in Buenos Aires.

We pick up the pieces after another crash from Diego's team in the altitude. We analyse the game, we discuss some of our players' performances, we talk about the other matches in our region.

We also get the ball rolling as we try to silence the samba drums and stop those capoeira fellows from dancing as we do our first of many previews of the big clash between Argentina and Brazil in September.

Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to or right here in the comments' box.


Mohd said...

i am having nightmares that Arg will not qualify to the world cup. if this happens i think i will die!
with matches against brazil, urguay, and paraguay; and most importantly with our horrible level; this is turning into a real possibility!

diego should wake up and stop making the NT a place for his friends. we are not scoring goals so Higuain and Zarate should be called up. Cambiasso in the midfield is also a must and veron should not be called anymore...the national team is bigger than anyone even Maradona so please diego this is not a place for friends and relatives gathering!

Anonymous said...

Arrogant Argies will see no World Cup Next Year!!!! You think that you can just turn up and not play any football? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Trusting your National Team to a World Famous Fat Cokehead was not a Good Idea.... LOL..... LOL..... LOL....

Anonymous said...

You have to love the English, how was Euro 2008? I doubt we will see much of you when Argentina does qualify.

Anonymous said...

I dont know who exactly said Messi was disliked in the podcast but it is true.

He's disliked for several reasons:

-By a lot of Boca Juniors fans who felt during the Riquelme - Maradona clash and when Maradona decided to give Messi the "10" shirt, he was stealing Roman's spotlight and somewhat he's seen a symbol anti-Boca.

-By others who simply thinks he's not that good.... at least with the NT. They dont understand why there's so much hype around him, they couldnt care less of what he does for Barcelona.

-I also think some of the critisism come from the fact is didnt start his career in Argentina like most of the others and they feel he's not argentinian in some ways... that's sad, but people are thinking like this and what can you do about it? One small thing about the Colombia game, during the hymn playing, he was the only one who didnt sing the nationa anthem, the rest of the players did and it did get unnoticed

One thing is sure, for his sake, we better qualify for the next WC or else no doubt they will be a hunt for scapegoats and he will the first one line.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Seba and company.

First of all i would like to say thank you for your blog creation i am a big fan of it but a biger fan of the AFC.
I would like to say that after the dismal performance by the team in La Paz then again at home against colombia and now their performance against Ecuador. I'm sorry to say this but i totally disagree with for extremely positive outlook on the recent mathches. Even while listening to the podcast i feel i have to remind you that this is ARGENTINA we are talking about!
Firstly using the feild elevation as an excuse is not very convincing. These are professional footballers, they should have prepared adequately for this particular match. If there was no time for that kind of preparation then Maradona should have adopted a better technique to save our players strength.
Just going to S.Africa is not enough, AFC need to go there full of confidence!

Secondly as i said earlier this is Argentina we are talking about. Argentina does not try to cope with the gameplay of their opponent but instead create their own gameplan. What happened in Ecuador? Our boys were trying to keep up the pace with Ecuador were soon out of breathe early in the second half, again "wrong tactics".

Thirdly Argentina have always played smart and not strong. Ecuador players and also Colombia players were much stronger physically and that gave them the edge over our players, AFC need to play smart and not strong as i feel they were trying.

As much as i have said i would like to say Thank You to all our players because they did play with their hearts and sometimes thats all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is the AFC???? It is not a NFL conference. It is called the AFA, and this clearly shows you are not fan or Argentina's. Just relax and they will qualify, it happens to mostly all the powerhouse teams, they have a hard time qualifying. It is not that easy to play in South America, far too many teams and games. Need I remind you most of these players have had long seasons? Must I remind you teams like Ecuador and Colombia hardly ever produce players that go to Europe and play for elite teams? Must I remind you that majority of Argentina's team have had to deal with, playing for their league,playing for countries title such as the FA Cup, Copa Del rey and etc. Must I remind you these players have had to go deep into the Champions League. Majority of these Ecuadorian and Colombian have been sitting back in South America and not been playing much. Just relax and be a bit more rational. Give the players their rest. The team can clearly be up by a few points just mental slip up's.

First Slip Up- Colombia. Team is controlling the entire game until Tevez gets a red. Argentina was up 1-0. Colombia scored 2 goals in the last 30min to win the game.

Game vs Ecuador@ Home-Granted this was by the far the worse showing of the year. Still managed a tie.

Next game- Went to Brasil which Brasil pretty much controls us from previous meetings. What does Argentina do? Out play them, almost get the Win, and Brasilian fans cheer for Messi and boo Dunga and the team. Games ends 0-0. We get a single point which we hardly ever do in Brasil.

Game vs Paraguay- Again out play them, but thanks for Heinze we put a goal back into our net, but Aguero ties it up. Could of easily won this game. Again mental mistakes.+2 points

Game in Lima vs Peru- Very physical game, Messi and the players got kicked around. Cambiasso scores a late goal, but what does the team do allow a last second goal. That could of been +2 points.

Next following game, we take care of business vs Uruguay.

Following game, granted we lost to Chile. Had our chances but failed.

And next few games are quite fresh in our minds vs Venz,Bolivia,Colombia and Ecuador. Besides the Bolivia game Argentina could of taken 9 points, but missing a PK, clear chance by Messi. The game could of turned.

Argentina could easily have 7 more points then they have right now. I am telling you it is all mental, the talent is still there. However I do want Diego to call up certain players, such as Cambiasso,Garay,Samuel,Higuain,Lucho. The World Cup is not starting tomorrow, it starts in a year. From now until then I can count that we will have 7 matches played that are so far in FIFA. Playing some important games, such as Brasil, Spain,Nigeria,Russia.. All of these games will be important to see how the team shapes up. But firstly we will need to qualify. Whcih we WILL. The other teams that are in 5th to 7th place are going to play each other and cancel each other out. If Argentina can manage to wins in the next 4 games for WCQ, they will be all but a lock to land the 4th spot. Guys just do not worry so much.

Greetings from Argentina.


messidona19 said...

Sorry I didn't have internet access for a while now but i still listened to the podcasts. It's a big big shame that we lost once again and haven't performed in the last 3 matches. I pray to God that we beat Brazil as it won't be easy and we won't even have chance with this kind of play. I hope that Maradona comes to his senses and calls the players he's missing out like Samuel,Cambiasso,Higuain and most importantly Riquelme. All will be crucial in helping us win the next 2 matches. As for our current players, no matter how much we support them, the truth is that they're out of form and should not be playing. Jonas and Tevez might be liked by everyone but they're just ineffective. Maxi is playing the worst football of his career and Gago is just not a good scoring midfielder like Cambiasso. Demichelis has proved to me once again that he's no Ayala and that Samuel and Garay should be chosen instead. Andujar has impressed me although he might be a bit nervous when diving and not like Julio Caesar but he's been exceptional.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Riquelme is they really dont like each other. Also about Roman, he doesnt perform very well for Boca, so expect miracle even in case he possibly would come back.


johnny said...

Yes, let's forget Riquelme. He is yesterday's news. He don't wanna play. Somebody go to Porto Alegre and kidnap Andres D !

Anonymous said...

when i read the comment of someone claiming that i am not a fan of Argentina i felt like someone just stabbed me in the heart. Anyway for your info i do know that it is AFA. I used AFC because i was commenting on the team and not the whole Argentine Football Association. Also i think that there is a bit too much of could have and would have and your comment you are obviously watching the games through rose coloured spectacles. I know our boys are exhausted. We only comment because we love this team and we hate to see them fail.

John said...

Hi Argentina4Life,

You are a TRUE fan just like everyone else around here; I can see the passion and love you have for the team we all support here. I also like to apologize on behalf anyone who claimed that you are otherwise.

As for the rest, lets not pass judgement on whether a person is a fan or not just because of some minor mistake. We should respect each other though we may see things from different angle. That's just the beauty about our NT.

Anonymous said...

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