Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The list to face Guatemala in Los Angeles

We knew there was a friendly coming up for Argentina and we knew it was going to be against Guatemala in Los Angeles.

Well, now we know which players will be wearing the Albiceleste there.

Sergio BATISTA announced the list of 18 that will represent us in February 6th.

The anticipated presence of Juan Roman RIQUELME, Javier MASCHERANO and Martín DEMICHELIS is confirmed, while Lionel MESSI misses out because he is not 100% match-fit. Benfica's Angel DI MARIA gets the call in his place.

Here's the list and some information about each of the 18 young men that will probably be the core of our Olympic National Team.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN is finally on board while Ezequiel GARAY leads a solid defensive unit that will be playing in front of Oscar USTARI (or Sergio ROMERO).

The surprise is embodied by defender Cristian ANSALDI who plays for Rubin Kasan (Russia).

Other notable names:

Pablo ZABALETA, Fernando GAGO, Federico FAZIO, Ever BANEGA, José SOSA, Sergio AGÜERO and Ezequiel LAVEZZI.

Link to the full list: http://www.afa.org.ar/?m=news&n=5441&idm=13
Source: AFA (Asociación Argentina de Fútbol)


johnny said...

Seba-where would you guess the weakness is with this squad-fullbacks ? An impressive bunch of young talent.

Anonymous said...

You know I am very shocked that so many european based players will be here! I have gone to many many argentina games in Los Angeles(Mostly vs Mexico) and they never brought european based players. Well time to go buy my tickets!!!


Anonymous said...

Well I am happy that Di Maria finally got a call. This team should walk through Guatemala. Higuain will I think be a sub.


John said...

Looks very promising. I would also say this could also make up for the 2010 WC squad.

Now Jack, perhaps you could be our correspondence for the game.

Seba said...

Jack! I'm very happy you'll get to see our Olympic team almost in full (MESSI won't be there, but at least, one of your favourite players, Angel DI MARIA will make the trip!).

Hope you get a ticket to go there and hopefully become our eyes on site.

Johnny, now I don't where the weakness is. It seems to be a very capable bunch of guys (to say the least). I'm eager to see how these players will gel and, make no mistake, we are candidates to win the gold medal in Beijing and keep it in our country!

I'm sure Brazil will look to win the only competition they never won and they'll bring their top guns. KAKA will be there no doubt (provided he wants to go) and then we'll have to wait and see which other over-aged players will be picked by DUNGA (or whoever will be coaching that team).

We'll see how our team goes in the preparation matches and I think one of the most important things is for the players to get to know BATISTA and his system.

Allan said...

I think this team has huge potential.

I just heard that HKFA is planning a pre-Olympic Football tournament in Hong Kong in July and would like to invite two European sides and one South American side to play with the Chinese side. Holland is interested to come and we are waiting for Argentina and Brazil's reply. I hope we get the Albiceleste but I hear the Argentine FA is asking for $$$$$$$$$$$$...

John said...

Allan, for your sake I really do hope Argentina will make the trip.

It seems that Scotland was supposed to play Argentina for in a friendly match in Hampden Park was called off because of the large sum demanded by the AFA.

allan ng said...

Seba, who is this Franco Di Santo that Chelsea just signed?

Anonymous said...

Allan Ng- Di Santo is a 18 year old "wonderkid". Hey some videos I saw of him, he is very fast on the ball for his size and great ball control, not to mention that he is about 6'4 close to 6'5( A big striker, FINALLY!). He is still 18 years old and is going to a major club with major players so I do not know if this is a good move but who knows. Some more EPL news, looks like Liverpool is going after Aimar! Yes Aimar!


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