Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Albiceleste FAN-atic From Canada

Football fans have many ways to show their devotion and allegiance of their favourite team.

For instance, some do decorate their room, car or even their office cubicle with flag or banners that represent their team. Some even named their children after their favourite players. And to a certain extent, some might even get a tattoo that symbolizes their team.


Though it can be a very subjective and taboo in some part of the world, I think they look very cool in many ways. As a matter of fact, I would like to confess that I have a black Puma crawling on my left arm!

Well here we have Mike from Toronto, Canada who wants to share with us a picture of his tattoo. It is the official logo of the Asociación del Fútbol Argentino. I must say that I like the texture of the colour and it looks very amazing.
Thanks for sharing with us, Mike. You’re certainly one crazy (in a nice way) and loyal Albiceleste supporter.

Now are they any other crazy Albiceleste fanatics out there who would like to share with us something? Please do write to us at


Paulina said...


Sebastian said...

Thanks Mike for sharing the picture with us.

Here's hoping next year you have to update it and add a third star in the middle of the other two.

Tim said...

Very nice. I like it :)

Mike said...

i purposely left space for a star in the middle, lets keep our fingers crossed