Tuesday, August 28, 2007

COCO Names Squad For Down Under Trip

The news has just came in that Coco BASILE has named the 21 player that will travel to Melbourne, Australia for next month friendly international against the Socceroos. COCO has picked a near full strength squad but before we highlight some of the important notes from this team, lets looks at the team first.
Roberto ABBONDANZIERI (Getafe)
Oscar USTARI (Getafe)
Sergio ROMERO (AZ Alkmaar)
Gabriel HEINZE (Real Madrid)
Daniel DIAZ (Getafe)
Gabriel MILITO (Barcelona)
Fabricio COLOCCINI (Deportivo La Coruna)
Nicolas BURDISSO (Inter Milan)
Javier ZANETTI (Inter Milan)
Fernando GAGO (Real Madrid)
Martin DEMICHELIS (Bayern Munich)
Jonas GUTIERREZ (Mallorca)
Javier MASCHERANO (Liverpool)
Federico INSUA (America, Mexico)
Cristian LEDESMA (Olympiakos)
Maxi RODRIGUEZ (Atletico Madrid)
Sergio AGUERO (Atletico Madrid)
Javier SAVIOLA (Real Madrid)
Hernan CRESPO (Inter Milan)
Carlos TEVEZ (Manchester United)
Lionel MESSI (Barcelona)
There are a few things that I would like to highlight about COCO's latest selection.
Among the most notable returnees are PATO, CRESPO, TEVEZ and HEINZE but the one that caught me by surprise was Martin DEMICHELIS. After all when was the last time he played and after losing his place in Bayern last season, I doubt we will ever see him in an Albiceleste jersey. This season he has found himself back into the Bayern's first team and being the given the recall will be great reward for him.
As for PATO, this could probably suggest that COCO will want to stick to experience (perhaps for time being I supposed) rather than youngsters to guard the post.
Another important issue which will once again take center stage in our discussion is the absence of either RIQUELME or AIMAR. So once again, INSUA will be given the play making duty.
However sincerely what I would like to know, is what do you guys think?


johnny said...

Thanks for the list John ! It is surprising that Aimar is missing once again. Any ideas why ? Has he fallen out of favor with Coco for some reason ? I think Coco will call up Riquelme for the qualifiers, but how soon will Roman find a club to play for ? If not soon, he will have to get match fit all over again. A shame considering his great form of not long ago. I guess it is possible that Coco just doesn't see Aimar as a suitable replacement for Riquelme and has opted to fill in with players who are more well rounded, i.e. Maxi and Gago. As for Pato, even though he was definitely not at the top of his game during the Copa, he is still no slouch. I can't find fault with Coco for having him on the squad, and that said, I would not be upset if he didn't start. My lifelong porteno friend who has followed Boca and Pato since forever, recently made the comment that Pato has never shown the same form playing for the national team that he did for Boca. Interesting that that happens to some players. You see the same kind of thing with some players around the world when it comes to the Davis Cup.

allan ng said...

There is no D'Alessandro either. I don't know, I think we are going through a transition period now.

alwin said...

R.I.P Antonio PUERTA..a sad day in football :`(

Anonymous said...

I agree, where is Aimar? (Riquelme hasn't had any playing time since Copa so I understand his exclusion). I mean I'm a Boca fan and all but I don't see Federico Insua being any better than Aimar and el Payasito has better chemistry with Messi (who, baring injury, always makes the starting lineup and who Basile seems to be grooming to control the attack). Considering that one of the problems last friendly was that the attack was not cohesive AT ALL I thought he would want use players who understood each other and worked well.

allan ng: At this point I would be incredibly shocked if Basile ever called up D'Alessandro just because he never has (even for the France friendly when all other possible playmakers were unavailable and el Cabezon was having a very good run with Zaragoza). For some reason he just doesn't like him as a player so something (or he doesn't fit into his plans).

Thrilled that Demichelis got another call up :) and yay! for Kun's return.

Very sad that Garay isn't getting another chance. If Coloccini can make the lineup on multiple occasions I don't see how Garay can't get another call up seeing as how last game was his grand debut (and he didn't know he fellow teammates that well). This backline is much older and at this point we really really need to start intergrating the younger guys (preferably before the games that actually count). I also wish the other Insua had gotten called up, and Fazio as well.


johnny said...

Argentinafan-Here is a Boca update(forgive me those who care not, or worse, about Boca !). After struggling against inferior competition, they looked a little better this past Sunday. Leandro Gracian looked real good after coming on in the second half. Paletta has yet to play. I hear that a fellow name of Carlos Bueno from Uruguay has, or will be, signed. So, things are looking up. Boca plays unbeaten Independiente tomorrow. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about tomorrow's game against Independiente. Should be really good. I agree, let's hope we beat them (Seba, being a Racing fan and thus a hater of all things Independiente, you should cheer along with us, hehe).

On a serious note though, like alwin said; R.I.P Antonio Puerta and my prayers to your family. It's so sad.


pablo said...

great news on the team as finally i get to see my beloved argentina play in front of my eyes(living in new zealand theirs no chance of seeing argentina live other then on t.v) and some of the best players to.i was guttered the 1st game was cancelled but will be in melbourne for this with great seats.yeasssssssssssss vamos vamso argentina

Rio said...


Martin DEMICHELIS (Bayern Munich)..."

Demichelis is considered a defender, not midfielder.
Also, for this friendly, because there are Mascher, Gago and even Ledesma, Demichelis will likely play one of the CB positions.

and I'm surprised that you were 'surprised' by his inclusion. Demichelis should of gotten his chance long ago.

"INSUA will be given the play making duty"

Insua didn't play CAM last match. He subbed in and played on the wings, cutting into the middle at times perhaps but his position was attacking winger.Messi and Maxi were the playmakers against Norway.

Gutiérrez is a winger too. That reminded me. Hey, what happened to Lucho? :D

Rio said...

& I'm with you allan.

Where is D'Alessandro???

Seba said...

Hi everyone! First of all, I want to thank John and congratulate him for stepping up like this and for producing quailty articles and updated information for all of us.

I'm in France at the moment, where I'll be working for the Rugby World Cup news service. I've been travelling, claiming lost bags, walking around in Paris and loving every minute of it. But my internet time suffered a lot from it, of course!

So I hardly had time to stop by, write an article or even leave a comment or two...

So...Rio...please note that this article was posted by John...and regarding DEMICHELIS, he can be used as both, defender or midfielder. Nevermind...as you'll always try to find the cat's fifth leg (as we say in Argentina).

Great to see our Tall Albicelestes performing so well in Las Vegas! As I write this, we are beating Canada 76-64 and with that we are almost safe of a place in the semifinals (and very close to avoiding an encounter with LeBron, Kobe, Carmelo and co. before the final match).

So...if I can offer you something...try this link whenever Argentina play in Las Vegas and you might catch the action live! www.canal7.com.ar

It should work with Windows Media Player. Hope you manage to see the Tall Albicelestes in action!

Anonymous said...

To tell u the truth .I didn"t like Coco .He brought our Albiceleste lost against Norway ,though it may be the reserve .As we know Norway and Argentina is very difference .
If he want to prepare the squad .Why did he call Pato , Crespo .I thought these player might not play in next WC .We should open some chance for the young blood .
Why did Aimar noot included in the squad .And where"s Dalessandro .I thought he should give the opportunity to these wonderful player

johnny said...

GREAT match tonight in Buenos Aires ! Racing up over San Lorenzo 3-1 at half in a wide open, end to end slugfest. Could be a tough second half for Racing as their keeper was sent off for a handball just outside the area.

John said...

Thanks Seba. Great to have you back.

Now Rio, correct me I’m wrong but didn’t DEMECHELIS started as center back and over the years he was used more as a defensive midfielder.

I do echo with some you on the absent of D’ALLESANDRO. But to answer your question on why he hasn’t been selected under COCO, only COCO can answer that question.

There one issue that certainly bothers is the inclusion of Carlos TEVEZ. I don’t know about the rest but I feel the fact that he is still gelling with Man Utd and now he will travel all the way to Australia. I just hope all this doesn’t take its toll on him.

Believe me I love to see him in an Albiceleste shirt but of course at least it must be in the state peace of mind.

Rio said...

over the last 2 years with Bayern, Demichelis' position was still CB. He played DM sometime when the other DMs aren't available. Hargreaves, Ottl, Van Bommel etc. Looked like the same story this season.

I agree that it's unnecessary to call up Tevez at this point. Especially since the team isn't fixed, so syncing shouldn't of been a primary concern.

man, if we lose, this will go down well in history. Losing to an underdog team playing the same strategy with less capable players...

Soy_de_River said...

thats why Basile has brought out the big guns. He is desperate for a win. Another game without winning and he may be looking fro a job.

I hate to say this but it may be time to give Tocalli a shot at the big time.

Roy said...


Riquelme, Aguero, Maxi, Leo Franco:).

johnny said...

Good for Riquelme ! Of course I would have loved to have seen him back with Boca, but this is a good choice. I am sure that Forlan and Kun will be very happy to be on the receiving end of those sweet through passes. I would be less happy if I had not witnessed a very good performance by Leandro Gracian for Boca today. He will do just fine replacing Roman.

johnny said...

Eto'o out for two months with a torn thigh muscle. So, alot of Henry and Messi to watch, and also some Dos Santos.

johnny said...

Reported today, Sept 1, Riquelme is not going to A. Madrid ! Will it ever stop !? Maybe back to Boca ?!