Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Argentina to face New Zealand in a July friendly

Diego MARADONA will continue to experiment with the players that are still competing in the Argentine league and will also continue to tour the country with the team.

Although it wasn't announced officially, it is believed that Argentina will play a friendly match against New Zealand in the city of Cordoba on 9 July (Independence Day in Argentina).

In other news, Julio GRONDONA (President of the AFA) announced that the main venue for the Copa America Argentina 2011 will be the Estadio Unico de La Plata (where Estudiantes and Gimnasia play their most important matches). The stadium will have a roof by 2011.

Other venues will be in Santa Fe, Córdoba, San Juan, Mendoza, Salta and Jujuy.

There is still no confirmation about what will be the venue for Argentina to host Brazil. To the option to move it to Rosario (not as strong as it was last week), it was added an interest from Boca Juniors to play it at La Bombonera.

The favourite remains the Estadio Monumental where Argentina's been playing all the big and official matches for as long as I can remember.


p2bn said...

We would probably thrash them very easily looking at what spain did to em. Nice practice anyway.

BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EL FLEA...22 TODAY..I Hope we still have alot alot more of him to see.

Vamos Messi
Vamos Argentina

Mohd said...

Andujar has joined Catania...


Mohd said...

i have a question for any of you guys from Argentina...how is the Arg media dealing with the Higuain issue? are they demanding Maradona to select him, or did they ever asked Maradona on the reason of ignoring Higuain?

johnny said...

Damn fine question and if I understood more spanish than I do, I might be able to say. Higuain was on some local BA tv sports talk shows yesterday afternoon.

Sebastian said...

Good questions, Mohd.

The pressure from the media for Diego to call him up is not nearly close to 0,001% of what it was when BIELSA was refusing to call RIQUELME prior the WC 2002.

You won't hear many "pundits" calling for HIGUAIN to be called up.

Hey...anybody thinks DEL BOSQUE should quit if Spain can't turn the game around against the USA?

Johnny...are you watching?

You must be excited!

Sebastian said...

Interesting article to know our "enemy" better!


Roy said...

Hey guys!

Seba, I'm watching. REALLY interesting so far. 1-0 for the States. It looks like it will be one of those games for Spain where they just can't seem to score. But credit to the US who are actually playing well(second half just started).

Seba, I don't think Del Bosque should quit. Spain is playing well, they just can't seem to finish(alas us against Ecuador). And as I write this Tim Howard just made a nice save.

Mohd said...

that's bad news Seba on Arg media not pushing on Diego. what are they waiting for?

Spain will score anytime now..they are getting so close

Paulina said...

US scored again-- this is what happens whenyour team just tries to score from all pass football. if the goals doesn't go in, all that passing feels very futile. Arg take note!

Sebastian said...

I know DEL BOSQUE shouldn't quit, Roy. I was being ironic.

But mark my words, there WILL be people saying he's rubbish and this and that.

In fact, I'm already listening to the FOX Sports Latin America commentators and they (famous for their love for conservative football) have already started praising the USA like if they were the best Italian side of all times and they are saying: "Is this the famous Spain? Is this the best team in the world?" FFS!

Paulina, let me disagree with you. If you win the Euro and you go undefeated for 35 matches by passing the ball around...then why should you change as soon as one result goes against you?

I've seen only the second half of this game and it was only Spain playing. HOWARD working VERY hard, not to mention the two USA CB.

I think VILLA was shockingly selfish and Spain were unlucky not to score.

I'm not saying the result is unfair, but to start saying bad things about this Spanish side...I think it's too much and too early.

A note to all of us: this is the new world of football, you know?

Egypt can beat Italy. Bolivia can score six against Argentina and get a 0-0 draw in Brazil.
Portugal and Sweden can be out of the World Cup VERY soon and very early.

And the USA can beat Spain.

Perhaps it helps us understand a few things and it helps us get a little bit more patient.

johnny said...

Yes !! I watched the match. Well, I doubt if the USA can play any better than that. Great for USA futbol, and as they have proved in the past, you can't take them for granted. Viva los Yanquis !

Paulina said...


I'm a lover of the passing game -- which is why I love Barcelona and Arg. football -- I agree with your comments -- I just think that sometimes the passing game can become futile under certain conditions, and that other dimensions really need to be explored.

The US -- you compare every single player between those two teams, and the Spanish player would be considered better. So why did the US win?

1) Spain didn't prepare for the US. They might have respected them, but not enough to focus on them the way they would have if they were a big European team.

2) The record that everyone talks about -- should be respected. The Euro Cup should be respected. But I've always felt that European teams have real weaknesses against non-Euro teams. Look at Italy- they barely made it past the US and Australia in the last World Cup.

The thing is -- I always worry about teams that just play "their style". (All my favorite teams have this mantra). It's a noble idea, but sometimes I feel that this notion is just another way of saying that they don't think that they should prepare for the other team.

It is worrying that the best passing team in the world can be beaten by the US. We are good workers, and scrappy, and unafraid. But the US really should have no right beating a team like Spain, unless Spain has serious flaws in their system.

That's all I meant to say...:)

johnny said...

I think a victory like today can be overanalyzed. The USA played way over their heads (kudos to them), and Spain couldn't squeeze one in, despite dominating much of the play in the second period. As they say-on any given day.

Dave P said...

Hey guys,

watched the USA SPAIN game in disbelief. Pretty much agree with everything that has been said so far. Once spain went down 1-0 they got so flustered but still kept pressure and possesion however they rushed everything. The second goal ended it, like everyone has said it was a game where it was all Spain but they could not finish. All that credit has to go to the USA CB's they kept the same pressure on Spain from the 1st min to the 94th min no one tired and that was the reason why they won because of their defensive intensity.

Really excited to watch the Brazil/SA v USA final going to be sweet...if USA beats Brazil then maybe we can too?? haha

Paulina said...

Honestly - i think that the only team that can beat Brazil is Argentina. Spain has too few opportunities to play Brazil, too few to figure them out. But Arg. can play Brazil - they know each other inside out.

The only reason I think that Brazil will probably beat Arg is because of Maradona's tactics. Arg should probably go into that game the way they did against France - way more disciplined. But, of course, the difference between Freance's scoring abilty and Brazil's scoring ability is the difference between my salary and Lionel Messi's.

Mohd said...

LOL Paulina, why go into the salary issue. thinking of it makes me hate Messi :)

Anonymous said...

Paulina> Good thing we arent playing the passing ball game, fact is we are sucking even more though.


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