Sunday, January 13, 2008

NBA News - Delfino's Power & NYC Shocker

New York Knicks 89 Detroit Pistons 65

Now this is real surprise. For a team that has been so dominant on the road recently, defeating the likes Spurs and Celtics, were crushed tonight by the Knicks. Wow!!!

What’s more surprising is that knowing coach Flip SAUNDERS over relying on his starters, Walter HERRMANN was given 15 minutes plus of time play. He manages to post 2 points, 3 rebounds & an assist.

Houston Rockets 82 New Orleans Hornets 87

Luis SCOLA was unable to continue his great run of form from recent games but still was given more prominent role in the power forward role by coach Rick ADELMAN.
He finished off the night with 6 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist & 2 steal.

Atlanta Hawks 105 Chicago Bulls 85

I guess the flu spreading from the Bulls dressing room must have been too much for them to handle in this game.
Despite being the best performer in starting line up, Andres NOCIONI’s 20 points was still not good enough to help the Bulls in this game.

H also posted 5 rebounds, 1 steal & 1 block shot.

Toronto Raptors 116 Portland Trail Blazers 109

Despite the big scoring effort from Jose CALDERON, Anthony PARKER & Chris BOSH in the match that went into double over time, contribution from then bench can never be ignored.

Carlos DELFINO was once again coach Sam MITCHELL crucial performer when called upon, as he posted 16 points, 8 rebounds & an assist.


Arsenalist said...

I think the reason Hermann got off the bench was because it was garbage time. He's buried pretty deep in that Detroit rotation to get 15 minutes of playing time on a team favored to win the EC.

As for CD, good game by him, he provided a much needed spark off the bench (which is dead these days).

Time Intact said...

That pic of Delfino you have up, I remember that shot; it was a nice semi tear-drop. By the way, you mean Jose Calderon, you put "Juan." Juan plays for the Grizzlies haha.

John said...

Thanks for the correction Time Intact, I knew something was fishy about that name.

Since we're talking about both Carlos DELFINO & Walter HERRMANN.

DELFINO's time spent in Detroit was nothing but waste of time. He was never use on most occassion. At some point it seems like he was never meant for the NBA but that was wrong.

Look at him now, he's getting quality time play and even had game high performance under his belt.

As for HERRMANN, I'm not sure yet about him in Detroit. Some Pistons fan mentioned to me that his physical atttribute does compliments Flip SAUNDERS style of play. But all that only time will tell.

Rele said...

Despite the big effort... sounds very subjective ;-)
Yes, Delfino is far the best of Raptors bench, but Calderon's performance, including steal and free throws on the last seconds, was just amazing.
Jose Calderon AllStar!!

Melvin said...

Hahaha. The Knicks are VERY lucky to meet the tired Pistons. Not surprising that they have beaten the Detroit. Pistosn have played 4 games in 5 nights so any team can beat them.

I'm starting to be impressed with Delfino's game. He's a nice kid.

Anyway I have a new post and i forgot the url... hope you read it folks.. ^^