Friday, June 26, 2009

MARADONA finally signs his contract with AFA

As reported by our readers on the comments' box, MARADONA has finally put pen to paper to a contract that serves to officially appoint him as Argentina manager until after the World Cup 2010.

According to reports, MARADONA will earn 1,2 million US dollars (860k Euros), roughly 100k USD per month.

Some people are saying that it is too much money and they compared it with the salaries earned by PASSARELLA, BIELSA, PEKERMAN and BASILE, who were all paid between 40 and 50k a month.

Other people say it's ludicrous to justify his salary on the basis that he raises the profile of the team and that now there is an interest for Argentina matches. Well...if you're Julio GRONDONA and you're getting money to have your team play friendlies all over the world and you generate a lot of income because of the constant exposure your team is getting, then it doesn't sound like that's too much money.

Especially if you compare it with the 3 million Euros (that's Euros), Sven-Goran ERIKSSON earned when he managed Mexico (to pathetic results and performances). Or the 1,4 million Euros per year that Giovanni TRAPATTONI is earning as the Republic of Ireland manager (yes, he's getting the results, but he's earning twice as much as Diego).

Guus HIDDINK, the wizard, gets 2,5 million Euros a year in Russia and Marcelo LIPPI (Italy) earns 2 million Euros per year to lose to Egypt and get knocked out of the Confed Cup in the first round.

Let's just dont bring Diego these figures or he may start a war with the world and ask for a raise!

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