Thursday, January 10, 2008

NBA News - Bench Power

Dallas Mavericks 102 Detroit Pistons 86

The Pistons suffered they're second successive defeat at the hand of the same team. Nothing to worry much in the Eastern Conference because even the Celtics loss too.

But what I believe the positive aspect of this game was Walter HERRMANN performance as a team player. Lets face it we all know that coach Flip SAUNDERS often rely plenty from his starting team have rarely dig deep on his reserve.

Though only a mere 3 points to his credit but look at the other stat. HERRMANN was given 17 minutes of time play and he had a team high of 4 assists & 2 rebounds. Something that SAUNDERS should take notice when they face San Antonio Spurs in their next game.

New York Knicks 92 Houston Rockets 101

Forget about Isiah THOMAS ejection, the real deal for me in this game was the battle for time play in the power forward position. Again the figures don't lie, unless coach Rick ADELMAN think otherwise.
Luis SCOLA had a big night in offense and as Chuck HAYES was in defense with a game high 13 rebounds.

Luis stepped up huge,'' Rockets coach ADELMAN said. "He was the one that was going to be open because they were leaving him to go help on YAO. And he made the shots and he can get to the basket.''

To finish off, SCOLA posted 19 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists & 2 steals.

Toronto Raptors 109 Philidelphia 76ers 96

Carlos DELFINO was the top performer from the bench for the Raptors, as they manage to erase that painful defeat at the hands of Cleveland Cavaliers a few nights ago.
DELFINO finished off the game with 12 points but also contributed 5 rebounds, 3 assists & 1 steal.


Kyle said...

a lot of pistons fans are really big on herrmann right now. if you ask me his size, hands and aggressiveness are a perfect compliment to the piston's bench unit.

combine that with the excellent defense he played on dirk and he could be a 15-20 minute per night guy come playoff time.

Time Intact said...

Delfino's been quiet in recent games, good to see him with a solid performance again. I wanna see Delfino play Ginobili, that would be fun.

John said...

Though I didn't watch the game, from the looks of it, the Spurs/Piston game was perhaps the most dissapointing for my taste bud.

Time Intact said...

That might be because its all a defense vs defense type of game, which no one really likes watching. Both teams are considered 'boring' to watch, although I love watching the Spurs and they can play anyway anytime they want.

Melvin said...

Yeah... Its really boring to watch those kinds of games and it doesn't suit my taste buds too...

Iron Fist said...

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