Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dave's player ratings - ARG 1-0 COL

By Dave P.

It's been a long long wait to watch the NT play after the massacre/fluke/whatever you want to call it that happened in Bolivia.

The main goal going into this match was to win of course and get the three points.

We succeeded in doing so, and although it may not have been the most convincing performance we got the job done. The defense was a little disorganized in the first half, however the changes made to the back line of four in the second settled us down. OK here are the ratings.

Mariano ANDUJAR, (8):
Great debut for ANDUJAR. A little hesitant in holding
onto the ball on his first two touches, but settled in extremely well. He covered up for all of Cata DIAZ's mistakes in the first half with great reactions and good saves, which kept us in the game when we were unsettled in the first half. In the second half he had only 1 or 2 touches; nothing to do with the stronger back line of four. Still very safe hands. I trust in him as the #1 at the moment, a very good
display of confidence between the pipes.

Daniel "Cata" DIAZ, (6.5): This rating was going to be a lot lower but he scored the goal. In the beginning he was playing as one of the outside defenders in the line of three. He seemed clueless. Was out of position all the time and late with all his challenges. This is what gave Colombia their best chances to score. I was hoping he was going to get subbed out when I saw ZANETTI at the start of the second half, but in the end it was good that he wasn't. In the right spot at the right time for our goal and great concentration and power to hit that volley as a CB. Good work, after he scored that goal. He settled down completely and made some timely challenges towards the end of the game.

Martín DEMICHELIS, (7.5): A quiet but solid game for Demi. Was not called upon much to make many big stops however he was always in the right position. He did have a big block on a shot attempt towards the end of the second half. Very good play. I am confident whenever he is back there helping clear the ball and pushing players off the ball. Great enforcer.

Gabriel HEINZE, (7): Much like Demi, quiet performance, but overall surprisingly
great game. He always shows his great hustle and passion, which is probably the main reason MARADONA keeps calling him up. He had a strong work-rate for the whole 90 mins. There were a couple of times when he was out of position but there were no trademark “Blunders” by HEINZE today and cleared a dangerous ball across the middle when everyone else was out of position.

Javier MASCHERANO, (7.5): In the beginning of the game was a little too aggressive for the ref's liking, making some clumsy fouls and getting a yellow card that will keep him out of our visit to Ecuador. However, as the second half came around, the Colombians had 1 or 2 attacking chances. This was due to MASCHERANO’s typical gritty hustle. And what a great run he made in the second half exploding past two players
after picking off a pass and almost hammering it in near post. Quiet, but solid performance by the captain who finished with a cramp and refused to get replaced.

Fernando GAGO, (7): GAGO only played the first half and was subbed out for ZANETTI to make a back line of four. However, in the first half I thought GAGO was one of our best players. He was hustling more than MASCHERANO and was making both good passes and tackles. He maybe a little sloppy/unsettled when the ball is at his feet but his hustle is never-ending. Probably was taken out so that he can be around for the Ecuador game because MASCHERANO got a yellow. So at least GAGO will be around for the Ecuador game. Good 45 minutes for GAGO.

Jonas GUTIERREZ, (8): Wow! Every time I right the rating for Jonas it is always
among the highest. Some people don’t understand why he starts, but he has never done anything wrong. He played today with great pace, hustle, determination, and passion all game. In the first half he was running up and down the entire pitch helping out making key tackles in the defense as well as playing crosses into the opponents box. In the second half he made some clever runs beating players down the wing and again made key tracking defensive runs. In the 89th min when we were trying to keep the ball to kill the clock, Jonas made a 40 yard run with the ball while fighting off two Colombians. A play like that so late in the game shows his amazing endurance and fight. Great game.

Juan Sebastián VERON, (6.5): First time VERON has started in a long time for the NT. He helped control the pace of the game in the first half. He attempted to play some clever balls to the three up top. However none of them made any big impact. VERON is so strong on the ball, but he kind of disappeared as the game went on. The game settled down for us defensively in the second half but still did not craft the creative attacking balls that we needed to break down the Colombian defense and score
more than one goal. Towards the end of the game he showed his experience and helped slow the game down and made some crunching tackles showing his hard nose attitude. Expected a little more but played good enough to get the three points.

Carlos TEVEZ, (8.5): Amazing display of what each and every NT player's passion level should be at. TEVEZ ran and ran and hustled and hustled for 84 minutes until he was subbed out. He would track down the Colombian defenders applying pressure to them in the first half. He mad a few long runs in the first half. What was great to see was that in the first half he knew that our back line of three was having trouble and there were a couple of times when TEVEZ was all the way back stealing
the ball and starting attacks. This continued into the second half. The problem with TEVEZ and most of our attackers in this game was that when any of them got the ball there was no one near them to combine with. This made TEVEZ just improvise and make runs at players, and they were great. The one run which ended in the corner in which we scored on was excellent. Overall a feisty performance by TEVEZ.

Sergio AGÜERO, (6) (only 40 mins): Only played 40 minutes until he picked up a
knock. In the limited time he was in he played well, was working hard but was unable to combine with others. He tried to do things alone, the instance where he got injured could have quite possibly been called a PK. Some great runs by AGÜERO. Hopefully he will be ready for Ecuador because his sub MILITO was not so impressive.

Lionel MESSI, (8): Sort of a quiet game much like many of our other players for the soon to be FIFA World Player of the Year. In the first half he played very well, every time he touched the ball he made an attacking move, this is what our team needs to be more aware off. MESSI would go forward but no one would be around him to help make a pass or a little 1-2. Every time he touched the ball the Colombians would send two defenders at him. MESSI would make runs around the two but the third defender would win the ball or foul him. Some electrifying touches and balls across the middle. In the second half he seemed to be no where until around the 70th minute. He did have an excellent free kick that went off the cross bar. Again, amazing runs but to no avail, the free kick off the bar pretty much summed up his performance today. Great form, amazing runs, but when it really mattered could not finalize anything with a goal or assist. There was one moment where he did a silky
smooth 360 around a player at the last second, which is always special to see.


Diego MILITO, (5): Came in for the injured AGÜERO in the 40th minute. I was excited
to see how he would do with MESSI and TEVEZ. However, he did not really have any impact on the game at all. He rarely touched the ball, when he did he attempted to hold it up and look for the pass, but would lose possession. Also, there were a few times where he was slow on making a pass, which ended some of our counter-attacks.

Javier ZANETTI, (6.5): Came in for GAGO at half. Helped solidify the team with a back line of four which stopped the Colombians from having any chance at scoring in the second half. His second or third touch on the ball was a typical ZANETTI run where he ran past three players showing he still got it. However, the one time where Colombia could have scored in the second half when a ball trickled past our goal line was partially ZANETTI’s fault. He got beat on the wing, which allowed a player to cross it. Other than that, good effect on the game which helped us get the vital three points we needed.

Nicolás BURDISSO didn't play enough for me to give him a rating.


Sebastian said...

Let me be the first to comment on this.

In general terms, I agree on how you saw the game and each player, but I would have given Juan Sebastián VERÓN a higher note. Say 7 or 7,5.

He was everywhere at times. He suffered from our team's lack of possession because he didn't have the help he needed from Jonás and especially from GAGO (who in my opinion looked lost more often than not).

My man of the match has to be MASCHERANO, like it is almost always the case when our team plays badly and he gets to show his importance by chasing the entire world and winning ball after ball after ball.

I think MARADONA got the tactics wrong, but I also think he turned the game around when he sent ZANETTI on for GAGO.

Diego admitted this at the press conference.

Regarding MILITO, I still think he should be the starting number 9 for Argentina. I'm not sure how can he work in a system with two other forwards (like today with MESSI and TEVEZ), but with work and with more minutes, he will eventually start scoring tons of goals.

Anonymous said...

Hm i look at these scores it looks like Argentina had a good game...

I havent watched the game and i'm waiting to download it, but frm the reactions i have read from various forums, it looks like most of people have seen a different game...


Mohd said...

come in now. are you serious?! if you look at the rating you think that argentina played great when all players get 7 and above! however we all saw the match and the team played like crap, horrible football!

in my opinion very unjustice ratings. maybe only Jonas is right.

John said...

Mohd, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I respect everyone's view just as much as I respect yours.

As for me, I didn't think DEMICHELIS played that well as at times some of his clearance was horrible. I would also say that even Cata DIAZ and HEINZE didn't look that good either. The entire defense scrared the $*** out of me at times. But in the end, that elusive goal came from one of them so I guess we should give credit for that.

I also feel it is a big loss for us not to have Javier MASCHERANO for the next game. He was the steel that connected the defense in times of need.

As for the front line, I won't be too harsh on them as they were truly unlucky in this case. We did see some of those flashes of brilliance from both MESSI and TEVEZ. One lucky break from either of them, MILITO would have got himself in the scoresheet couple of times.

John said...

By the way, if you watch the video posted in the previous post. Noticed that there is a banner at the back of the goal, I believe someone is campaigning for ZARATE inclusion in the NT.

Rune said...

I am very happy that we won. These 3 points were crucial. The game was disapointing, but that's what I expected. I said before the game that we would win, but without impressing. We didn't play a good game at all, but it's nice to get a win on a bad day too. The game was chaos from the start, our defence lookey very shaky almost the entire game. If we'd faced a really good team, like Brazil or the top European teams, we would have been eaten alive this evening. But I guess(or hope!)Diego wouldn't be so naive tacticaly if we met a big team. In general I think Dave's ratings are to high for our players, they REALLY struggeled both defensively and offensively. Here is my rating:

Diaz:5(because of the goal)

Mohd said...

yes everyone has an opinion, but really the ratings are just too high; what i saw yesterday was just very bad football. i saw brazil match earlier and that was an organized team unlike us...anyway

I cannot help myself but thinking of a formation like this:


subs: tevez,aguero,gago,demichelis,

Forza_albicelestes said...

I actually agree more with rune than with Dave with this one.....Its true it was a hard game but still it was at home and against a team not considered amongst the elite of world football.We should be playing a lot better.......Team work was non existent......

I actually thought Veron was pretty good....mayb better than Masche and Jonas......

Dave P said...

hey guys thanks for the feedback. I agree that we did not play a good game but the ratings that I posted was pretty much based on each players individual efforts. I rated the players according to the situation and how they handled it. The team that was on the field obviously did not have much time to train with each other after finishing their perspective seasons. How do you expect them to come out and play like a Barcelona or ManU. The situation that they were thrown into was that they needed 3 points and that they could not concede any goals to Colombia to keep their chanced high to win. We got the result and the 3 points and that is the most important part. I feel that we played very poor as a team, however there were quality plays made by most of our team and they handled the pressure of the Colombians very well. This is why players like Heinze gets a 7 and players like Jonas get an 8. They all hustled their ass off and although we may not have won by more then 1 goal these players showed that they had the passion to win. Unlike in Bolivia when they all looked pathetic. Again thanks for the feedback and I will attempt to get the ratings more closer to everyone's opinion next game. Remember just because Brazil wins 4-0 does not mean we have to win 4-0. We played the way we did, got the win, and the 3 points, hopefully we will just player better soccer from here on out.

johnny said...

It is always interesting to see Dave's thoughts in print. A thoughtful guy is he. I agree with many that he was a little kind this time around. For me, Seba is dead on with Masche as the man of the match. He was huge in the last 20-30 minutes, and nearly was even better AFTER the cramp. I thought Gago, who I always support, had a poor game. Often out of position and not his usual, flying to the ball, self. The Pupi substitution was key, as he shored up the backline AND got the ball up the field, something Gago was not doing.

My ratings:

Andujar-8. Great first game. Looked comfortable, not nervous and none of Carrizo's "hey look at how gifted I am" horseshit.

Cata Diaz-5.5. SCARY as an outside defender, a position he NEVER played at Boca (I don't know about Getafe.) He ain't quick enough to play the corner. I thought after his first near disaster mistake early on that he tightened up. He usually plays with great confidence. He buried his chance for a goal whereas alot of defenders would have shanked it.

Demichelis-7. I am used to seeing Demichelis be a bit more forceful than he was yesterday, but he was playing in a different formation and that might have had an impact. Still, I think, a major contributor, and very important for the NT.

Heinze-6. The usual Heinze but without any major screw ups. I agree with Dave, he always plays hard and makes alot of tackles for which he receives little credit. STILL, an accident waiting to happen.

Mascherano-8.5. Man of the match (if you don't count Fabian Vargas). A monster in the second period and without him the NT would be in sorry shape. Great short run late that could have resulted in a goal with a little luck.

Gago-5. He didn't look like Gago. Slow to the ball, very few of his mini-Masche sliding tackles. He didn't hook up well with Veron. Looks like he didn't adjust well to some of the tactical changes made by Diego.

Gutierrez-7.5. Yes and yes. One of my favorites and another smart performance from Jonas. All over the pitch on offense and defense. Never whines or calls attention to himself. A pro.

Veron-6.5. I'm not convinced Veron is the way to go, but without Riquelme, well, what is Maradona to do ? A satisfactory performance I guess. I'd like to see more attacking straight up the pitch and less working the ball in from the flanks. I think Rolfi might be better suited for that.

Tevez-7. A typical Carlitos NT performance, great workrate but shots on goal ? None that I remember.I agree with whoever said he is being wasted on the left side, but where to put him ?

Aguero-5.5. Same as above for Carlitos but less. Arguably, a penalty kick could have been awarded for that knock he took to the quad in the area.

Messi-7.5. Save for an inch or two he would have had a goal and further shut up the whiners complaining that he is a slacker on the NT compared to Barcelona. Still with the great runs and always dangerous. A constant threat. He was obviously a targeted man and we are lucky he escaped the match healthy.

D. Milito-6. I thought he played well. Not many chances. He tryed to be a part of the offense, and not THE offense. It ain't his fault that the offense is just not cohesive right now. He is a great complementary piece, but until Diego smacks the attack with a magic wand, this is the way he will look.

Zanetti-7.5. THE substitution. Covered the back and provided some much needed movement up the field. The attack looked much brighter with Pupi on the pitch. Increased our dangerousness by half.

My take-even with all the complaints about the D, the problem with the NT is the attack. There is not enough movement, penetration and, for me, one too many "little birds". I say ditch Aguero, insert D Milito, anf if Veron can't attack straight up the pitch, try Rolfi Montenegro. Though I would prefer nutcase D'Alessandro. Best Argentinian enganche out there.

Mod said...

good idea there. why not d'alessandro? i know he never fulfilled his potential, but then who did? maybe getting the chance at international level will get the best of him.

but then again, if diego is ditching higuain, zarate, cambiasso, samuel, gonzalo...then it's normal that he is ignoring d'alessandro.

Sebastian said...

Nice to see this exchange of views in here. Nice to see we are all handling the discussion with a lot of respect for each other. The way it should be!

Before I forget, John, the banner you mentioned had nothing to do with Mauro ZARATE, I'm afraid. Here's why...there's a city some 100 km North of Buenos Aires that is called ZARATE. It has a bridge that connects the provinces of Buenos Aires with that of Entre Ríos (name meaning "BETWEEN RIVERS"). The guys wrote ZARATE in that banner to identify themselves and their home-town.

Other players with names of towns, cities or even provinces? Well, not names, but nicknames...Christian GIMENEZ is nicknamed Chaco because he was born in the province of Chaco. Daniel DIAZ is called CATA because he comes from the province of CATAMARCA.

Sebastian said...

Here are Olé's ratings. I won't translate the explanation they give to justify their grades. But I think they are perhaps TOO low in most cases.

I haven't read all of them but I can say right away that they got it absolutely wrong with ZANETTI. Especially because they say he was IRRELEVANT. Anyway... have read them now! MASCHERANO 4? Jonas 3??? What are these guys on when they watch football or the rate players?

1-M. Andújar (7): El mejor del equipo. Respondió las cuatro veces que lo exigieron.

3-D. Díaz (4,5): El gol fue lo único positivo. En defensa, falló siempre.

2-M. Demichelis (4,5): Quedó muy desprotegido por los errores de sus compañeros de zaga.

6-G. Heinze (4): Le costó acomodarse y obligó a Demichelis a salir a cortar.

5-F. Gago (3): Pagó el error de Maradona de ubicarlo como volante externo.

14-J. Mascherano (4): Lo delató su habitual gran rendimiento. Ayer jugó mal y se notó. Le desviaron un remate en el ST.

17-Jonás Gutiérrez (3): No colaboró ni en defensa ni en ataque.

18-J. Verón (5): Metió, corrió y raspó. Intentó jugar, aunque le faltaron socios.

10-L. Messi (5): No deslumbró con sus gambetas. Aun así, se las ingenió para ser el más incisivo del equipo. Estrelló un remate en el travesaño.

16-Sergio Agüero (3): Desconectado del equipo. No tuvo chances de gol.

11-Carlos Tevez (3,5): Peleó más de lo que jugó.

9-D. Milito (3): Entró muy poco en juego.

8-J. Zanetti (4): Intrascendente.

mohamad halabi said...
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allan ng said...

The game was quite ugly to watch. Fouls and counter fouls here and there. Even the usually calm Messi had to shove a Columbian player away.

The players invested a lot of efforts into the game, no doubt about it. I will give them 10 out of 10 for effort, but for effect, I think hardly anyone gets above 6.

Columbia basically shutted up shop at both flanks and tried to stifle the game by committing fouls and wasting time. They did have a great chance though.

I like to see Angel di Maria in the side. He links up well with Messi and Aguero in attack.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to see Aguero anymmore on the attack, he's so disappointing. Even in Olé they are asking abut him and why he's a starter. His injury could be a blessing in disguise if only we had other viable options which doesnt look like the case. Milito seems to be as threatening as a kitten for adverse defenders (when he's wearing the NT shirt). What a headache!

IMO, if we lose the game against Ecuador, we have to sack Maradona and get a competant coach.

ANother thing, with these kind ofperformances, Messi will have a hard time to earn the heart of argentinians

Allan said...

I want to know why Higuain is not selected for the NT? I think he will be quite useful for us in attack.

By the way, has it come across to anyone that Messi shares a resemblence with Christian Bale?

Anonymous said...

The problem does not lie with the forwards. The problem lies with the midfield and defence. There is very little that Messi, Aguero and Tevez can do when there is little service provided.
Also, that formation in the first half was awful, there was no balance, too many gaps, and the players were static.
In the second half, we played better because Diego made the changes, but, wat did milito do? Nothing. I would've rather seen Bergessio come on.


Batigol said...

I am disappointed with the performance too. However, I am happy with the 3 points in bag, at least it is better than a draw or loss with beautiful display.

Andujar 8 (MOM) - Getting a clean sheet for his debut, what more can you ask from this youngster? He saves us a number of times for the match, he deserve a 8.

Diaz 4 - Even though he scored the easy goal, the defensive work he showed us was really some unacceptable schoolboy defending.
In the first half, there was one time he failed to control the ball properly and lose it to a Colombian attacker and it almost costed us a goal... luckily Andujar was calm to collect the poor shot by the colombian striker. In the second half, there was an occasion he was outrun by a Colombian winger on the right of our defence, the Colombian winger made a low cross to our area, luckily the other colombian striker failed to connect the cross... I don't want to see Diaz in our squad anymore..

Demichelis 7 - He is still the best centre-back that we have.

Heinze 7 - He played well this time, he showed his toughness in defence.

Gago 6 - Played ok, not much of mistake, but I think it was an offensive move to replace him with Zanetti.

Mascherano 6 - Played ok, but not as good as usual.

Veron 5 - He was just like the Veron in WC2002, he always wanted to try to kick the ball to the front to try his luck, which all of them turned to nothing! If there is a pass completion rate statistic available, I think it will be 60%-70% for him, he is just wasting our posession. I don't want him to be in the world cup next year.

Gutierrez 6 - Did not played well for both offensive and defensive ends, but did not make much mistake also.

Teves 7 - Our best attacker for the match, he earned the corner which turned out to be our goal.

Aguero 5 - He showed us again that he cannot played in the no 9

Messi 6 - Other than some free-kicks won and the free-kick shot which hit the bar, there was nothing much from him. Quite a disappointing display from the treble winner.


Zanetti 6 - Showed some good run early in the second half, but
disappeared after that.

Milito 6 - Played ok, at least he was better than Aguero

Burdisso 6 - Played ok, did not see him making any mistake.

In conclusion, if our team continue to play like this, I don't think we can do some big business in wc2010.

The current spain team is really strong, they have Torres and David Villa upfront, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Senna, Alonso, David Silver, etc in midfield, Puyol, Sergio Ramos, Pique in defence, Casilias in goal.
I don't think our current team can match them, we really need to
work hard to improve.

Anonymous said...

As Allan NG says, Di Maria would be great. I think he was shown the red card the previous match and that's why he couldn't play, I don't remember, but he's the best substitution for Agüero IMO, who, while being world class, isn't making a great difference inside the field.

I still believe the priority should be the terribly weak defense. We don't lack forwards or midfielders, and I'm sure Maradona will find the way to make them work together, but the defense needs urgent improvement. A team can't aggresively attack knowing a counterattack will be lethal, and I feel this is what's happening.

Would you like Forlin? Monzon? Whatever happened to Clemente Rodriguez? Is Sorin active yet? Saviola, D'Alessandro and Aimar can't be out of the team.

I'm very disappointed by the Olé ratings too, but nobody takes Olé seriously here I guess.

Anonymous said...

I will not give ratings. But this loves to upset their fans. Let's see what they do on Wends. It better be something better then this! Milito is still has not done much. His time in the hour glass is running out for me. Others that have ran out like Heinze need to be replaced. The back line is a sad story.


Anonymous said...

Personally i would be a lot closer to Olé ratings and sometimes harsher. Sorry but i completely disagree with Dave P. ratings. Different POV I guess.
I would give a 4 to 5 to most of the players, except maybe Andujar who was good.

Sebastian said...

Some points here:

DI MARIA got a 4-game suspension after he saw the red card for that intentional kick in Bolivia. Therefore, he won't be around either for the matches against Brazil and Paraguay in September.

The earliest he could return will be when we face Perú in Buenos Aires (10 October).

Regarding Cata DIAZ, well, I didn't like how he performed either, but I think it was down to Diego's poor tactic selection (which he has admitted after the match).

I think Cata could be a solid option as a CB in a back line of four men. He'll always struggle playing as one of the outside defenders in a back line of three.

Anonymous said...

i have a question: why did maxi rodriguez did not play? and what about lucho gonzales? and is there a tall striker for argentina, like crespo (but not crespo)?

and i think the performance now doesn't mean anything. the potential is there (i hope), and they must be good at the wc, when it really counts.

also don't forget that carlos bilardo is the guy who helps maradona, and he knows one thing better than anyone else: how to win.

Anonymous said...

Maxi is going to play against Ecuador, he was preserved.

As for Lucho, he's in jured and frankly i hope he wont be called anymore, he sucks so much with us, it's unbelievable.


Allan said...

We do have a tall striker, Franco di Santo of Chelsea. He is 1.9m tall and will make a good target man.

Anonymous said...

we have tall strikers...luciano becchio, leeds united, hector bracamonte, FC moscow, jose sand, lanus, higuain, real madrid, cavenaghi, bordeaux...but i guess none fall in maradonas list yet.

Anonymous said...

pareja and leandro fernandez are 2 defenders that he should take a look at...and biglia, conca, d'alessandro, cesar delgado and mathias delgado are good options to have in midfield....forget di maria and injury and out of form have hampered their performances this season.

Sebastian said...

Allan, as much as I respect Franco DI SANTO and wish he has a great successful career ahead of him, how can you bring his name to the table when he can't get a game at Chelsea?

If I was his agent, his father, his friend, someone close to him, I'd say to him: "GET THE HELL OUT OF CHELSEA, BOY! GO SOMEWHERE AND PLAY SOME MATCHES!".

I'm really sad because of two things:

1. MARADONA seems to be keen to keep using the three little guys upfront regardless of how badly they have been playing together for us. Therefore, MARADONA is wasting the opportunity to use a legit tall goal-scoring centre-forward like MILITO. Someone who's been scoring and can score at will at a top level like Serie A (and for a team that's not so big or dominant). Someone who has prompted Inter Milan to sign him on and trust him while they negotiate Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC.

2. As a result of Diego's failure to use MILITO and make him success, most people has lost their patience on MILITO and most people think he is useless. Especially with HIGUAIN being ignored by Diego, now people started something like a debate or a fight between MILITO and Pipita and that's just wrong! It's not MILITO's fault that HIGUAIN is not in the squad.

I'll keep supporting Diego MILITO until he gets a few proper chances and blows them (one entire match and being assisted by his team-mates, instead of being ignored).

Mohd said...

well i have to agree with Sebastian on this one. again i would have selected Higuain and Zarate ahead of Milito and Aguero (and probably tevez in his current level) any day of the week.

but with the current options, Milito should get his chance. i can imagine with messi and tevez playing behind him, Milito can have the chance to prove himself; at the end he is a box striker and he needs to be fed...

however, i still believe that our biggest weakness is the midfield.

Anonymous said...

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