Saturday, January 12, 2008

NBA News - Vamos Scola & Chapu

Minnesota Timberwolves 82 Houston Rockets 113

Slowly but surely the Rockets are beginning to learn that they can carry on without Tracy McGRADY as he took another night off. YAO Ming barely had much of the responsibility on his shoulder to muscle this team together. So where does all that energy comes from? Luis SCOLA?

SCOLA had a game high 22 points as the Rockets won their seventh game without T-Mac availability.
SCOLA is the fifth different player to lead the Rockets in scoring while McGRADY has been sidelined. An established star in the European League, but a rookie in the NBA, he has reached double figures in seven of Houston's last 11 games.

"I think I'm working hard and I'm getting better little by little,'' SCOLA said. "I'm getting used to the differences between here and where I come from.'' He finished off with 9 rebounds, 5 assists & 1 steal.

New York Knicks 90 Toronto Raptors 99

Another quite night from Carlos DELFINO as failed to follow up with his previous great performance. He was only action for around 11 minutes and posted 2 points, 2 rebounds & 1 assist.

Philidelphia 76ers 97 Chicago Bulls 100

The Bulls rallied back from a 18 points deficit and much of it is thanks to the never give up attitude from Andres NOCIONI.

Despite playing with joint sore and suffering from flu-like symptoms, he still had enough energy to help by scoring a game high 26 points.

“For three days it (flu) was bad, but I felt much better (Friday) and had more energy,'' NOCIONI said. "I really wanted to help my team win.''
There was also praised from the Bulls interim coach Jim BOYLAN
“ We got great performances from NOCIONI ,'' BOYLAN said. "He did a really good job defensively on IGUODALA. That was a big part of the win.''

Chapu finished off with also 7 rebounds, 4 assists & 2 block shots.


halley said...

wow! it's good news that the rockets are back on track even without the t-mac. and i'm happy about the bull's improvement. i'm just not happy about how the spurs are doing right now. oh well, as long as they get into the playoffs, i'm good!..

John said...

Just a quick news here....

San Antonio Spurs have just defeated Minnesota Tmberwolves 105-88 with Manu GINOBILI in top form.

He was Spurs best performer with 22 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists & a game high 5 steals.

Fabricio OBERTO also had productive game with 6 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals & 3 block shots.

Had I been coach Flip SAUNDERS, I would have used both Walter HERRMANN & Primoz BREZEC to full effects when they played against the Bobcats.

Ok it was a win for the Pistons (103-100) but look how did Nazr MOHAMMED performed. I' sure both players would love to prove something to the Bobcats management.

HERRMANN was only given about 5:30 time play and posted 2 points.

Azrael said...

It's a good sign that Nocioni's putting up big numbers again. It was easy to tell that he was affected by the flu during the Knicks game. So, writing that off as a fluke, he continued where he left off when we lit up the Kings. If the Bulls are going to turn this terrible start around, they need at least one hero each night to put up 25-30 and 3-4 other guys in double digits.