Monday, January 21, 2008

NBA News - A Win For Manu & Spurs

Charlotte Bobcats 86 San Antonio Spurs 95

In recent games, the defending champion has been going through perhaps the toughest period they’ve ever had this season. Not to mentioned coming into this game with back-to-back defeats. This win could come in handy for them re-ignite their wining instinct.

Manu GINOBILI was on top again with 16 points, 5 rebounds, team high 6 assists & 4 steals plus 1 block shot.

On a rare situation Fabricio OBERTO started the game from the bench in place. He manages to post 4 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals & 1 block shot.

Houston Rockets 96 Seattle Supersonics 83

Despite the win, it was a disappointing night for Luis SCOLA as despite playing for 25 plus minutes he had no points and only 3 rebounds & 1 assist to his credit.

Memphis Grizzlies 104 Chicago Bulls 90

Another defeat for the Bulls, which will definitely, ensures that they have a long battle ahead in order to clinch a play off spot.

Andres NOCIONI was the Bulls second best man behind Ben GORDON with 16 points, 3 rebounds & 1 assist.

Orlando Magic 102 Detroit Pistons 100

I had to say this but Walter HERRMANN only had 43 seconds of action of the night.


halley said...

Yea! The Spurs won!.. 5 of the Spurs are in double-figures. Manu is as great as ever and so is Tim Duncan. They're getting in shape now. I'd be even happier if the Lakers lose to the Spurs. ;-) Go Spurs Go!..

I haven't watched the game cuz I'm usually at work. I watch NBA Live to get the highlights of today's games.

Melvin said...

I thought the Bobcats could pull a surprise, but they didn't....

It feels great that the Pistons lost... =)

p.S. New poll...

grungedave said...

Scola helps the Rockets in more ways than just the "points scored" category. Sure, no one wants to go scoreless - but Scola found a way to contribute anyway. That's why he needs to get 30 minutes a game (and hopefully as a starter soon!)

UofTOrange said...

How awesome would it be to actually put an all Argentina team together? There wouldn't be a true center (unless I am missing someone) but that team would kill in the NBA still. Luis has been phenomenal for my Rockets. The little things he does sometimes add up and sometimes through scorer error they don't. His hustle and tenacity are everything the Rockets need. He is everywhere at all times. I love having him on the Rockets and I think he'll be a Rocket for his entire NBA career.