Monday, August 13, 2007

Carlitos to make his Man Utd debut on Wednesday

With Wayne ROONEY out for two months, and even if Alex FERGUSON wanted him to make his debut in the derby match against Manchester City during the weekend, Carlos TEVEZ will start on Wednesday at Fratton Park against Portsmouth.


"Carlos will start on Wednesday against Portsmouth," said Ferguson.

"I would have preferred to wait for the Manchester City - that would have given him a few more days' training."

He added: " "But for the forthcoming few weeks, he will fill the position Wayne would have occupied."

What do you think will be the outcome of the game and most importantly, Carlitos' performance?


Roy said...

Its as if their throwing Tevez in the wolves. Rooney is out, they DREW their first match and are in desperate need of a victory. All I want is for Tevez to play well, gel with the team and score a goal. If he dosn't score a goal, then atleast play well because I know it can be difficult to get the "monkey off your back" so to speak.

Honestly though, I think he'll do well. You can't please everyone. Aslong as he gives his 100%, I'll be happy.


alwin said...

Yes Roy, im also hoping for a typical Carlitos performance of 100% or above. They wont blame him but this is his biggest break, he can show the league that he is bigger than ROONEY as they are simmilar type of players.

COMMON CARLITOS..i believe in you, im getting up to watch you at 3am Malaysian Time!!


Roy said...

Not to slide away from Tevez, but Mascherano will make his first start of the season for Liverpool in tomorrows 3rd round UEFA Champions League Qualifiers. It'll be Liverpool vs. Toulose.

Both matches will be on at the same time, but Im leaning more towards trying to watch United.


johnny said...

Both matches at the same time ! Famine to Feast ! Too bad, but better than no matches. I hear Lyon is trying to snatch Heinze.

gonzo said...

i hope lyon gets heinze and that he isn't switched to center back (like lyon is hinting) right when their captain gets back at heinze's spot in 6 to 7 months.

to tevez all i can say is give pompey unadulterated hell.

johnny said...

Hey, I think the Liverpool match is a few hours before the Man U match tomorrow. Good news for fanatics.

Roy said...

Johnny, my bad. I didn't check the timezones.

allan ng said...

I think Carlitos will give his very best efforts as usual, whether he scores or not depends a bit on luck.

It will be interesting to see how C Ronaldo and him work together.

johnny said...

In addition to Man U and Liverpool in action today, there is also a friendly betweem Bayern Munich and Barcelona a half hour before Man U plays. Cheers !