Thursday, June 25, 2009

MARADONA vs. Riquelme. MARADONA vs. River

The most feared aspect of having Diego as a manager didn't take too long before it started to dominate the scene: he'll never be afraid of saying whatever is on his mind. It doesn't matter how many cameras are on him or how many microphones are working in front of him.

Right or wrong, Diego is never afraid of saying it as he feels it, but this characteristic that Diego has (and has always had), is now creating a funny air around our national team.

On Wednesday night, a microphone was approached to his mouth and the result were quotes like these:

"RIQUELME could make a comeback to my team. But first he'll have to apologise to me and to his team-mates for not being there for us when we needed him in the previous matches I was in charge".

"I'd have no problems sitting down with GRONDONA and RIQUELME. And I'd have no problems giving RIQUELME instructions, because that would be my job. But my commitment today is to those players who were there for me when RIQUELME wasn't".

RIQUELME refused to speak about the national team when asked at a Boca Juniors press conference. This was before MARADONA spoke on the radio on Wednesday night.

Diego didn't stop there.

He had a few more bullets to fire in River Plate's direction.

"The River Plate authorities spoke too much and were out of order. They are going to have to talk with my lawyers".

"I'd be happy to play at the Monumental if the pitch was in perfect conditions and my players were able to dribble with the ball".

"I want to say that the faucets/taps in the Monumental's dressing rooms are the same I've seen in 1978. Players like MESSI and TEVEZ cannot be changing in a room like that".

It looks like the internal battles keep piling up for Diego.


Paulina said...

Well - that puts an end to the Riquelme question. Riquelme will never never never ever apologize for anything.

But -- really -- shouldn't Maradona just be quiet and do his job? Shouldn't he be watching the confed. cup and taking notes? For chrissakes! Who are these people?

Mike said...

I hate to say it but I think its time we took Maradona out of there.

johnny said...

Right, Riquelme will NEVER return to the NT as long as Maradona is in charge. Whether that's a good or a bad thing for the NT is up for debate. I'm still with Seba as far as supporting Maradona while he's in charge, but he better start having some impressive performances soon, or for sure somebody will pull the plug. My take is that with enough rope he is eventually going to hang himself.

And for your consideration-though it has even less chance of happening than Roman returning to the NT with Maradona-my personal opinion is that the best thing that could happen to the NT is for a well qualified, very successfull non-argentine coach to be hired. A Hiddink type as an example. There is just WAY to much attention paid to allegiances, alliances, grudges, paybacks, etc. and etc. with the Argentine NT. It is nearly impossible to have great success with that being the case. A coach from outside of the "system" could cut through alot of that crap. Perform, or you sit, or don't get called at all. But hey, it makes too much sense to happen, and Grondona would NEVER allow it.

Anonymous said...

If Hiddink was our coach, we would win the world cup. No question.

Mohd said...

i do not want Riquelme back. the player that turns his back to his country is of no good. and please guys remember that the first time he walked out Maradona was not in charge.

if only Maradona gets the selection right, we can have a very good team without Riquelme.

p2bn said...

ROMAN is not coming. already has the news. About Diego, yes we cant replace him now neither need to but he needs to at least produce some results to shout at everyone who speaks against him. No that he is wrong about Roman or River Plate stadium but for his own sake, I just hope he lets other people do the talking at least until he is the national coach.

BTW, from what I saw today, the Brazilian performance was very lax. So hopefully good news for us.

sirus said...

If Hiddink is our coach... We will reach in semi finals... then eliminate... lol... Hiddink reach only semi... he wasnt win title...

Brazilian was a terrible night... We can destroy them in september...

Anonymous said...

see now were talking... before everyone had no hope for us beating brazil. again we should remember maradona has only losted two game and there's people saying that we will not be at the next world cup crazy huh??
now that brail has had a bad game we can all see that we have a very good change...
so people show a bit of fait....


ps sabe if you have face book Add me my friend cos im planing a trip back home to arg hopfully in time for the arg vs bra

Mohd said...

beating brazil has nothing to do with how good brazil are. it has to do with how we would manage not to flop anymore.

nobody ever said we cannot brazil on September. we have done it always. it is just a question if maradona will get his selections and tactics right. something which i doubt will happen as long as there are no indications of bringing the likes of Higuain, Zarate, Cambiasso, etc into the squad.

John said...

Hey Lucas, I've just added you a friend on my facebook.

By the way....

RIP King of Pop

Anonymous said...

Hey Amigos,

It looks like Argentina and good ol' Madonna crumbled against Brazil.

BTW this Brazilian team is coming up very strong...

I think Riquelme should definitely come back and Maradonna should leave. He is all about talking, and terrible coach ...


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