Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NBA News - Surprise In Boston & Wins For Others

Boston Celtics 112 Toronto Raptors 114

The last occasion that I remember seeing the Raptors when they travel to play the Celtics, they were beaten to the core.

But today the effort of an entire team was needed if they had to overcome PIERCE-GARNETT-ALLEN.
Though 4 of their started were in double-digit points, much of the extra ammunition from the bench came from Carlos DELFINO. He was 100% from the three points.

Eventually he finished off the game by posting 15 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists & 1 steal.

Chicago Bulls 108 Indiana Pacers 95

If the Bulls had to re-affirm their chances on booking a play off spot in Eastern Conference, it had to be this game. And now after winning tonight’s game, they trailed the eight place Pacers by one game.

The day started for the Bulls filled with plenty of uncertainty as both Luol DENG and Ben GORDON had sit out because of injuries. Which means other had to step it up.
True to his class, Andres NOCIONI produce another hit performance with 24 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal & 2 block shot to help the Bulls win this game.

San Antonio Spurs 103 Los Angeles Lakers 91

Spurs secured their second successive victory. For a while it may not have look possible as they were trailing for most of the occasion. But in the end that’s just the Spurs that we have always knew.
By his own standard, Manu GINOBILI did have a good night but still played a big part in posting 12 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists & a game high 8 steals.

Fabricio OBERTO started from the bench had no points just a rebound & an assist only.

Seattle Supersonics 107 Houston Rockets 109

The Rockets rallied back from an 89-99 deficit with 5 minutes left to produce this win.

Luis SCOLA, who had the better of minutes playing ahead of Chuck HAYES, posted 6 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists & 1 steal.


halley said...

Cheers to the Raptors and the Bulls!!.. I wish all these three teams get to the playoffs [Raptors, Bulls, Spurs]!.. Great job for the Spurs!.. [i can see manu is doing his thing again!] even with a Bynum-less Lakers, it's still feels good that they beat the Lakers.

John said...

Thanks for your comment Halley,

It's good to see both Manu & Spurs are doing their usual thing after much bumby ride in recent games.

I really do want them to keep it up so that they finish first in the Western Conference.

Not to sure why OBERTO was relegated to the bench. Perhaps you can help me on this.

halley said...

Hmmm. I think Pop is still having his experiment with the lineup. I think it's a clever idea to keep Oberto on the bench esp during back-to-back games. Oberto will have the energy and the drive to do his best when he gets back to the starting lineup. =) it's just some sort of experiment from Pop.

Time Intact said...

That Raptors-Celtics game was AMAZING. It looked like no matter what the Raptors would end up losing, but they showed guts and ripped it away from Boston. It was without a doubt a total team effort, and it was GREAT to see Bargnani break out with such a nice game..but of course the two words people will remember this game for and for good reason is:
JOSE CALDERON. He deserves to be on the all-star team.

John said...

Watching Jose CALDERON makes me wonder why Pepe SANCHEZ never had the same fate in the NBA?.....

Justin said...

nothin but respect for argentina's basketball team. I live near chicago n Nocioni is the man.. a lot of the sportswriters around here keep rippin on him though. Check out my site I have Argentina ranked high on my rankings...lemme know what u think

Azrael said...

That was another great performance by Nocioni. I was also glad to hear that the talks of him and Thabo going to the Nets fell through. I couldn't imagine trading Noc to the team that we have trouble beating!

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