Monday, June 08, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Podcast 05

Here's the latest edition of Mundo Albiceleste's podcast!

This time around, John and I discuss the importance of the three points Argentina won against Colombia and we also talk about what is wrong with our tactics, formations and performances.

A look at the other matches in South America's WCQ and a preview of what to expect from Argentina on Wednesday against Ecuador in Quito's altitude.

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Sebastian said...

News from Monday's training.

MARADONA's team face Tristán Suárez's youth team again. This time Gonzalo BERGESSIO had a terrific training session and he scored 4 goals in that friendly match. Daniel MONTENEGRO scored the remaining goal in a 5-0 win. They played two halves of 25 minutes each.

The team? Could be a preview of what we'll see in Quito:

CARRIZO on goal (although Diego already said his GK in Ecuador will be ANDÚJAR).

Lisandro LOPEZ (FW)

In that mini second half, Juan FORLIN came on in place of ZANETTI and Cristian GIMENEZ replaced Maxi RODRIGUEZ.

The rest of the players did some work with the fitness trainer and then practised some football in a reduced pitch.

AGÜERO, injured, spent the day with the physio.

MASCHERANO celebrated his 25th birthday at Ezeiza with his team-mates. He is suspended for the game but he has asked to travel with the team.

On Tuesday, the team will watch some videos of Ecuador and they will travel to Quito at 3:30 PM Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

it seems a British radio station has stated that Carlos Tevez has signed a deal with Manchester City dnt know how true is it but...

i really hope its true would love to see our tevez being a big time started


p2bn said...

Hello Guys I found this about the possible formation and players.

Mariano Andujar; Javier Zanetti, Martin Demichelis, Gabriel Heinze, Emiliano Papa; Fernando Gago, Juan Sebastian Veron, Maxi Rodriguez, Jonas Gutierrez; Lisandro Lopez, Carlos Tevez

Duno how right it will be though.

Vamos Argentina

Mohd said...

oh my!!! Papa again??
Ecuador: Prepare for a festival.

and if Maradona is willing to give someone a chance, then why lisandro and not milito?! if Maradona was knowing what he is doing he would have selected Higuain and Zarate, but in the current situtation i want Milito to be given the chance.

Sebastian said...

p2bn: I don't know where did you get that probable lineup from, but I don't think it's spot on.

For starters, it looks like MESSI will play!

HEINZE may not (instead we may see OTAMENDI or BURDISSO in his place. Maybe even Cata DIAZ).

PAPA looks a certainty to start. So does ZANETTI.

GAGO will play, but his partner in the middle of the park can be either VERON or BATTAGLIA (and maybe BATTAGLIA has more chances. BATTAGLIA and GAGO used to play together at Boca and they know each other very well).

Maxi and Jonas have chances to start.

TEVEZ will start and apparently, MESSI too.

If MESSI is kept out (because he's carrying a yellow and Diego don't want to risk him missing out on our next game -Brazil at home-), then Lisandro LOPEZ or even BERGESSIO are favourites to start -ahead of Diego MILITO-.

I said it during the podcast and I repeat it here. I kind of agree with MARADONA if he leaves MILITO out of the starting lineup this time around. Even though I'm a big fan of MILITO, I think it'll hurt his image (even more) if he plays on Wednesday and he doesn't get the service he needs in order to produce.

Diego will surely field a team that will try to counter-attack Ecuador and to play like that, LOPEZ and BERGESSIO are better options.

It's not only down to names, people. You have to see which players can adapt to a certain style or tactic.

That's why I think we need to be flexible. If not, we will always be angry because we don't see the players we like in the starting lineup.

That's how I see it.

Forza_albicelestes said...

Agree with Seba.......I think that Licha /Bergessio are better suited to play on the counter ......And messi shud definitely not start......We need to see how we do w/o Messsi.Also He s carrying a yellow.....No sense Risking him b4 Brazil........

I think we shuld see something like this


Zanetti Otamendi Micho Papa

Maxi Battaglia Gimenez Jonas

Tevez Licha

p2bn said...

Well that was from the guardian website. I would love to see messi play but maybe in the second half. Playing him full time there wont be a good idea. Diego already has said the strategy is to counter attack.

Vamos Argentina