Saturday, August 18, 2007

U17 World Cup - Lineup confirmed to face Syria

Hours before Argentina's debut in the Under 17 World Cup Korea 2007, our manager, Miguel Angel TOJO, have confirmed the starting lineup to face Syria in the Ulsan Complex Stadium.

Luis OJEDA in goal, with Mateo MUSACCHIO, Alexis MACHUCA, Fernando MEZA (captain) and Maximiliano OLIVA in front of him. Guido PIZARRO DEMESTRI, Fernando GODOY, Pablo ROLÓN and Santiago FERNÁNDEZ will play in midfield while Eduardo SALVIO and Gustavo FERNÁNDEZ will form our striking partnership.

It was decided that Argentina will wear the tradicional Albiceleste shirt with black shorts and white socks, while Syria will be entirely dressed in red.

Fernando MEZA, the captain for this debut, said to "There are a lot of guys in our team that could be wearing the captain's armband. I was the chosen one and it is a great honour that comes with a huge responsibility. I'm proud of being the captain but I would never think I'm more special because of that."

"It's great to be the captain of the team, but it'll be even greater to start our campaign with a win over Syria".

This will be the first time Argentina will face Syria at any level.

The match will kick-off at 7 AM (Buenos Aires).



Anonymous said...

I wish the best of luck to the Sub 17.

Can I ask you 2 questions, Seba?
- Who is the Star Player?
- What is PIBITOS mean?

From........Argentina FC in Thailand

John said...

I'm actually stunned here. It's the 86th minute and it is still 0-0.

From the looks of it, the Syrian have been the much better team.

johnny said...

Off topic, but deja vu for ManU and Carlitos today. Another mediocre performance resulting in a 1-0 loss to Man City. Carlitos with a few chances, two of which missed by a hair. Unfortunately, this season is starting out eerily similar to Carlitos start with WestHam. Near misses and team losses. I am sure it will get better just like last season. Hargreaves had a great match. Looks like ManU will have to tough it out for awhile. It will be months before they have the full strength squad, including the threesome of Ronaldo, Rooney and O'Neill.