Thursday, January 24, 2008

NBA - Manu's 18 & 3 In A Row

Miami Heat 89 San Antonio Spurs 90

The champion of 2006 entertains the champion of 2005 & 2007. However these days it doesn’t look like it is clash among champions.

The Heat is suffering big time having now going for 15th consecutive match without a win. While the Spurs, as usual, leaving it late for the past three games.
Manu GINOBILI driving lay up with 36.5 seconds left allowed Spurs to rallied back from a 10-point deficit to win this tie. Manu has often produced the most when others are having a mediocre time.

He also posted game high of 11 rebounds (together with Tim DUNCAN) & 8 assists plus 2 steals in the process.

Fabricio OBERTO was brought back to the starting line up posted 4 points, 3 rebounds & 1 assist.


halley said...

I really thought the Spurs were going to lose. It's feels good though that they are starting to win now. They should be able to get some more rest for the next game against their Southwest div rival, the New Orleans Hornets. =)

Justin said...

If you know how to blogroll or link with me or wutever its called you should do it cuz i'd like to have a link to your site on my website if thats ok

Azrael said...

Manu was amazing... gutsy clutch play at the end. For a moment, I thought Miami was going to slip away with their first 2008 win. As Charles Barkley always says... "MANU GINOBILI!!!"

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