Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't call me Lucho...call me Monsier Lucheaux!

I'm sorry. I know it was a terrible headline. I couldn't come up with a better one for this news.

As we anticipated last week here on Mundo Albiceleste, Lucho GONZALEZ. has left Porto and has joined Olympique Marseille where he'll play for the next four seasons after the French club paid 18 million Euro for his transfer.

SAVIOLA is unveiled by Benfica

The Little Rabbit becomes official O Pequeno Coelho as he is unveiled by Benfica at their mythical Estadio da Luz (Stadium of Light).

In a day in which KAKA got his impressive presentation at the Bernabeu in Madrid, where he inherited the number 8 shirt from Fernando GAGO (because Pintita wanted to use the vacant number 5 shirt), SAVIOLA had a humble showing in comparison...but I saw no giant bird at KAKA's party!

So there you go! Ha!

Rosario again?

By the way...I know this news probably deserves an entry of its own, but I thought I'd add it up here in a nice long post.

I've heard the AFA elevated a petition to FIFA to host the match between Argentina and Brazil for the World Cup Qualifiers in the city of Rosario.

We are going to have to wait and see whether FIFA accepts this petition and whether the inspection that should be taking place, is successful or not.

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Anonymous said...

they say tevez wll be at man city by monday! GOOD MOVE???
what do you guys think?


messidona19 said...

That's not such a good move, Tevez won't be playing European Football next season, He would've been better off going for Liverpool or Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

guys, Tevez played best when he was at Boca, Corinthians, Argentina Olympic, and West Ham. Do you know why did he play so good? Do you know what the similarity is? Just one answer. He was the go-to guy. His teammates always gave him the ball and trusted him as the best player on the team!

That's why he doesn't look that good for MU or Argentina because MU gave that role to Ronaldo. Argentina gave that role to Messi and Riquelme (last year).

Tevez to City would be best for Tevez because in City, there is only Robinho who's roughly as good as Tevez. So there is a big chance that he'll get all the ball supply and becomes the team's vocal offense.

Tevez to Chelsea wouldn't be good because Chelsea have too many good players as the vocal offense. They have Lampard, Ballack, Drogba, Anelka.

One of Tevez weaknesses is that he plays not that good when he's not the number 1 team on the team. He's the go to guy, not just the role player.

John said...

I'll agree with Anonymous on this, 100%.

At City he will be their first choice and is sure to start every game alongside Roque SANTA CRUZ.

Furthermore, with no European football means that he will play less match and he will be much more fresher for the World Cup. Little things like these does make a lot of difference.

Plus he will regain his confidence that made him such a player in Boca and Corinthians.

johnny said...

Two goals last night by Andy D'Alessandro for Internacional in a Brazilian Cup match against Corinthians. Though he also was sent off.

Mohd said...


here we go again...the coaching genious does not believe it is time to call up Higuain. yeah right, as if Lisandro, Bergessio, Milito and even Aguero are any better!!!!

Sebastian said...

Mohd...that's really your opinion. I'd take MILITO and AGUERO over HIGUAIN.

Plus...the news are supposed to be positive for HIGUAIN. Diego said: "I'm not ruling him out".

Johnny...sorry to disappoint you, but the player who scored twice for Inter in the Brazilian Cup final was ALECSANDRO (a Brazilian).

The one who got sent off and wanted to fight against the entire Corinthians team was D'ALESSANDRO. You are correct in that one! haha!

Sebastian said...

Regarding HIGUAIN, I'd be very worried if I was him. The signing of Karim BENZEMA will surely take a lot of minutes off of him.

Not good news indeed. Smells like a TEVEZ-BERBATOV situation (only HIGUAIN and BENZEMA are even more similar when it comes to style of play and favourite position).

One of the "rules" in football is: "You never keep on the bench your marquee signings".

So I don't expect to see BENZEMA spending a lot of time on the bench.

With RAUL also in the mix and the addition of Cristiano RONALDO, KAKA and possibly RIBERY will surely hurt HIGUAIN's chances of shining again this season and of joining our national team in the future.

Anonymous said...

There might be a problem coming for Higuain with all the Real Madrid signatures lately (especially Benzema's one). Pellegrini is an adept of the 4-5-1 and i suspect he will play Benzema (after all Madrid paid 35m€) uppermost.


Anonymous said...

Well after spending three weeks in Argentina I am glad that I am back in the 90 deg sun in Los Angeles. I see not too much has changed, people calling for Maradona's head and him getting blamed for the loses. Speaking to family back home they also want Maradona's head on a silver plate. Majority of them are putting everything on Diego. Some are even saying they hope they get trashed by Brasil so Maradona gets fired. My only concern with that be is that we may not qualify if we give up any more points at home. I watched a few of the Brasil games in Argentina and they did not look that great, I mean they just played their predictable counter attacking football. But one thing must be clear, some changes need to happen. Different names need to be called up. I think I am a advocate on getting Higuain in the squad. We need a Cambiasso back, we need to dump a few others, this is from the back to front. Lets hope we get rejuvenated by September.


Anonymous said...

sebastian> seriously, what people found in Milito? The had some chances in the past and he wasnt good at all.

Mohd said...

Milito is like Cruz. great for club level, never good for international football. i do not know why, it is just the case for many players. playing at the international level is different and it shows on many players...

by the way, i do not want to rush judging, but i fear Aguero will be the same type. he is so good for atletico and at times so bad for Arg and the other times just not that good either.

johnny said...

Hey Seba-thanks for setting me straight about D' Alessandro and the other guy. Well, maybe Diego can recall the other guy. Ha Ha.

Sebastian said...

I won't (or at least I'll try not to) keep saying MILITO is a hell of a striker.

I will let his numbers and performances speak for themselves.

Maybe...before I keep quiet about him, I'll say a few things one more time.

How could he score four goals at the Bernabeu (when he was playing for mighty Zaragoza!!!!)? How can he get Inter to spend millions on him and how can he finish only one goal behind Zlatan in the last Serie A (having played less matches)?

MILITO is a much better player than CRUZ. They can be compared, yes, because they face very strong competition for a place in the national team.

But I'm absolutely convinced that if he gets a string of 3 or 4 matches together, the goals will come a plenty and he'll prove a success.

Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. It's tough, but he's against a very rich generation of attacking Argentine players.

John said...

From my humble opinion, if Diego selects players based on form rather than personality or reputation, I'm sure both HIGUAIN and MILITO will be a sure starter for Argentina. I can see both of them forming an attacking trio alongside MESSI. But the question is, will that ever happened?

I have to agree with Seba about Pipita's situation in Real. It's not looking good.

There is no way RAUL will ever be dropped from the team because he is Mr. Madrid. If they are spending a hell of a lot of money on BENZEMA and RONALDO, there is little chance in this world that they will be on the bench.

The solution to this dilemma is for Gonzalo to leave the Bernabau. Think again, if he stays he will be fighting a loosing battle and might end up on the bench for most part of the season. His chances for a place in next year’s World Cup (if there is) will be in jeopardy altogether.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Seba, Milito is not fit enough for the national team. He is like Luca Toni, can light it up for the club but is a ghost for the national team. Guy has no pace, no true skill on the ball and is not fit to play alongside with Messi nor Tevez. He can have a series of matches and still can not score a goal for the national team if his life depended on it. I agree with the part where you say Milito s better then Cruz. I know you a fan of his but just does fir the mold of our team. Some players are not made for the national team. From what I have seen from Milito, even its been a half of a game he has shown nothing. I can not see him playing along side world class players. Lets see how does in a major club. Now on the other hand a player like Higuain who is 21 plays along side superstars and does great. Now I do ponder why you are not sold on Higuain, Seba. Higuain was the second best player in Europe for Argentina last year. I hope this nightmare ends and I wake up and Diego is not the coach anymore.


Anonymous said...

And anyway, Higuain is not the only player missing...

Sebastian said...

Jack, I've said it many many times: I think HIGUAIN is a great player!

And I will support him if he gets called up by MARADONA (there are reports this may be the case for the next double round of WCQ).

Also...Jack, I know you don't like him, but lets face it, I wouldn't go as far as to saying: "He couldn't score even if his life depended on it". I know it's just an expression, but I tend to check the stats and get the facts.

MILITO scored 4 goals in 16 matches for the national team. I don't have the info with me, but I'm sure in the majority of those matches, he didn't complete the full 90 minutes.

MILITO played 5 matches in this WCQ, but only 135 minutes.

Jonas GUTIERREZ (yes, different position, but I'm not comparing them as players), is the only other Argentina player in the current WCQ to have taken part exactly in 5 matches. His minutes? 376.

That tells you MILITO played 27 minutes per match (as an average) and GUTIERREZ 75,2.

Let's see the current WCQ campaign numbers for MILITO:

Played 19 minutes after he replaced AGÜERO against Uruguay in Buenos Aires.

Played the entire first half against Chile in BASILE's last match in charge. He played alongside MESSI and AGÜERO and most of us here at Mundo at the time agreed he was the best of the three up front but surprisingly (?) got replaced and didn't start the second half.

Played 12 minutes against Venezuela in Diego's first game in charge. Again after replacing AGÜERO.

Played 50 minutes against Colombia in Buenos Aires (1-0), only because AGÜERO got injured in the first half.

And finally...he played 8 minutes at Quito against Ecuador.

His previous experience in WCQ with Argentina saw him taking part in only one match in the 2006 WCQ. Away to Perú. MILITO played 27 minutes as a sub, replacing D'ALESSANDRO.

Now...how can you say a player is not good enough for the national team when he NEVER had the chance to play the full 90 minutes in any of the matches he participated in?

It's hardly enough time for ANY player to prove himself and to show what can he do. Let alone a striker.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Carlos TEVEZ. But frankly, 8 goals in 50 matches for Argentina are hardly decent numbers.

Honestly, Jack. I don't think we've seen enough from MILITO with the national team in order to be able to categorically say he is not good enough for international football.

I don't buy that. I never will.

Mohd said...

wow i did not know that tevez scored only 8 goals! that is indeed too low. and this is in fact the reason many (including me) has started questioning tevez recent form. he is hard working as ever but he rarely scores these days and he is starting to get the reputation of being "hard worker"...hard working is good but few seasons ago tevez was the most skillful Arg player by a mile.

what happened to him?

Anonymous said...

I see that you want to see more of Milito and all of us have to sit through it and see how he does. Ok but who's fault is it that we do not see him? If Diego never wants to play a central striker for a entire game then you will never see Milito for a entire game to show "his stuff" and we will never see Higuain because of Maradona's idiotic choices. So do we need to sit through 10 more games and Maradona does not start a central striker and brings in Milito in the second half or late in the second half. So we have to wait and let Diego make our team crash and burn. He is not going to play a good system and we may never see our potential of our team.

I agree Tevez does not score goals for the national team but his work rate and passing up the ball is a lot more then Milito's.

I was just wondering why you would pick Milito over Higuain. Ok he finished second in the Serie A behind Ibra and has scored goals where ever he has gone. But let me remind you that Milito has never played with world class players like Higuain has. If you can manage to still score over 20 goals with a bunch of stars around you that can translate into the national team.

So we shall wait until September and watch Diego play another formation that may get us killed. You know if Argentina was not fighting to save their lives I would of liked them to get beat so Maradona could get fired. But we need every point possible.


Sebastian said...

I think your last point just make my theory stronger.

If you play surrounded by top players, you find more spaces as the defenders will have to cover for more players.

If you are your team's only legit goal-scoring threat and you still get to score more than 20 goals as season (even when your team is not as strong as Real Madrid, for example), then you become VERY GOOD in my eyes.

Again...I like HIGUAIN a lot, but I think MILITO deserves a chance and this could be his last one. HIGUAIN has a lot more time.

To me...it's not a matter of MILITO vs. HIGUAIN (I've said this many times). I just think any of those two could REALLY benefit playing alongside MESSI and TEVEZ or AGÜERO.

One thing I heard and read somewhere is that MARADONA has hinted he may use a big target man to face Brazil (we probably won't see the three midgets playing together).

Some journalists are suggesting he may call HIGUAIN to play in September.

Again...a case of having to wait and see. Whoever gets the call will get my total support and I think both of them can do a job. No problem.

One thing, though, you have to give your striker a full 90 minutes!

Regarding TEVEZ, Mohd and everybody. I think it's unfair to judge him only on his goal-scoring record. He is not a striker like BATISTUTA or CRESPO were.

TEVEZ gives you a lot of things that will never get reflected on a scoreline or in the statistics. Goals and assists are not the only things we should look for in a forward.

It's in the intangibles where TEVEZ becomes a player you have to have in your team at all times.

The way he impacts the game (team-mates and rivals), the way he sparks the fans...etc.

One factor I believe is having an impact on his recent performances (for both Man Utd and Argentina) is his clear unhappiness. Somebody mentioned it here on Mundo on the comments' box.

Whenever he was happy on and off the pitch, he provided the goods.

He was clearly not feeling very good last season (especially after BERBATOV arrived at Old Trafford) and once he gets his happiness back, he'll shine again.

Also...I didn't want to compare MILITO and TEVEZ because to me, they play in different positions (or to say it better, they are different kind of players). While TEVEZ can also score, that's not his main task. MILITO, on the other hand, is only asked to score. That's his mission and that's what he is supposed to do. He doesn't have to create chances for his team-mates, although he proved he is capable of that too (in every level he played at).

msi2 said...

Tevez was a better player years ago... unfortunately, since he has came to EPL he has changed his game. If you compare the Tevez of now and the Tevez from Boca, the current one is a lot bulkier than before. This is to handle the physical EPL game but he had (imo) terrible effect on him. Whilst he earned in physical presence, he has became slower, less agile and his goal scoring has taken a hit. His game has changed for the worse and i doubt we are going to see him back like the Boca's days.

The trade-off has been horrible as far as i'm concerned.

Mohd said...

msi2>> i could not agree more. i wondered if someone would agree with me that now tevez looks to have gained a lot more weight and now he never runs with the ball the way he did.

i followed him closely while playing for boca and specially for Corinthians...man he was superb! he was explosive, scorer, and skillful. now it is the explosivness only that remained.

John said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

I totally agree that MILITO (or HIGUAIN or even any other typical No.9 strikers that we have) should be given a full 90 minutes outing rather sparingly being used. With both TEVEZ and MESSI on the sides providing them with all types of assists, they can score and will score. No doubt about it.

TEVEZ record for the National Team may not be that attractive to speak off, but lets not forget that his role was never an out-and-out striker rather more of a forward. His hardworking is crucial for us and he can provide a lot of our striker to bang in the goals.

That doesn’t mean that he is not a great goal scorer because we have seen a lot of that from him during his days with Boca and Corinthians. That’s simply because he was the main target man there. In West Ham it was Bobby ZAMORA and with Manchester United it was Wayne ROONEY. I guess the same will happened with Manchester City (should he sign for them) as the main goal scorer is likely to be SANTA CRUZ.

However if it does work at club level, then it will work for the National Team. All Diego needs to do is give our No.9 players the full game they need. It is then they can build on their confidence to perform better for the National Team.

Sebastian said...

It's a fair point from msi2 and I agree to some extent.

What I would like to add is that the Argentine and the Brazilian leagues are a very different kind of animal compared to the English Premier League.

A skinny TEVEZ wouldn't last 10 minutes in the English game.

What I think has a bigger impact in his form, and John's comment goes along the same lines, is the fact that he has not been the main man in his team even since he joined the Premiership. Towards the end of his West Ham spell he clearly was. And look at the results. If you watch some footage of those final 10 or 8 matches, you'll see the same TEVEZ you saw at Boca or Corinthians.

I still think TEVEZ got it. Bulkier or not. He's got it. He needs to be happy again. He needs to feel appreciated again. Once he does, we will all be happier!

Anonymous said...

I do not think my statement made your theory better. Milito has never shown that he can adapt to great players around him. He has never shown any creativity to create goals on his own like Batistuta did in the past. He scores goals but never at the highest level. I do not think it will translate well to Inter nor Argentina. When and if Milito starts missing games for Inter because he is on the bench that will be another excuse we will hear, that Milito does not get enough time for club nor country. But that is what I see. I have said many times that I would give Milito many chances but my beef is not with Milito, it is with Maradona. I do not get how you do not get upset with Maradona. You want to see him play more of Milito but never does. Out the handful of games Maradona ha sbeen coach for, Milito has played likely less then 1 full game if you add up the minutes,right? I hope I am wrong with Milito but Maradona is not using the correct system. So let me ask you a question, how many FULL games do you want Milito before making a judgment on him? Lets say Maradona wakes up with his mind clear of cocaine, and says I need to start Milito game in and game out. Again I will give Milito the benefit of the doubt, by the time the WCQ are done and he has not put 1 goal behind the net do you think it is time to look else where? As a striker. I know you think it is a bad time to fire the coach and that is not a option in your book. But lets say Milito plays game in and game out for the next 4 games and does not do much will you be judgmental on him?


Sebastian said...

Of course I'll admit it if MILITO fails. Given the current circumstances, though, it'd be VERY unfair to say MILITO is not good enough.

How do you know if a player is good enough when you NEVER seen him playing at least one full match?

You're already saying MILITO can't adapt to the players around him and you watch him, what? 15 minutes per match?

BATISTUTA was a great goal scorer. No doubt. But 'creativity to create his goals'?

I was thinking of BATISTUTA the other day and how he was kicked out of River Plate because he wasn't good enough. Then he exploded for Boca Juniors and got the nod as the starting striker for Argentina in the Copa America 1991 with BASILE.

He DID have his chance (and again, I'm not comparing one player to the other. Just the different situations).

Regarding MARADONA. I've seen him beat France in France. He won his two home WCQ matches and only lost in the altitude. I'm still studying him and he still has the benefit of the doubt in my mind.

The next four matches will make or break, but if anything, the fault should mostly lie on the AFA's shoulders and also on BASILE's (10 matches we played with him).

Yes. MARADONA will share some of that blame too. But he shouldn't be the only one with his head on the line.

You have got to agree with that, Jack.

Paulina said...

I think that many people (especially Arg fans) give a little too much stock in the French national team. They are at a real low ebb at this point - they haven't been half the team that they were with Zidane. And Frnace doesn't really have much of a home advantage. In fact, they are routinly booed at their home matches. So I'm not sure that any defeat against France should be taken with the same weight as a defeat against Spain, or even England.

I think that a mistake was made after the recent France victory on the part of the palyers, and probably Maradona, to believe that they can dispense with a player like Riquelme, just becuase they beat France. The truth is that France isn't that hard to beat right now, and Riquelme has so far been irreplacable.

Maradona's tenure has been questionable not becuase of his record, but more because of the WAY he's lost the games that he lost.

Of course, he isn't the only one to blaim, but I do think that he put himself in this position, he's getting an absudly high salary, so he should shoulder most of the blaim. That's just the nature of being the national team coach.

Sebastian said...

Paulina...I agree....

....with none of your comments! ;)

France, for all their problems and crisis, are still the runners-up from the last World Cup and should still be respected.

Yes. They don't have ZIDANE anymore, but we don't have MARADONA or BATISTUTA, for that matter.

We went there with a new coach (only one match at the helm at the time) and played a team with a manager that's been in charge since 2004 and had a lot of time to work and communicate his ideas to the players. The fact that I think he is a terrible manager, is another matter.

I don't see why you're writing off France like that. I respect your opinion when you say Diego lost a couple of matches and lost them badly (I wouldn't say he lost badly with Ecuador as I sincerely think Argentina deserved at least a draw), but then you have to give the man some credit when he wins. Don't you think?

Regarding the salary...what does Sven-Göran ERIKSSON have to say about that then?

If the AFA pays him that much, it is because Diego generates the same amount for them (and I doubt it. I'd think he generates much more than what he earns). It's the same with the money Real Madrid spend on players. You think they don't generate it afterward?)

And I think you're getting it wrong when it comes to RIQUELME. MARADONA did say many many times that he would like to have RIQUELME. He even said the number 10 shirt belonged to RIQUELME (when he first took over as manager).

Again...for the 23513418974124th time: RIQUELME QUIT.

Sebastian said...

By the way, Paulina, you know I like you, don't you?

We're just talking about football. OK? It's just an exchange of opinions.

Espero que no te tomes a mal mi respuesta anterior.


Anonymous said...

I agree the players are a part of the blame, but it's not like Diego is saying "Guys, run that way and see that oval shaped figure called a ball, try to put it in the net of the other team". The team is using Maradona's system, they are not just running around the pitch like kids. Maradona is failing and like I said if we were not fighting for our lives I would have a grin across my face and laugh at Diego. Yes Argentina beat France but I do have to agree with another poster that France squad is not that good. Nigeria beat them not too long ago, and Turkey gave them a run for their money a month back or so. And games that we normally won in the past with ease we struggle. 4 games we have 4 games from getting to out goal or us having a failure that none of us can wrap out heads around. I think we will get there, I have said it a million times, and in a way it maybe not good to peak now and peak in a year from now. We know Diego is not going to listen to anybody but himself, the media can get on him and he will never back down.

My point with Batistuta was he made goals out of nothing, and I doubt anytime soon will we see a player that much goal scoring ability. Milito on his best day can not match Batistuta on his worse day(just kidding). I just do not want us to have the same formation vs Brasil. And don't you think the Brasilian are licking their chops and saying, we can put a dent on their qualification hopes. If we lose to Brasil at home, we will lose to Paraguay in Asunción. The team is just not mentally tough. This is a worse case.


Paulina said...

Seba -

Of course! No problem - we are just discussing football. I hope you do know that I post on boards because I love watching Arg play, and now I feel really invested in the team, after following them for so long.

The French national team is full of amazing talents, but you really only get a Zidane once every 70 years. You say that Arg. doesn't have a Maradona or a Batistuta on your Arg team, but, CMON, you have MESSI. He's a once in a lifetime player. France has no one like that. Honestly - I don't really get why you guys worship the French team so much. They are wonderful players, but highly ineffective goal scorers, and prone to dissolution.

The Riquelme situation - of course Riquelme brought this on himself. I'm not really talking about him, but about the players and Maradona. They came out of the France game with what I think was a wrong assessment of the situation. Was Maradona shrewed enough to "draw" a resignation out of Riquelme by doing what he did? I would say, yeah, maybe. Riquelme is thin-skinned, everyone knows that.

Of course - like I've said before - Riquelme is not Arg/ only midfielder out there. But Maradona needs to create SOME presence there, and so far he hasn't yet. I'm not against Veron, but I'll also say that he's not enough.

Anyway -- I guess the Brazil game will answer a lot of questions., If maradoan can set up a game plan to dethorn Brazil's attack, and come out shrewed and winning, then I would be right behind him. This is a major test - I just think that he should be assessed as a coach, and nothing else. I hope that doesn't offend!

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